The Shadow: Should the Tea Party become a 3rd Party?

This is a current debate. At first I said no because it would split the conservative vote and keep the liberal democrats in power. Some say the tea partiers should give their support to conservative republican candidates and put the Repubs back on the right track. That made sense until I saw today that Scott Brown (R Mass.) voted with the demos for another $15 billion spending bill.

The Shadow: Obama to Form Commission to Study Debt Reduction

Will someone please tell our brilliant Pres. that such a bipartisan commission was formed by Pres. Reagan in 1982, and that Obama can read this report that is still lying in the files of Congress since 1985. It was called the Grace Commission and was made up of 160 of the country’s top business leaders both demos & repubs.

The Shadow: Obama Ignores Constitution, Cancels Bill of Rights

You won’t hear it in the main stream media, but Pres. Obama on Jan. 11 issued an Executive Order dividing the US into 10 Military Districts.

The Shadow: If only America had a real leader like

Andrew Jackson, one who would by his words and actions protect constitutional freedoms and our monetary unit. During his presidency, Jackson viewed as his crowning achievement that he “killed” the 2nd bank of US, and with it the efforts of Congress and special money interests to establish a paper money system, instead of the constitutional requirement that money be only gold and silver.

The Shadow: Where did all the Liberals suddenly come from in Fayette?

Prior to Obama being elected, you couldn’t find a liberal democrat in Fayette to save your life. The Democratic Party was non-existent.

The Shadow: Legal Review of Obama Healthcare Plan

I just received a legal analysis of Obama’s Plan done by the Dean of Liberty University Law School for the benefit of their Alumni. The proposed National Healthcare Bill is 1,017 pages and impossible for anyone but a lawyer to understand, certainly not our Senators & Congressmen who vote on it for us. The Bill is analyzed into 128 short common language items. Due to space, I can only list a few of the most outrageous parts. Please read and pass on to others. HR 3200 ready for vote by House of Representatives.

The Shadow: Ted Kennedy is Dead and so is Mary Jo Kopechne

Exactly 40 years ago Senator Kennedy was guilty of murder in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne 28, but because of his money and political ties, he got away with it.

The Shadow: US Naval Security Threatened by Racism

The Reverse Racist Policies of the Naval Academy is creating less qualified graduates to command and run highly sophisticated military technology. More qualified students are not allowed to enter Annapolis.

The Shadow: Texas Revolts Against Obama Government

Texas Governor Rick Perry signed House Bill 50 April 14, 2009 telling the Federal Government to get out of our lives. The resolution affirmed states rights under the 10th Amendment. Perry said the Fed has become too intrusive in the lives of our citizens. And that’s why I support efforts all over the Country to free States from unconstitutional regulations.

The Shadow: Our Anglo-Saxon Culture is gone

Hence, the Nation envisioned by those Forefathers and written into our Constitution has failed. Culture is defined as the customary beliefs, social forms, mores & traits of a racial, religious or social group. Mores are the fixed morally binding customs of a particular group.

The Shadow: England Signals Financial Problems For US

Trying like the US to finance their deficit spending, England’s Bond Auction failed today. There were no buyers for their 1.75 Billion (2.6 Billion US) Bonds. The Bank of England said, “there is no more money for further spending”. England is in a US type recession. England was offering only ½ of 1% interest on the bonds. Investors said in order to take the risk they would need 9.3% interest. Investors will soon stop buying US Bonds.

The Shadow: China Wants IMF to Dump Dollar as World Currency

China wants the International Monetary Fund to set up a new system that is not dependent on the US Dollar as a Reserve Currency. China fears that the inflationary spending of the Obama Adm. Will devalue Treasury Bonds held in World Central Banks, causing a world monetary collapse.

The Shadow: Federal Reserve Goes Bananas

Mike Larson writing for Money & Markets Investment Service said today, “The Feds decision to print money and use it to buy our own debt is Banana Republic type stuff”. He said, “it is deliberately devaluing our Country’s currency, and screwing our foreign creditors who we depend on to buy our Treasury Bonds to fund our massive debt.” Our inflation rate is now at 13%, these infusions of fiat currency will cause inflation to rise. At this late rate, even if the government never spent another penny, today’s dollar value would be worth zero in purchasing power in 7.5 yrs. An inflation rate of 25% would destroy the dollar in 4 years. Hyper-inflation is when prices rise on a daily or weekly basis, but by then its far too late.

The Shadow: How large is Obama’s $1.75 Trillion Stimulus?

Can the taxpayers ever pay it off? Mathematicians have computed an example of this mind boggling figure. They assume a very rich man living 2000 years ago at the time of Christ, invested his fortune and made a profit of $1 million every day 365 days per year.

The Shadow: Crisis...Recession... Deflation...Depression.

That is the progression of the economy and Obama is helpless to stop it. We’re in the deflation stage now. I’m giving 2-1 odds on this. If I’m wrong, I pay you $2. If I’m right, You pay me $1. Minimum bet $1000. Any Takers?

The Shadow: America on the edge of depression

All economists will agree that unemployment is the key measure that signals a depression. The US gov’t reported that full unemployment was at 7.2% at the end of 2008. The figure does not include discouraged workers who have dropped out of the work force or those working part-time because they can’t find full-time employment, temporary lay-offs or those working reduced hours. When those known figures are included, the full-time unemployment rate rises to 17.5%. And unemployment is rising in January 2009, not falling. Statistically, 25% unemployment was the figure during the 1930’s depression.

The Shadow: Tyrone Man Guilty In Porn Case

William “Bill” Fowler pleaded guilty last week to charges of internet transmission of child pornography. The plea agreement includes a prison term of 9 years, a $27,000 fine, a life term of supervised probation after release, participation in mental health treatment, and prohibition of owning and operating a computer connected to the internet. Fowler was arrested in January 2007 at his home. He has spent the last 2 years in Federal Prison awaiting trial. While in prison he & his wife were divorced in October 2007.

The Shadow: Forget the Arguing about Democrats & Republicans

It won’t change the fate of America & Western Civilization. The voluminous works of many historians from both sides of the spectrum including Marx, Toynbee, Spengler, Sarkar & Keynes helped produce a proven theory of the social cycle of historical determinism. History proves that society is composed of 4 types of people that create a cycle of social change and eras, each with a different frame of mind. They are by nature, Warriors, Intellectuals, Capitalists, and Laborers.

The Shadow: Let Them Eat Hamburger

Nothing has changed in government since the beginning of time. Neither has the consequences.

In the late 1700’s the French Ministers told the King & Queen there was great unrest in the people due to the increasing price of bread. Marie Antoinette sluffed it off with the now infamous statement, “then let them eat cake!” Not long after the King & Queen lost their heads. In the 1990’s Michael Boskin, Pres. Clinton’s Minister of Labor Statistics along with Alan Greenspan, decided to reduce inflation by changing the way the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was calculated. Heretofore, the CPI was determined by pricing a set list of goods from year to year. The difference between current prices and last year’s prices was the inflation rate. The culprits decided that by substituting some of the goods priced, a lower CPI could dupe the people. An actual example was substituting hamburger for steak since burgers were cheaper than T-bones. The inflation rate went down. From then to now, the government has said inflation has averaged 3-5% a year. Using the original basket of goods including steak, the real CPI today is 13.7%. I suppose dog food has now been substituted for hamburger. You know its true when you go to buy something.

The Shadow: Obama Presidency Illegal?

The National left wing news media has kept quiet the lawsuit of Donofrio v. New Jersey on whether or not Obama is a legal US citizen.

The Shadow: Analysts now agree with The Shadow

A Russian Analyst predicts decline and breakup of USA. The leading political analyst said the economic turmoil in the US has confirmed his long held view that the US is headed for collapse and will divide into separate parts.

The Shadow: The Economic Philosophy That Has Destroyed Capitalism & Democracy

An orgy of government, business and personal debt. Prior to the 1930’s the US government paid its bills off as soon as possible, had balanced budgets and even surpluses. The excesses of spending in the roaring 20’s caused a depression. The economist John Maynard Keynes said it was ok for governments to do deficit spending to get the economy running again. FDR tried it but the depression dragged on for more than 10 years until World Ward II put everyone back to work in armament production and saved the economy. But the politicians loved the idea of deficit spending and began promising everything to the people to get their votes. Keynes didn’t mean for the spending to continue forever, but it has, using the sale of government Bonds & Notes to finance our debt. Prior to 1971, the US backed up the dollar which could be redeemed in gold by foreign governments. France called our hand asking to be paid in gold when the Bonds/Notes came due. Pres. Nixon had no choice but remove gold backing because LBJ had financed his great society programs with too much borrowed money, now in the hands of foreign governments. Unchecked government spending caused prices to rise, resulting in manufacturers moving to Asia. The US became a consumer economy instead of a producer. To finance the consumer, everyone was given plastic money cards. The government got into the mortgage business with Fannie Mae disrupting sound financing practices for homes. The politicians spending orgy now infected State & Local governments, private businesses and individuals. By the 1990’s it was clear to anyone who cared that America was headed for bankruptcy. But the lure of unlimited paper, plastic and electronic money had infected everyone with endless greed. Now the whole rotten greedy system is falling apart. Yet the politicians are still clamoring for more grants for more spending. We’re all caught in a damned if you do, or damned if you don’t fiscal situation. The gov’t must sell Treasury Bonds to finance the debt and bail- out, but with interest on the treasury notes paying 1%, and inflation nearing double digits, how much longer will foreigners continue to buy these losing investments. Interest rates must rise to continue financing the debt, which is now $11 Trillion. If interest rose to a nominal 5%, the yearly interest on the debt alone would rise to $550 Billion. The US auto industry, once the envy of the world is bankrupt, with GM, Ford & Chrysler begging for bail-out money. But the recent $850 Billion bail-out is a less than 2% of total US government, business and individual debt of $52 Trillion. When investors decide that US Bonds are too risky to buy, the gig is up, the US is bankrupt and the worst depression in our history is upon us. Now Treasury Sec. Paulson says the bail-out is not working and must be re-accessed.

The Shadow: Will Obama Set Up a US Gestapo?

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) is concerned that Obama will establish a gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship similar to Stalin's KGB or Germany's SS.

The Shadow: The 3 Worst American Presidents

1.Lyndon B. Johnson 1963-1968- The All Time Worst. A total failure at home and in foreign policy. Started the US on the road to financial ruin with all his expensive Great Society Social Programs and the humiliating Vietnam War defeat.


The American Republic was established 225 years ago whereby the people selected representatives to protect their rights and run their government for the best interests of everyone. That system is dead, corrupted by our representatives (politicians) for their own selfish interests.

The Shadow: The Age of Greed is Finally Over

The collapse of the national financial system has killed Americans ability to get credit. But the after effects will be with us for a long time.

The Shadow: Janet Smola & the Importance of the Election of 2008

The recent collapse of our financial markets is the reasons why we can no longer elect the tax and spend politicians like Janet Smola. I use Smola as the most recent example of many because she is the centerpiece of the FCBOE increase in property taxes, having taken the lead in raising the millage rate; and her supporters don’t want taxpayers to get the spending records.

The Shadow: What Ever Happened to Tyrone’s Missing Public Funds?

Supposedly, according to a Tyrone Official, the McNally Law Firm was investigating the “legalities”. If public funds were taken it’s definitely illegal. The funds are definitely missing and the Town Knows where they went. The management and Council also Knows who took the funds and that the taking was not allowed by the payment plan. So what’s taking the lawyers so long to evaluate the legalities? Did ex-mayor Sheryl Lee really authorize illegal payments to employees? Was the Fair Labor Standards Act violated by paying some employees regular hour pay instead of time and a half? The answers to these questions have been known by Tyrone Officials for at least two months. Is this a cover-up? And for what reasons? The Shadow Knows. Are any Tyrone citizens concerned? The Newspaper Knows. Why isn’t anyone speaking out? Should not the Taxpayers send a message to this government and future ones of accountability for wrong doings? Shouldn’t there be an outside investigation?

The Shadow: Triple Fight Night In Tyrone

The Tyrone Planning Commission will hold it’s bi-monthly fight card designated as the “Downtown Redevelopment Debacle” June 12 @ 7 PM.

The Shadow: The Tyrone Council

voted tonight to move forward with the forensic audit of the books. The only two people against it was Michael Smola & Eric Dial. Smola’s afraid the audit might turn up some criminal activity that would implement him. Dial is a Smola ally, having met with Smola last September to plan election strategy. Look for Dial to oppose anything that would change past actions of the old council.

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