Don't believe what a bunch of people who are afraid to list their name have to say on anything this election

A lot of people are telling you to vote for certain people with very little justification.

As we learned with the last election, things people say can be deceiving. A lot these unknown bloggers probably have something to gain from supporting their candidate as like what happened with Mayor Logsdon and Councilman Steve Boone.

Cal Beverly and Steve Brown are a few of the ones actually who put their names on their views. They also justified their views. They don't gain anything financially from their choices. They both care a lot about Peachtree City.

Their choices:

Cal Beverly

Post 1 Haddix
Post 2 King
Steve Brown

Post 1 Haddix
Post 2 Sturbaum

* Look up their posts for yourself and compare.

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nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 11:24am.

Some of you sore losers from last time just can't get it through your heads that there are a LOT more people out there than "developers" or "with something to gain" that voted against Brown and against Cal's choices then and will do the same now.

About the only "gain" most people had before the election was hoping for a better government. Same as this election and any election that I know of.


Submitted by johenry on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 1:47pm.

No one I know is disagreeing with Cal Beverly's picks from the last election now. A bunch of my friends had the Logsdon signs in their yards back then. Now it's a different story. PTC_Guy, bad_ptc, Cal and many others were exactly right.

The women in my Red Hat Society clutch all ask what is Mayor Logsdon getting from his political actions? Not a single woman thinks he is truthful or acting in the best interest of the local people.

So tell us, what is Mayor Logsdon gaining? We would really like to know.

nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 3:23pm.

but I'm not sure the community at large does whatsoever. Remember, this forum was very pro-Steve Brown and he lost in a landslide. He'd lose again in another landslide if he ran, IMO. This forum/Cal's editorials/Steve Brown is not representative of the typical voter that I have seen.

I haven't been impressed with Logsdon and he seems like this job is bigger than him. He had a simple mandate to of making the Mayor's office and city council stop being a total embarrassment and he's only minimally succeeded, mainly because he at least doesn't run-off at the mouth non-stop like Brown did or go on foaming-at-the-mouth attacks against anyone who disagrees with him. Ideally, PTC can do MUCH better than either, but we'll have to see in two years.


Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 8:23pm.

Well said..

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 2:10pm.

What has this Council approved in the last two years that bothers you so?

Submitted by Jones on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 6:38pm.

Come on Nuk and McDonoughDawg, stop the "Logsdon's done nothing wrong and it's evil Steve Brown."

Of course Nuk didn't like what Steve Brown had to say BECAUSE IT WAS TRUE!!!!! Remember the PTC tennis center, the world class facility, the one run by professional businessmen?? Steve Brown was right on that one.

How about the Police Station where a couple of years ago Robert Lenox wrote in the newspaper that Steve Brown was lying about it all? Maybe somebody needed to start mouthing off a long time ago.

How can you ask what is it about the mayor and council that bothers us? Start with 100% pay raise, then two consectutive years of lying about tax reductions, then supporting big box stores and selling city land to developers.

Give us a break guys. Whether I'm at a PTC Packers game or at Sunday school, everyone I talk to dislikes what is going on. Hopefully they will get out and vote.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 6:49pm.

A pay raise? It won't even apply to them unless they get re-elected. You're right, they approved it, and I agree with it.

No votes that I can see for big boxes on this watch so far.

What land has been sold to developers?

What did this current council have to do with the Police Station problems?

The PTC Center loan was paid off, they ran on that platform, and the loan was in place. Do you generally not pay off debts?

If there was some type of fraud, bring charges, either yourself of Stevie could do it.

I'll end by saying, things are never as good or as bad as you think. Usually. Smiling

nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 8:49pm.

I was harping like everyone else about how a bunch of businesspeople didn't even have a written budget for the Tennis Center. The issue was what to do about the unpaid debts that the City was being sued over. Brown wanted to fight it in court and claimed the City itself owed nothing and that's what(among many other things) I disagreed with.

The PD building? Yes, it was a screw-up that shouldn't have happened. So Brown is right on that. wow.

As far as TDK goes, we have Brown's own words on that both as Mayor and now. His latest is that the council should have done more to halt the project besides just not doing it.

Big boxes? The last big box I saw built was while Brown was Mayor. He says that it was already a done deal and there's nothing that could have been done about it. Using Steve's own warped logic like he has on TDK, I suppose everyone should be criticizing him for "not doing enough, not being an advocate" in getting Target stopped.


Submitted by Jones on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 8:01pm.

The development authority and police station were for Nuk. You, HOWEVER, conveniently forgot to mention the lying about taxes McDonoughDawg. You just pick and choose.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 8:12pm.

Campaign pledges are on the table too, new rules I see.

This got started because I asked what the Council had approved that bothered some so. So far, pay raises seem to be the biggest concern.

Submitted by Jones on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 8:18pm.

Do you really think people aren't mad because the mayor didn't do what he promised on taxes?

Personally, I don't think you should be rewarded with a payraise for not doing what you promised, but maybe that's just me.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 8:20pm.

unless they win re-election. That's for sure.

2ndly, the last time I checked, Logsdon is NOT running for anything. Not sure what he has to do with this election myself.

My question was what has the Council approved that bothers so many. So pay raise it is. Thanks for playing.

Submitted by Jones on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 8:28pm.

he's going home.

It looks like Haddix is going to take it without a runoff. Harman would have been a disaster.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 9:30pm.

Haddix without a runoff is impressive. I wish him well. I didn't vote for the incumbent myself.

Just saw no problem with having a little debate on what this current council had voted on that had everone's gander up.

nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 8:54pm.

good luck, you'll need it. Looks like he's a definite winner, no run-off required. Sturbaum and King get to do it again and big NO's on the 2 bond questions.


mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 6:20am.

Although not with these picks. Even Cal can't make any of those guys interesting. He (and Brown) are truly putting self-interest (aka. as newspaper sales revenue)aside with these exciting-as-watching-paint-dry picks.

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