Now some of you have made comments and tried to come at me personally. I am going to clear the air.

I do work for a private investigation firm inside the Atlanta area, and YES you do have to work under a company license, HOWEVER, while you are working for a company, you do have to be licensed through the state personally.

Next, I noticed that no one has mentioned anything about the points that I had made in my previous blog. Makes me wonder why.

Everyone also says that Mrs. Painter will be in prison soon. Does that mean that you people don't believe in


I see we have some fine americans here, however no one has made many remarks about the facts of this case. Do any of you people out there really know any facts of this case. Or are you living out the typical I believe everything I read nonsense, or are you just brainwashed by the nonsense of what you have read?

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Submitted by Concerned Citizen on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 1:00pm.

She admitted guilt, thats why she is now going to prison. Yes, innocent untill proven guilty or you admit guilt (as in this case). Tragic all around. Now she pays the piper.

Hope that PI thing works out, don't take on any accident cases, you don't seem to have the brains for it.

Submitted by P_I_TOM on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 3:31pm.

Mrs. Painter may have said she was guilty for DUI...but is she guilty of manslaughter? Remember the DUI is a completely seperate case and charge. It will be interesting to see the PLEA and DISPOSITION of the manslaughter charges. Just so you know the charges are misdemeanor charges, they are not felony charges. I want you to know that misdemeanor charges carry jail time not prison time. Felony charges carry Prison time. So thank you for showing your ignorance.

Now as for me working accident cases, too late. We have quite the recovery record for accident cases in the State of Georgia!!!!!!!

Submitted by Concerned Citizen on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 8:26pm.

Submitted by bladderq on Mon, 10/01/2007 - 10:38pm.

PI Tom, loved your TV show, hope (Thomas) Magnum comes back soon. Just have to keep watching DOG until you git back on.

Everyone knows the North Ave. Trade Skool is not real big on "language" arts.

Hey, skyspy, you did git in touch w/ the authorities. You are on the witness list. You are willing to git involved?

I like in all this, the same ones who threaten to run over an errant bicyclist, are all about nailing someone else to the cross for a traffic accident. One that the victim may have played a role in his own unfortunate demise. But that is why they are called....accidents.

Submitted by Daniel Ross on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 8:52pm.

Where does the NATS come into play in all of this?

I must have missed a few comments to miss the reference of NATS.

Submitted by P_I_TOM on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 3:19pm.

Thanks for the comments. I do watch DOG, but alas he is not a P.I. Different trades Bounty Hunter/Private Investigator. LOL

The last paragraph said it all...

Thank you for your comment

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 7:34pm.

First of all, Tom is not a investigator he's some phony blogging hack that is trying to defend Mrs. Painter. He is only an acquaintance or a family member of the gal that caused the death of the two men in that horrific car crash. Any fool would know that if you were a real investigator the last thing you would care about is what is said on this blog. Furthermore, as a professional you would not risk damaging your clients case by coming on here and making the asinine accusations and insinuations that you've carelessly spewed all over the place.

In addition, your comments regarding the relationship between Mrs. Dunn and her former husband are both irrelevant and shameless.

Just get the hell out of here you fool. Before you damage Mrs. Painters credibility any more than it is now.

What is really funny is that the only person to come to this fools aide in non other than our local cop and law enforcement hater, our very own BladderQ. And to boot Mrs. Painter's idiot defender thanks him for his comments of support. Smiling


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 10/01/2007 - 9:57pm.

You still sound phoney, but .....

I was pulling out of Pike nursery, going south, when the red porshe was going north. They were all in a bunch, like cars are after the light changes. They all seemed to be going slow, no one had picked up any speed to move ahead.

I noticed the car because it was beautiful, and I like flashy cars.

That intersection is tough. Especially if you are trying to make a left hand turn. I personally either wait until I have a clear site of both lanes, or go down further to the light and turn back around.

The driver making a left hand turn killed 2 people. A simple sorry just doesn't get it.

Submitted by P_I_TOM on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 3:43pm.

If the cars were in a bunch, then how come Mrs. Painter hit the porsche? Was he the first car? Did you just simply see the car prior to the accident? Did you witness the accident? Yes she turned left into oncoming traffic! DOES that make her a MUDERER? NO! It was an accident.That is a tricky intersection, and the time of day and the weather conditions makes it even trickier. My point is however, everyone wants to crucify this woman, when she merely made a judgemental mistake. I have made them and so has the majority of other people when it comes to driving. IT STILL DOES NOT MAKE HER A MURDERER!!!!

I understand your comment about Oh Im sorry, but I dont think she has made any comments about the accident. Everyone has to realize that the DUI and the accident are seperate cases.

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 5:20pm.

No I didn't witness the accident. I passed the porsche as it was going north. I was going south on 74. I was stunned when I read about the accident online here an hour later.

I don't think she did this on purpose. Her careless driving killed 2 people.

I think we have all at one time or another, have been late or in a hurry. I think this should serve as a wake up call for everyone, myself included. Nothing that any of us is racing to do is that important. I would rather be late, than kill someone. I'm sure if this lady in question could go back to that day, she would love to change everything. If she had it to do all over again, she would leave earlier for whatever she had to do that day. We have all been there.

The next time a cop stops you for speeding, thank him. I have in the past. They are saving us from ourselves. Most of the cops are so used to verbal abuse that they look surprised when I thank them.

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Mon, 10/01/2007 - 9:52pm.

We'll read about the trial outcome in the paper. BTW, I don't know what college you went to for your engineering degree but honestly, did you attend any English and or writing classes while there?
Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Submitted by P_I_TOM on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 3:21pm.

Well we are in a BLOG now arent we. So my English is not perfect. SO WHAT! I got the point across, and that is what matters. Yes we will read about the outcome in the papers.

Thank you for you Comments!!!!

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 7:41pm.

Hey Cy! There's not a hint of James Rockford in this clown at all. Puzzled

Not that he is, but if he were a PI he would be the kind that you would pay to stay off your case. Eye-wink


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


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