P_I_TOM: Facts

Well Thank you Everyone for your POSTS. I will not post for a few days while I am out of town. When I return I am going to do some investigative work on this matter and see what can be uncovered.


Now some of you have made comments and tried to come at me personally. I am going to clear the air.

I do work for a private investigation firm inside the Atlanta area, and YES you do have to work under a company license, HOWEVER, while you are working for a company, you do have to be licensed through the state personally.

P_I_TOM: Painter why is the state harrassing her

I am a Private Investigator Licensed in the state of Georgia. I am also a mechanical engineer. I have kept up with this case, and wonder why oh why SMARTPANZ AKA (FORMER MRS.DUNN) keeps on harrassing this girl.It is very very apparent that the driver of the Porsche, a Mr. Lennie Dunn was traveling at a great rate of speed at a time when it was raining. Does Mr. Dunn's actions have any bearing on this case.HMMMM I WONDER.I also wonder why oh why the Investigators of this case, is trying to withhold evidence, and suppress witnesses. Seems to me that certain people, who thinks that they are sitting on a horse higher and mightier than everyone else, is causing stink and trying to crucify an innocent girl. Mrs. Painter might have pulled out in front of Mr. Dunn, however, she was not intoxicated at the time of the accident, however there are reports of some toxicology issues for Mr. Dunn. HMMMM makes me wonder. As for the DUI that Mrs. painter received, it happens in alot of cases when there is an accident that results in the death of a person or persons, that the grief stricken person involved, does have a mishap not soon thereafter the incident occurs. I cannot figure out just exactly why Smartpanzs AKA(FORMER MRS.DUNN) is going after this girl so heavily.Both drivers in this case apparently have some contributing factors in this accident, so WHY OH WHY is everyone trying to crucify a young woman that has children and a future, because of a traffic accident that resulted in the loss of 2 lives, BUT in as much as Mr. Dunn has just as much fault in the case as Mrs. Painter. With all of this publicity that the FORMER Mrs. Dunn is creating, how in the world do we think that Mrs. Painter is going to have a fair trial. I also wonder, that if Mr. Dunn was such a SAINT, then why is SMARTPANZ the FORMER MRS. DUNN. why is she creating such a buzz. Perhaps she is searching for future financial gains from this tragedy.

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