Logsdon not the sharpest tool in the shed

My wife came across this quote from the mayor:

“As we approach Peachtree City’s 50th anniversary and the virtual completion of the plan for our city, we are not finished planning,” Logsdon said.

He does babble on like this a lot. It's kind of George W. Bush-esk.

Logsdon told a friend of mine at Flat Creek he still wants the Kohls and TDK. Why does he want this stuff when almost everyone we know is against them?

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Submitted by thebiggun on Sat, 09/01/2007 - 4:03pm.

We have elected Forrest Gump the 2nd. Can't read, can't talk, can't tell the truth, and most of all can't stay out of bars. He displays that deer in the head light stare when ever he is asked a question that demands a logical thought process. Employees hate him, citizens laugh at him and people in different towns ask "How did you elect that "Hayseed" ? Move over Yogi you don't have the only game in town.

Submitted by bob30269 on Mon, 09/03/2007 - 9:24pm.

I have lived in PTC over 25 years. It seems none of us "hayseeds" can grant your wishes. If you are not happy here move back north. Many of the issues you bring up were set in place long before Logsdon was in the picture. That does not matter to you; you seem to be at your best when casting untruthful statements. Why are you so bitter toward us "hayseeds". I hope you and your hateful bloggers are just "passing through"; this used to be a nice little southern community.

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 09/03/2007 - 9:34pm.

Ummm yeah, a long time ago we were safe and crime free.

Thank God for the big boxes and illegal dump sites, and tennis center free giveaway to the banks of the lenox years. Thank God for lodgsons pandering to every developer with a cluster home, high density plan. Thank God for logsons curing us of having the right number of cops and firefighters for a city of our size. Wouldn't want the taxpayers to be safe or anything? Would we?

You must have lived here at least 15yrs if you remember "a nice little southern community".

Submitted by bob30269 on Tue, 09/04/2007 - 6:04pm.

As mentioned I have lived here over 25 years. I look in on this gossip blog once or twice a month (it's like a bad accident, we should not stare, but we do). I hardly ever respond, but when I read such vicious and hateful criticism, I wonder if the basis is factual or just venting from past sour grapes. Skyspy you seem to know our local politics, as well as personal involvement with the council and the mayor. If their character is so questionable as you suggest, how were they elected? You really are quite vicious and "over the top" on many local issues. Take it from someone who has been in PTC for a while, Logsdon is not going to do any more damage to the city than any of the past mayors. Many of the issues raised on this gossip blog concerning PTC were inherited by Logsdon anyway.

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 09/04/2007 - 7:32pm.

Just disappointment.

I know harold inherited most of the problems here. His campaign message was built around "fixing the problem". When he ran for mayor he was either a myopic optimist, or a liar, or he really had no idea just how bad things were.

To be fair, I think he really had no idea just how deep or corrupt some of our past city "buisness dealings" really were.

All of the politicians here only commit the damage that we the voters and taxpayers allow. Since most of us are complacent, they get away with alot.

tortugaocho's picture
Submitted by tortugaocho on Sat, 09/01/2007 - 6:22pm.

Logsdon and the Banjo Strumming--- that is scary. I am gonna have nightmares. "Deliverance II"--- except in this sequel Ned Beatty plays the part of the PTC Taxpayer being violated by Harold and his dopey friends.

Submitted by thebiggun on Sat, 09/01/2007 - 7:09pm.

And don't forget Mr. "Potato Head" Boone bring up the REAR with the KY for the Taxpayers. He is like the toy dog in the back seat of the car window that tips his head yes when "Forrest Gump" Logsdon speaks. Cindy P yells "let me hear the taxpayers yell wewewewewe while we build all the recreation things we can without regard to other important matters in the city" while Logsdon and Boone line up behind them to give them the old welcome to the mountains greetings. Looks like we have the Peter Principle at it's finest with the 3 Stooges. One day the taxpayers will look back at this whole thing and wonder how we could have been so stupid. But by then, they will have moved on to their next victim, Bartenders.

ptctaxpayer's picture
Submitted by ptctaxpayer on Sat, 09/01/2007 - 9:31pm.

Biggun I got a good laugh….We taxpayers are being sent to prison with a skirt and a wig on. We taxpayers are getting soaked while this group of insiders rips us off. Our cops get stuck with a poisonous facility. They would have been better off staying in cramped quarters rather than moving on top of an illegal dump. But without the city buying the dump, the good ole boys can’t cash in. Imagine that…You turn a lousy piece of property into an illegal dump and then get your friendly Mayor to buy it from you at an inflated price with city money. From the illegal dump, to the inflated broken down sewer to the ripoff tennis center with the leaks and the problems it is indeed the taxpayers that are getting loved on something fierce here. And Cindy the lawyer votes in favor of a whopper raise because “all these pesky little people send me emails.” Wow, is this something.

the_assassin's picture
Submitted by the_assassin on Sat, 09/01/2007 - 8:29pm.

Wow. You have NO decorum whatsoever.

Good thing most PTC folks aren't like you. No matter how bad your childhood was, keep your personal problems to yourself.

Take your meds, please!

Submitted by thebiggun on Sat, 09/01/2007 - 10:16pm.

One thing my mom and dad taught me was not to buy snake oil from these Jokers. In fact my childhood was great. And to tell you the truth, most PTC folk are just like me but don't say anything because PTC is a short stay in their long life. People don't really care who is running the city as long as they do not have to deal with issues every day. Unlike you, we are not all sheep.

Submitted by skyspy on Sat, 09/01/2007 - 10:33pm.

PTC is a short stay city for most people. I think that is why most people don't get involved. Once they retire they move to upscale places that are safe and quiet.

You are right on with your description of our councilFOOLS. We have sunk to a new low.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 08/31/2007 - 10:37pm.

Who heard him say this?

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