John M: There's no match on the issues

I got a copy of Steve Brown’s campaign flyer attached to my mailbox today. One side had quotes of support from Dan Lakly’s family, the new Tyrone mayor and the two new city councilmen from PTC.

John M: Logsdon not the sharpest tool in the shed

My wife came across this quote from the mayor:

“As we approach Peachtree City’s 50th anniversary and the virtual completion of the plan for our city, we are not finished planning,” Logsdon said.

John M: You make the odds ...

What are the odds PTC will approve the sewer for Tyrone?

A: I'm saying 2:1

What are the odds Dar Thompson running for a city council post in November 2007?

John M: Fayette Commission up to something?

Does anyone else find it suspicious that the county commissioners kind of pulled the redistricting issue out of left field and threw it out there for a quick vote?

John M: Give Mayor Harold Logsdon a chance to change

Before everybody starts saying “I told you so” and declaring Harold Logsdon a dictator, perhaps we should give him the opportunity to repent and admit he was wrong with TDK. After he makes amends, we can look at the big box issues and get on with our lives.

John M: AJC misleading about Harold Logsdon

I have to say the AJC article “Growth gets a second glance” was very misleading. The reporter, Aixa Pascual, made is sound like the mayor and council weren’t interested in annexation or development outside of Peachtree City. What about the westside annexation? What about the damage from TDK?

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