Atlanta, Fulton, Dekalb, Clayton

I have an honest question about the governments of the subject counties. I certainly mean no racist thoughts about this question.
A new DFACS head was just hired. Another black, apparently highly qualified individual.
When a Sheriff is hired they are usually black.
When a Chief of Police is hired they are usually black.
My question is:
Since they have so much trouble with those positions, why don't they forget color once and hire the best person available? Now that person may be black, but it wouldn't be every time, would it?
Maybe it has something to do with the employees, or the clientele, I don't know!
Yes, Fayette County seems to be the opposite. Why?
No off the top of the head answers please, what is causing this? If your answer is: because they are mostly one race and we are another, that is not a good reason!

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Submitted by bladderq on Thu, 08/02/2007 - 11:40pm.

$, the sheriff is elected.
Clayton Co. What I find interesting on the blog is how Victor Hill is vilfied on here but he does what Sheriff Joe does in AZ. He hasn't put them in tents yet. Go figure. That county police chief seems confident and trying to do the right thing w/ what he has. The chairman of the county commission over there should be qualified...ex-police chief of a major city, father of an Idol runner-up. Left a mess by what I imagine was a lily white previous administration(s).
Dekalb Co. What problem do you have? They had, what 15 cop shootings last year? Seems like what some on here advocate. They had a former Brave pitcher as sheriff that got caught w/ his hand in the public's cookie jar.
Fulton Co. The sheriff only performs the constitutional duties. They have a county PD (as does Clayton) which I guess must function reasonably well. I can't answer your DACS question. It could be that a white guy can't cut a break.
Atlanta. You got a problem w/ Shirley? It's too bad she can't get re-elected. She may have some family baggage but it doesn't have anything to do w/ city biz-ness. Can we hire her? The police chief may have retired w/in when he came over from NO.
You didn't bring up our local situation. We don't seem to have any bright and shinning light on the citadel. I think the current sheriff lost control of his department long ago (where is that 1st Lt. Col. deputy in the history of the state?...U know the one that bought the COPter? Boy, has some of that story gotten buried somewhere). Seems there was some problem w/ the Fayetteville PD. A PTC mayor(s) that few seem happy with (both past & present). A congressman that espouses the 10 Commandments but only knows a couple. Hope it wasn't the only 2 he's broken. A city councilman in Newnan that was stealing water while on the council & now arrested for selling an annunity twice. A former mayor from an ajoining community arrested 1st for a public disturbance & recently for DUI.
Let me know when you figure out if it's race, incompetence or lack of pay as councilwoman Plunket claims. I believe the Coweta County BOE serves for free and I imagine they are the largest buget & biggest employer in the county. KUDOS to them if that is still true.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 08/03/2007 - 8:00am.

You answered my question well.
Notice that you said all these white people were indicted, etc.
How many of the others have been indicted or fired?
Worst that can happen to them is to be moved at the same salary!
What does "cut a break" mean?
I think I know, but not sure. "some slack," maybe? Ok this time...and the next!
I know Sheriffs are elected...but what difference does it make? Why are the bad ones elected?

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