If Tyrone have lots of vacant space for lease, then building more offices will not create full occupancy. Count the "For Rent" signs in Tyrone. 10 vacancies in the complex next to Sonic's, a new building unoccupied in front of Chaps, tenants moving out in Publix shopping center, 40% vacancy on Palmetto Rd. With the Real Estate slow down, how is Tyrone going to build a new downtown and fill it up. Given the restrictions of business uses, existing businesses in downtown can't get license renewals and are experiencing loss of income. Wayne Adam's of Tyrone tire can't rent his vacant space due to licenses being turned down & Thompson Automotive is moving out. Nostalgia went out of business this year due to lack of income, Sarah's Consignment is gone, Oh My Baby Store & La Vie Boutique moved to Peachtree City, The Herb Shop was put out of business by Barry Amos' refusal to give an accessory use business license and Gidding's Upholstery is going out of business, Tyrone Transmission, Carden Plumbing, Mays Paint & Body, a Drywall Company and 4 other businesses on Palmetto Rd had to leave because their buildings were torn down for redevelopment. Jeff Alexander lost 3 tenants due to licenses restrictions at his Senoia Rd building and lessors at Howell Park have turned down doctors for the same reasons. All of the above this year, and it ain't over yet. But never fear bureaucrat Barry told Council that he attended a seminar with other bureaucrats on how to bring business into downtown. For anyone who thinks Amos is a good Town Manager, just look at the vacancies and the Tyrone laws that created them.


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Michael Boylan's picture
Submitted by Michael Boylan on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 8:00am.

Some great points in your blog.

What about Fayetteville though?

It is just as vacant as Tyrone, if not more so.

How do we fix these downtown areas? Do the city/town governments want them fixed? Are our ideas and their ideas of "fixed," entirely different?

Submitted by Take back Fayette on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 8:05am.

you dont fix it. With more and more minorities moving to tyrone and fayetteville, both will look like down town fairburn and riverdale.

Michael Boylan's picture
Submitted by Michael Boylan on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 8:15am.

That might be right for Tyrone/Palmetto road. Lord knows that road could feature strip malls and gas stations in a heartbeat, but the downtown areas of both Tyrone and Fayetteville aren't conducive for that type of thing. It almost looks like the current administrations would rather leave them both vacant and available as rental properties that will rarely, if ever, get rented. How long has that space on the corner of 85 and 54 been completely vacant and sans windows? Three years now?

And downtown Fairburn is pretty good - or at least getting better. Sure there's the plaza with Family Dollar Judy's Nails, CVS and the Mexican grocery store (which actually has a nice selection of some things) but the downtown proper with Oz Pizza, Casablanca Cafe, Sippi and the Southside Theatre Guild is head and shoulders above Fayetteville's jewelry shop, invitation store, prom dress shop and photography studio. There are also four or five vacant shops directly across from the old courthouse on Hwy 54. An Oz Pizza, Casablanca Cafe or Sippi would be great in one of those spaces. But God forbid you give people in Fayetteville a reason to hang out downtown and enjoy a slice of pizza or an ice cream.

Tug13's picture
Submitted by Tug13 on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 12:44pm.

It's a shame the old Travis Hardware has been left in shambles. A restaurant was supposed to go there a long time ago.

I'm pretty sure Mayor Ken Steele and council member Wilson Price terms are up this year. If they go back in office, nothing will change. Everything will be approved for the developers.

Long time Fayetteville residents have been forgotten. Sad

Mixer's picture
Submitted by Mixer on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 1:16pm.

Now that was one classy ole' southern man right there Eye-wink

Fred Thompson:Apply Directly To The White House

Fred Facts

muddle's picture
Submitted by muddle on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 11:06am.

One problem is the very heavy traffic that moves through the square. It is much less pedestrian-friendly than some places. One is not as inclined to attempt parallel parking and get out to walk around. I think that vacant place "sans windows" was once slated to become a seafood place. I wonder why the idea was abandoned? Perhaps due to such parking/traffic issues?

I mentioned Rome in another reply to you. Broad Street there is not a major artery for getting anywhere. It is more conducive to the kind of thing their (visionary, I think) city planners are aiming for.

Still, Fayetteville is a long way from realizing the potential that it does have. Plans have seemed to allow for sprawling subdivisions, big box stores and strip malls, but not sidewalks, parks or a revitalized historic area.

Submitted by Davids mom on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 3:44pm.

When we moved here four years ago, we were not impressed with the historical section of Fayetteville - near the Fayette County complex. Today, the historical homes that have been renovated and moved to Glenn Street add to the 'Old Fayette' ambiance and enhance the area around the Fayetteville Library and the City Cafe. The building sans windows has been cleaned up and windows added. (It's still empty - but looks so much better.) We are constantly amazed that we have never seen graffiti on the Fayetteville Mural. The strip mall that houses Michaels looked like it was ready to close four years ago. Today- it appears to be thriving - and the coat of paint added quite a bit to its appearance. I hope that the current city planners are creative visionaries that will help Fayetteville realize it's potential. I was told that the seafood restaurant that was supposed to open in Fayetteville - actually closed in the Avenue's. Lack of parking would seem to be a deterrent to a restaurant in that area on or near Glenn and 54.

Submitted by MWF on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 7:55pm.

For those who are uninformed, there is a parking lot at the corner of Lanier and Glynn (54 West and 85) that is available for city parking. There is also a lot behind the Holiday-Dorsey-Fife House. The fact that the seafood restaurant on the square never became a reality was due to financial problems of the people who were planning to open it. Do any of you people ever attend any Planning & Zoning meetings or City Council meetings in Fayetteville? Do ever read any minutes of these meetings? Do you ever consider calling the Mayor, council members, or City Hall to try and get answers to your questions? There are so many comments and questions on these blogs every day that could be answered with a simple phone call.

Final comment: How could anyone dare compare Fayetteville to a junk-hole looking city like Fairburn? Would you really want to live there?

Tug13's picture
Submitted by Tug13 on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 8:50pm.

My friends and I are very informed.

1.Do any of you people ever attend the Fayetteville Planning and Zoning meetings, and council meetings?
YES, many, many times with friends who live there.

2.Do you ever read the minutes of the meetings? YES, do you? Check the website, last one posted, June 21. Believe me, they don't put everything in the minutes.

3. Do you ever consider calling the Mayor and council members?
YES, you forgot Mr. Morton the City Mgr. We called him too.

Answers? We are still waiting, and have been since about 1999.

My final comment: It is apparent that you do not attend the meetings, or you would know how they are conducted.

Go back and read some of John Munfords and Ben Nelms reports. They were there for most of it, and reported it.

Submitted by MWF on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 9:19pm.

I am aware of the way meetings are conducted, I have read the minutes, and I have also read the newspaper reports. I happen to think very highly of Mr. Nelms.

What is that you have been waiting for since 1999???

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 1:17pm.

There really is no downtown Fayetteville, as there is none in PTC.

If they want one, they need to tear down the old useless court house, doesn't have a civilized history anyway, All those funky buildings on the west side of the square, all those on the SE corner, all those on the NE corner, and start over with, first, a parking building designed like a museum.
Then after routing all that horrid traffic just around town, rebuild downtown with smart shops, a good movie theater kept clean by putting anybody who messes it up on a chain gang for 30 days, and nothing with the word dollar or discount about it allowed. Me, being an exception, of course!

TonyF's picture
Submitted by TonyF on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 1:26pm.

"and nothing with the word dollar...allowed. Me,...of course!"
just havin' a little bit o' fun, dude)

"The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime.You shuffle in the gloom of the sick room,and talk to yourself as you die."
(R. Waters)

Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 6:39am.

Tyrone has been a ghost town for 20 years. The die was cast in 1987 when the buffoons on council, advised by their new town manager refused to give John Wieland conditional zoning. Against the advice of their excellent lawyer and other advisors (a-hem) they tried to turn him down cold without negotiation. Naturally Wieland came back and won because he had the zoning. So sad.

All that commercial junk on the highway was once his land and had council in 1987 been reasonable, it could have looked a lot better. It may also have been in the hands of local people who may have offered more reasonable rental rates as well - but we will never know. More to the point, downtown Tyrone could have been revived back then and the commercial on 74 could have been zoned for non-competitive uses. They could have also gotten a new municipal complex out of the deal. But no, the Tyronese attitude back then was "Keep them out". When you see some of the new faces on council after the next election, we'll see how well that exclusionary attitude is working out.

Sending Barry to a seminar is a waste of money. He's a tool of the old guard and a slow learner. Besides, the seminar teaches you to first control your borders and not allow the businesses that kill downtowns to locate there in the first place - and certainly not to allow a bunch of Mom and Pop's which will fail and create vacant space. Seems a little too late for tyrone. Way to go Barry!

Submitted by tobybob on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 11:33am.

Dear Mr. Morgan - In the above comment, do you mean 1997 or 1987? I agree that since Barry took office as town manager in 1998, or thereabouts, that everything has gone south for Tyrone. If you are referring to anything that came before, I respectfully request and need you to state exactly what you are referring to as I am very interested!!
{{{{{{{{{{EDITED}}}}}}}}} Barry just came in and continued to perpetuate the ignorance of the laws and the retardedness of the visions. Barry took it to a whole new level of outright lawlessness!! The mess that has been made of the business and land uses, the zoning, and just about everything else is worse now than ever!! That is what you get when you put a dummy like Valerie in charge and let her develop subdivisions and run the town with little to no education and experience. She is and has been on a power trip for years and Barry, well he just took advantage of that{{{{{{{EDITED}}}}}}}. What a pair! They have done everything backwards and have created all of the problems complained of on this site. Valerie is one of the original incompetents - incompetent since 1988!! She also needs to be run out of office - she does not even know what her duties are or else she just ignores them. In fact, the citizens of Tyrone would be hard-pressed to find any information about what exactly the duties of its' town officials are, what their salaries are, and what they are doing with all of our tax money. One guy had to resort to official Open Records Requests under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to get public records. {{{{{EDITED}}}}}}. I think we are going to see the fall of the Tryone administration soon, with the election coming up and all of the lawsuits that Barry's acts have instigated, something has got to give!! COME ON PEOPLE - THIS IS YOUR GOVERNMENT!

Submitted by theloneranger on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 9:53am.

Robert W. Morgan, although many people agree with my feelings about Barry Amos & our brain dead Tyrone Council, I have been unable to get people to understand the legal points of law that our Town Mgr has been violating. That is, until I read your article this morning. Let me say up front I have great respect for a person who is not afraid to call a spade a spade and give his name. What caught my eye, was your statement that the Council & Town Mgr refused to take the advice of their excellent lawyer. I assume you are referring to John Mrosek. It is no secret that Amos & Mrosek often did not agree. Mrosek is quite open with his opinion of Amos, but he takes the silent legal stance of Attorney-Client relationship. Do you know of any specific evidence that can be proven in a court of law. It has been said that Barry was accused of practicing law without a license. Did he personally write ordinances against advice of the attorney? There are very destructive laws passed by council, that some members of council who blindly voted for, do not know the purpose of the law. I know this for a fact. We all know Barry controls Town Hall, the Council & Planning Commission with his lackeys. And that he does not care whose property rights he violates, along with his very close sidekick Valerie Fowler. Tyrone can never get straightened out until these two are removed. There are two ways. One is in a court of law which is currently being pursued and two, is to elect a knowledgeable Council. It only takes about 400 votes to win on election. Every vote really counts in a Tyrone Election. Get all the disgusted people to the poles in November. Respond with any legal knowledge. Did you read about the lawsuit filed against Amos, Fowler & the Council in yesterday's Tyrone Citizen?

Submitted by too bad on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 5:26pm.

Let's not put everyone in one pot. Gloria Furr and Grace Caldwell, have fought a long, hard battle against the rest for 2 years. They have stuck to their guns and had their nose smeared in it more than once because they defied the others who controled the vote. Recently, someone came up for their bussiness licence, and they voted for the person, and Lataurne turned on Smola and voted with them and the guy got his licence. Gloria and Grace went door to door and found out what people wanted. You are right about election day. Smola will be toast and the Mayor knows better than to try to get back in for another term. When Gloria and Grace have just one more person to back them up, you will see a lot of changes. The Mayor that everyone thought was so great, voted more like an 'aunt Bea on acid' as far as what the taxpayers wanted.
As for Valerie, yepp, {{{{{{{{{EDITED}}}}}}}}! I would like to hear from...ANYONE... who as ever got any kind of public record willingly from Valerie without having to pay top dollar and wait years. I kinda thought she would be the one to cause a law suit. But where you see one, you see the other, so maybe it is almost the same as suing over her.{{{{{{{{EDITED}}}}}}}}

Submitted by freedomofinfo on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 10:06pm.

The laws of Georgia govern what Barry and Valerie do, their power is NOT self-manifested but delegated by the Georgia legislature.

Submit a written request for any public record you want under GA Law O.C.G.A. 50-18-70. Right of public to inspect records......Include what you want, your name, address and phone number and date, and sign it, and address it to Valerie Caldwell.

"All public records of an agency as defined in subsection (a){see below at *} of this Code section, except those which by order of a court of this state or by law are prohibited or specifically exempted from being open to inspection by the general public, shall be open for a personal inspection by any citizen of this state at a reasonable time and place; and those in charge of such records shall not refuse this privilege to any citizen."

*"(a) the term "public record" shall mean all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, computer based or generated information, or similar material prepared and maintained or received in the course of the operation of a public office or agency."

Ask for all the public records related to the Atlanta Regional Commission just for fun, see what you find.

Valerie, of course, does not volunteer your LEGAL RIGHT to access to all public records. Probably because she is mean but also maybe because she does not want the citizens to know what is going on. There are records being provided on a regular basis at Tyrone Town Hall using this method. I encourage anyone who desires to read town council meeting minutes, planning commission meeting minutes, look at the zoning ordinances, the zoning maps, the business licenses, business and land uses," the plans for the town. You just have to use the law to make them provide the records. Sad isn't?

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 8:40am.

Our down town here in PTC is called "Avenue."
All the Yippies, hippies, moderns, snobs, fake blondes, and caffeine addicts mix there.
Do you think it will also die sometime?
It would make a better used car lot than a town.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 4:15pm.

I will hang up and listen.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 8:24am.

Yes. I have them.
However, I despise "overconfident" so-called "positive" people. Not the people, but their false attitude.
Positive means that you have proof that something is so, or will occur. More than one reliable source.
It does humanity no good to speak positively about a negative problem!
It certainly doesn't make something better by pretending.

Mixer's picture
Submitted by Mixer on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 4:27pm.

I would settle for a coherent thought from the gump.

Fred Thompson:Apply Directly To The White House

Fred Facts

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 9:57am.

I didn't want him to hurt himself.

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