Wait until September?

About six weeks away is September.
There isn't a reasonable soul on the face of this earth who has kept up with the Iraq war for the past five years who thinks that in six weks or so, a new General by adding another division or so to our army in Iraq will suddenly win the war and a wonderful government will pop up, working excellently. Even working!
I'm, of course, not sure what the good general and a Mr. Crock, I think it is, will put into their report (by the way is Crock's job to tell the good general what is Ok to say in the report?}
I think that barring a sudden deadly plague in Iraq, that the decision has already been made about the outcome soon after September---just as it was after 9/11 to invade as soon as the ducks were in a row.
Don't know the exact method for the plan but I know that it will assume that the terrorists will stop bombing as soon as we go out of country--maybe next door somewhere.
Then the Religious groups will split up the oil bounty and the politics, with a few fights, and continuously snipe and kill at a small scale, forever, under an Iraqi flag, but two or three tribes.

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Submitted by MIKEK on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 8:00am.

Since Congress is faced with an election every two years, it is of the utmost importance to them to grandstand at every opportunity. These are essentially the same folks who decided to authorize the invasion of Iraq knowing full well the consequences of their actions. It is not their sons and daughters nor their family members who bear the burden of their decisions--cannon fodder, if you will. They treat the American military as second class citizens who are to react to their whims and cater to their every wish on each of their "fact finding" forays to visit the troops.
Never have I seen such a blatant exibition of an elitist attitude between those who serve their country and those who govern. During the 1990's the Clinton administration did little to hide their distain for the US Military, but this Congress takes the cake. The leader of the Senate declaring the war lost, Senator Kerry accusing soldiers of terrorist acts during the middle of the night, and Rep Murtha convicting soldiers of outright murder are just examples of politicians pandering to garner support.
I stand politically incorrect by stating that their patriotism is suspect when time after time these clowns put personal interest ahead of national interests. With an approval rating of perhaps 14% do they simply not get it?
Today it's the American Military, perhaps tomorrow we will pay our taxes so that WE THE PEOPLE can support our ruling class.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 3:46am.

I saw where the guys name is "Crocker" not Crock. Now that is a Crock!

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