Iraq American Embassy

If it ever gets completed the new embassy in the green zone in Iraq will be the biggest, largest, baddest embassy building in the world. I understand there is three times as much underground as on top.
Why you reckon we would build such a thang ifn we ever intend to leave?
We never did intend to leave. We presented the "new government" there a list of things to accomplish by a certain date (not sure what that was) and if you pay closer attention to the list you can see it is an impossible list for that bunch to ever accomplish, EVER.
When enough time has elapsed (gone) we will declare that gummit in default and burn their offices.
Then we can move into the green zone, into Kuwait, into Turkey, into just the capitol of Afghanistan (not the whole country) and pot-shot from there, (no pun intended)depending upon whether or if the oil ever flows.
There is a feller "Cracker, or Crock, or something like that as ambass in Iraq, and I spect he tells Confucius, er I mean Platosious (THE GENERAL on the ground--he should stand up, really)what he is to do. We had one of them kind of fellers once (Briddle, or Griddle (with the shoes)(the one what got the medal) who tore ever thing up.
I just wonder what General McArthur would have done if he reported to a ambass in Japan after WWII?
I can't even figer out who this ground general reports to: must be Cheney, can't be the Admiral in Tampa, or the other four star in Iraq, or the army cos, or the chairman of JCS, hes leavin, or whoever is sec. defense now--who don't know whats goin on.
Its time for b2s over the new atomic factories in Iran just as Israel done did one time. They could fly interference for us.
Does anyone know when Brownie will get his medal? Maybe when Myers, Pace, Rumsfeld, and those two blondes in justice and white house thet theirin?

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Submitted by bladderq on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 4:05pm.

I didn't read all this post but I think this could be renamed Fort Bush. It probably should have been designed in the Spanish mission style. You know like the Alamo.

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Submitted by DragNet on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 8:54pm.

I say we write all presidential candidates and request they make a commitment to appoint George Dubya ambassador to Iraq for life. Then let's have Cheney as economic attache and Rumsfeld military attache. Scooter Libby can be in charge of press releases and Condoleezza can undertake entertainment duties. Why, the greatest diplomatic team ever!!

Making you think twice......

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