Republican triumphs

Although the republicans and their philosophy of doing nothing has failed due to for once trying to do something and failing (the war, and the budget)they have succeeded in applying their philosophy in several areas.
FEMA: I won't describe the failure here, since if you don't know, there is no hope for you.
CDC (Centers for Disease Control: total failure to be ready for Avian Flu or have sufficient shots available for any flu. Also, Lost millions of dollars worth of equipment by not keeping records of what they have. Couldn't handle just one case of a dread disease properly--even misdiagnosed that one. Have lost many scientists due to poor management and letting the buildings deteriorate.
Are not ready yet for any catastrophe.
Pentagon: Ignore completely as to advise. Don't fire those who screw up.
State Department: Fight fires only and they all get worse. Failed in at least six attempts to negotiate settlements.
Expect to wipe out a six thousand year old civilization by bombing it and walking in on rose pedals with a small crew.
Food: One poisoning after another due to incompetency.
Immigration: again, I won't comment.
Health care: Completely out of control, costs so much that at least 35% of our economy depends upon it.
Created giant sucking sounds for everything, including the middle east.

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Submitted by swmbo on Sat, 07/07/2007 - 9:40pm.

Don't you get it??? Where there is chaos, there exists an opportunity to legally steal.

When there was a mess in the Gulf region, everyone was responding in emergency mode. So, it went undetected that our National Guardsmen were unavailable and Black Water contractors were hired to do the job the Guard would have done at a cost to the taxpayers of $900+ per day, per contractor. When people were distracted with fears of bird flu, it was easy to establish a contract with one of the president's croneys for Tamiflu (which has dubious capacity to fight bird flu) at a tremendous cost to taxpayers.

The immigration debacle has justified no-bid contracts with KBR to construct massive prisons all over this country to take the illegals into custody -- even if we never use them.

So, don't be confused. These toads ran on a ticket of "smaller government" on the basis of "broken government". What reason do they have to prove themselves wrong? Bush with the help of the Republican-controlled legislative branch grew government bigger and broker than ever. (Remember that when Saxby Chambliss tells you how great he's been for Georgia.) Giving no-bid, poorly-managed and rarely-audited contracts to political supporters is much easier if things stay as "broken" as they were . . . or worse.

If you and I are always in agreement, one of us is likely armed and dangerous.

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