China and Japan and Saudi Arabia calls in debt!

Last night just after midnight, the governments of the above nations called all of the American debt.
Right now, our government is sitting at a large table in Washington trying to decide what we can sell to pay them off and avoid a world depression, possibly.
Right off the bat, Bush, Cheney, and others said they couldn't contribute any money as they soon would be needing it. However, all Social Security payments have been immediately suspended. Medicare has been cancelled. Medicaid has been dissolved. All hospitals are demanding cash only upon entrance.
The military will do without pay for at least the next six months, but we will feed them from large pots of gruel at each station, along with home-made beer from Arkansas.
Our gold at Fort Knox was issued at 3:00 AM to China, who flew it to Peiking early today on 46 of our 747 cargo jets, which they will of course keep.
We agreed just a few minutes ago to allow China to raise rice in all of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, and for Japan to have all of the live fish in all of our aquariums, cat fish pens, and in the waters around the USA, up to the sand beaches.
We will be allowed to have all of the pinto beans, fatback, black-eyed peas, turnip greens---and the turnips, and can keep some of the apples and other fruit. The details to be worked out later.
Meanwhile they will delay foreclosure for 90 days. providing we fully cooperate.
Saudi Arabia took the "football" home with them yesterday.

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Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Wed, 07/04/2007 - 6:46pm.

Since the Iraqi war has been financed mostly "off" the books, our government decided last night to try and get our debtors to accept another trillion dollar loan application to finally start paying for the first six years. The next four years financing would be an option.
Soon the retirees from the ending of the second world war will begin to demand their social security checks. That will bankrupt the account within five years but it is hoped that we can sell some OF (old folks) bonds here in this country at a 4% return, guaranteed by the good faith of our government, to pay those folks at least half of their due.
Our debtors do not want anything to do with financing those retirees. After all many of them killed those folks.
To finance the upcoming Iranian war, it is felt that Russia now can, with their new $70 oil, be able to loan us the money for that.
A new suggested "flat tax," suggested by the libertarians, could be implemented in addition to the current income tax. But only for five years until some of the debt is paid. Then the 45% flat tax could go into effect, but not including social security or state taxes.

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