Tough choices in 08

The top three supposed republican and top vote getters for President this year have eight (8) wives between them!
One of them was forgiven by preacher Godson yesterday. An apparent start of a cleansing campaign to pick the most likely conservative is underway.
Obama even had his 17 parking tickets at Harvard paid off this week. Hillary and Obama should win the acting oscar for a black southern accent that was displayed at a black meeting this week.
Three wives; for abortion, and gun control; a destroyed kids relationship from a second mariage; and having had crooked cops and firemen when mayor of NY, doesn't seem to be hurting the #1 candidate for the republicans.
Personally, I don't care how many wives or girlfriends, or both, any of them have now or have had, and even their fake speeches about motherhood and apple pie don't bother me, but, the job of the President is to represent ALL of the citizens fairly, be a good executive officer for the country, and ignore old buddies and future buddies who come with their hands out.
Know anybody who will do that?

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ArmyMAJretired's picture
Submitted by ArmyMAJretired on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 9:12am.

I read his book "Leadership" and based on his PROFESSIONAL life, I am comvinced he is the person for the job.

Politics of personal destruction aside, he fought organized crime as a US Attorney, Turned NYC form a cesspool of crime into a thriving city, took charge after 9/11 and has proven by leading in the bluest of blue cities in the world that he can reach across the isle.

I don't think that gun control, gay marriage or abortion will change on the national scene, no matter who is elected. I do think he will not abandon Israel or any other ally and reach out to our other "allies".

So this ultra right wing conservative will be supporting Rudy.

Basmati's picture
Submitted by Basmati on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 9:41am.

America owes Mayor Rudy Guiliani a debt of gratitude for providing some badly needed leadership on 9/11. There is no denying that he filled in admirably when both the President and Vice-President disappeared "down the bunny hole" (to use ABC's Anne Compton's memorable comment).

I'm not quite sure that one day earns him the Presidency of the United States, but he's qualified to be the head of Homeland Security.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 9:53am.

I asked this question yesterday: Other than hog the microphone and blather for 2-3 days, what did, or has, Rudy specificaly done about 9/11? I call leadership such things as promoting senior health care by introducing bills and voting for them; introducing bills, or have them introduced, to save the social security system; by personally inspecting the bureaucracy, red tape, and attitude of veteran's care; by arresting and sending illegal aliens to the door of the immigration department and letting them out.
Talking means so darn little. Just listen to the blowing from Senators this week and last about Walter Reed!

Submitted by Yo on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 10:07am.

What has ANYONE done?...

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 2:36pm.

For your information the NY fire department despises Rudy. His Chief of police there has turned out to be a crook. He even collected some from Iraq training of police (useless) before he was caught. Even Trump says the construction industry in NY is awful. I would appreciate you explaining to me what leadership he did after 9/11 and what it accomplished? He demanded the microphones and got them, but verbals is all I ever saw or heard of from him. He reminds me of Reagan who could spout crap but do nothing himself.
If you want a leader, choose McCain!
All Rudy would do is continue favoring large industry so it could dribble down, and tax the devil out of everyone up to 80 thousand.

nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 5:59pm.

Exactly when has Donald Trump been an "expert" on anything besides using venture capital money of others? Trump's track record of success is also pretty sorry, yet he's an expert on the construction industry in NY? LOL.


ArmyMAJretired's picture
Submitted by ArmyMAJretired on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 3:45pm.

As crazy as dollar's rants are, if he is against something, it must be right!

Like I said, if you REALLY want to know more about him, read his book "Leadership". His broken window philosophy of enforcing all crimes, no matter how small got squeegie people off the street, cleaned up Times Square, reduced crime, etc.

He is RESULTS oriented, intelligent, articulate and focused. I can see why Democrats are afraid.

Dollar stick to choosing your party's candidate. The smartest woman in the world, who would do or say anything for power, or a neophite.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 7:40pm.

I don't have a party. I am a true independent voter. I worked for McCain the last time he ran until Bush sent his dogs after him in SC. (Rove, I mean).
When I see someone doing right, I say so. When I see someone doing wrong, I say so. Regardless of party.
The problem right now is that the Bush bunch are making so many mistakes that no one can see the democrat mistakes!
I don't think I will read the "broken window" book. That allowed him to start a crooked company and be a millionaire from sales, didn't it? He doesn't work at anything except travel for votes to my knowledge. All NY DAs feel qualified to be President! They were political DAs, doing what Senators, etc., wanted instead of what their own priorities may have been. Kind of like the Six DAs fired recently for helping get Cunningham defeated, and others. The conservatives are sad....sad. I don't know if I'll even vote next time. They have even ruined the evangelical preachers and their "flocks" who jump off cliffs.

Submitted by PTCGA1 on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 10:41am.

...especially when one considers what he did to the Mafia. He was very strong, fearless, and crushed the mob in NYC. Obama and Hillary would be out of their league in this department. But will religious conservatives support Rudy? I doubt it....there may be a darkhorse that will emerge (Brownback?), as the current leading Republicans are too socially liberal for most evangelicals.

AF A-10's picture
Submitted by AF A-10 on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 5:42pm.

Save Our City: You said Hillary and Obama would be out of their league fighting the war on terror. Please explain why. Army, if a man cannot run the very basic unit of his life, his family, how will we trust him with the keys to the nation? Does this not strike to the root of one's character? Not just the son. Not just the first or second ex wife. But taken as a whole, how would you convince America that the man that embarrassed President Bush by pushing Bernard Kerik to head the Dept of Homeland Security is the right man to be our next leader?
As a refresher, Army, Rudy Giuliani pushed Bernie Kerik, his former police chief and business partner, to President Bush. Kerik had very public affairs at ground zero during the cleanup. He had a falsified resume'. He had evaded taxes. Army, you will say I'm slinging mud, but these facts caused the rejection of Kerik by the current President. That is Rudy's proven judgement of others. If a man's family would not recommend him, I do not believe I would either.

Kevin "Hack" King

ps. Save our City, I read your post below from Time, and you have a very balanced and valid point. This will be an interesting and agonizingly long presidential campaign. What do you and Army think of Chuck Hagel? I could vote for that guy. He seems to be less effected by political winds.

ArmyMAJretired's picture
Submitted by ArmyMAJretired on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 6:44pm.

Kind of blows your "if a man cannot run the very basic unit of his life, his family, how will we trust him with the keys to the nation? " statement, unless you now find any divorced politician unqualified because of their basic unit of life.

Oh, BTW one of the greatest presidents Ronald aReagan was divorced and he led this country very well.

As far as Bernie Kerik, One friend hid some pretty bad secrets from him. That is one, do you want me to google all the Clinton indicted alum?

Nice try, feel free to play again. I'll pass on Hagel.

AF A-10's picture
Submitted by AF A-10 on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 11:30pm.

But you are in the Army after all. It doesn't matter what liberals personal lives look like. We are not self proclaimed values voters. Religious conservatives are. If you watched Fox Sunday morning you would have seen these issues raised. That is why Gingrich is in the confessional and Romney and Giuliani are slowly shifting on gay marraige and abortion. It is your side's identity crisis. Comprendes?
Kevin "Hack" King

ArmyMAJretired's picture
Submitted by ArmyMAJretired on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 8:59am.

You realise how stupid you sound, even if you are in the Air Force, then again George Bush was a pilot and we know how smart you consider him. Rather than have one standard for our Chief executive, you are saying that you will vote for lying, cheating, divorcing flawed candiates, but Republicans must be perfect. Forgive me if I think you have been above 10,000 feet too long off oxygen with that kind of thinking.

Look up forgiveness in the dictionary, you might find values voters are not as stupid as you think, they are not perfect and may actually consider a less than perfect candidate.

I really look forward to the coming primaries and election. I hope you pay as much attention to the Dems as you are the Repubs.

Submitted by Yo on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 9:19am.

Dubya will go down in history as the most useless president ever. We could of had Gumbi as President and naturally would have supported him through 9/11. Republicans would HATE Rudy... he's an outsider... he's much less in the pocket of big business and is a moderate that is willing to work the center like the last Democrat we had. He has goals anspiration... not Mcarthy like "fear" tactics the current administration relies on...

Sadly, the Republicans and Democrats are one big party minus abortion and guns. Both sides especially the "right" are so corrupt that it's straight embarrsing. We once were the shining light of freedom and progressiveness internationally... now we are simply laughed at. Our proud military is a pawn for corrupt big business. We watch the war more like a sunday football game than a real conflict. MaybeRudy will bring "reality" back to the table.

Submitted by PTCGA1 on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 6:33pm.

Hagel is a Vietnam vet of the most serious sort (e.g., INFANTRY GRUNT), and has a very honorable service record. Not a Cheney (he had "other priorities" than serving his country), nor an Al Gore (one of Ann Coulter's famous barbs, she wrote about Al's "Man Friday" that protected him during Al's 141 days in 'Nam, while Al sent press dipatches from the Saigon O Club).

but back to Hagel..
From Wikipedia: "Also discussed is the possibility of Hagel retiring from the Senate - whether he runs for President or not. A 30 January 2007 article in The Hill entitled 'Hagel low on cash on hand, raising retirement issue' stated that Hagel has the least cash-on-hand of any of the 33 Senators up for re-election in 2008, aside from his GOP colleague Wayne Allard of Colorado, who has already announced his retirement. "Hagel raised just $80,000 in the final three months of 2006 and began the new year with only $140,000. 'Spokesman Mike Buttry said Hagel’s campaign financial filings offer no clue about his future plans and emphasized Hagel’s fundraising through his political action committee, which raised more than $400,000 during the last cycle. “I wouldn’t read anything into that,” Buttry said. “Sen. Hagel’s focus last year was on raising and contributing money from his PAC.”'

It takes gazillions to get elected these days, and thus we may never know if Hagel could lead us out of the present wilderness (Shia Sunni civil war, nuclear Iran, etc).

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 2:40pm.

In NYC? You can't be serious? He put a few in jail for tax evasion but stopped nothing.

Submitted by PTCGA1 on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 4:03pm.


Here is a quote from TIME magazine about Rudy (June 24, 2001):

"Nearly three years into his four-year appointment by President Reagan, he has done just that by snaring high-living mobsters, low-life drug dealers, quiet white-collar criminals and loud banner headlines. Like Thomas Dewey and Henry Stimson, earlier New York prosecutors who parlayed their convictions into prominent national careers, Giuliani has become a high-profile, white-hatted gangbuster in an age when the public yearns for someone to prove that crime doesn't pay."

More from TIME...
"But it is the cluster of cases against the Mafia that is turning Giuliani into a national figure. His office is currently prosecuting three major cases, including the "Pizza Connection" trial, in which the American and Sicilian , Mafia are accused of importing $1.6 billion worth of heroin into the U.S. The jewel in the crown is the "Commission" trial, sometimes called "The Case of Cases," which is set to begin next month. In what could be the most significant assault on the infrastructure of organized crime since the high command of the Chicago Mafia was swept away in 1943, the dons of the five major Mafia families that dominate the East Coast are charged with operating a "ruling council" that controls a variety of illegal enterprises. The case, which Giuliani will try himself, uses the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act to prosecute an entire organization, not just its leaders, and to confiscate its proceeds. "Our approach," he declares, "is to wipe out the five families."

This doesn't mean I will vote for Rudy. It just shows that he would be an excellent president against terror cells and other bad guy networks in the US. No one has Rudy's background in fighting crime. Hillary and Obama will look very weak compared to Rudy in this one sphere. Rudy, of course, is vulnerable in his own party on the social issues.

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