Blaming FCBOE Is Backwards, Living In Denial

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Look guys, the Doug blogger is absolutely right. Cele, no matter how wonderful she might be, is turning her back on the problem. Don’t blame Mr. Sweat and the FCBOE for having to play musical chairs with the local students.

Reality is that if Tyrone hadn’t rezoned to higher density on both Wieland subdivisions and Fayetteville hadn’t annexed and rezoned to higher density several times, the FCBOE wouldn’t be playing musical chairs.

Where does Cele stand on up-zoning Wieland to 500 homes on the Westside of Peachtree City? Please don’t blame the FCBOE when they’re forced to cram the 1,000 or so new students into a school near where they live. If you think those kids are going to Flat Rock, you can keep on dreaming!

Fayetteville is pondering another annexation that would produce another 1,500 houses. If left in the county, the property would yield around 350 houses. Are we going to blame the FCBOE for having to juggle things around to accommodate those 3,000 students? Come on guys, get real.

The developer boys and their Direct PAC are eating our lunch. Who pays for the school bonds and higher taxes on our homes and businesses to keep propping-up the school system improvements? It’s not the developers, that’s for sure.

Blaming the FCBOE is stupid. What do you really expect them to do when large numbers of students are thrown at them?

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Submitted by notjustcomplaining on Mon, 02/19/2007 - 1:53pm.

I will stake my keyboard on the fact
that you've NEVER stepped foot in a
school board meeting. If you had,
you would not be coming to the quick
defense of Sam Sweat and company.

I've never been so outraged by the
misuse of taxpayer dollars as the
partisan protect-South-Fayette-at-all-costs
group of politicians supposedly representing
the interests of our children.

Stand up to John Wieland and co on
West Village annexation - - well, actually
it's been done. Dan Fields doesn't return
phone calls that don't support annexation.

Stand up to the Mayor re: West Village
annexation - - yup, that's been done too.
Nice man, but he won't take a stand to
keep our community manageable.

So, don't dis Cele and school supporters
for trying to get community representation
for PTC school children......let's
keep our community kids together in
PTC schools.

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