Eccliaastical doctrinal schisms

I have come to believe that all religion would have died out many, many years ago had it not been for doctrinal schisms that have and are occuring.
A strict, regimented belief that is taught over and over is what causes schisms, and is also what would destroy any doctrine over time, schism or no.
So, in a few thousand years humans have come from having a flat world; the sun rotating around the earth; and the worship of nearly anything that couldn't be explained at the time, to a round earth which circles the sun, and worshipping many less things than before.
And yes, earth rotation and shape were religious symbols at one time.
This is not to say that religion has always been wrong and we have to keep changing it until we get it right, but it does say that we don't always know what we are yapping about.
Religion serves two purposes: one; to keep us from killing everyone but us, and two, to be able to go to heaven for ever when we die. God added Jesus (and Mohammad, etc.) to what was considered a perfectly good religion (Old Testament) about two thousand years ago, and less and more, for some other religions. I don't know why God keeps changing his agreements with us humans since all he has to do is change us or destroy us, but I do see the ned for some kind of guidance or we wouldn't last as long as a Monarch butterfly.
It sure would save God a lot of time if he would just hypnotize all of us suddenly into being good all the time. It never has made much sense for God to let most of us go to hell and a few to heaven when it hasn't solved the problem. I feel I am good and hope for the best, schisms or no!

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Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Tue, 02/13/2007 - 11:29am.

I did find an article written to explain the schisms in the Episcopal church in the USA.
It seemed to have to do with stopping teaching so much that Jesus was God, but just another good man. It said modern times dictated changes in order to survive. This is too much for some to swallow right now.
It did not mention homosexuality, but I understand from other sources that the main Eriscopals are willing to ignore homosexuality just as they do members who are alcoholics, divorced, crooks, adulterers, or live on ill gotten gains. No judgement on any of these things. They also love knowledge gained outside the Bible.

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