Direct PAC's Mudcat, oh really!

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Bad_ptc has given me some inspiration with his Michael Vick blog, really.

Mudcat, oh really!

Direct PAC blogger Mudcat is saying Steve Brown solicited bribes, really.

Really, for all their hatred of Steve, Direct PAC choose not to file any kind of charges against Steve for their serious allegations of bribery, but they WILL file ethics charges because he spoke out against a bad SPLOST plan, really, yes really.

Mudcat is the same developer junkie who told us TDK was going to repair our congestion problems, really.

Really, Mudcat is the one who said the old development authority bunch was obeying the law, really.

Mudcat still to this day defends Tax Cut Logsdon, really.

Now really, Mudcat can do a lot of trash talking, but he uses it as a substitute for making valid points on defending his developer friends because there's no real defense for their actions, really.

Mudcat is hiding behind his false identity when he makes his bold accusations because he's lying again, really … yes really.

Really, Mudcat said he has proof including photographs, but he can’t show them to anyone because he’s a coward, really, sad, really.

The Direct PAC has crossed the line this time, really.

Beware of people who will lie to get anything they want, really.

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Submitted by mudcat on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 5:46am.

My negativity and accusations come out every time you (Steve) thru one of your alter egos conjure up the vast development community conspiricy. Your fertile imagination would have everyone believing that there are hundreds of developers who pull the strings on all politicians - other than you, of course. The whole premise is idiotic, the current group doesn't deserve unfounded accusations and from your responses - you don't like being on the receiving end of it either.

Direct PAC went away over a year ago, the current mayor has no incentive to pursue irresponsible development and the other council members are there to control growth - not eliminate it. Those are facts. Everything else I have said and 100% of what you say is pure crap.

It probably doesn't feel good to be accused of being dishonest without proof, so think of that before you start dishing it out next time.

Submitted by PTCGA1 on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 9:42am.

..been protecting our country for the last 6 days...glad to see PTC still has some trees when I got back!

Tell me more about the Steve Brown condo solicitation (from Wieland)you mentioned earlier (I read over some blogs from this week - -maybe you have already explained this, but I missed it). This is incredible! A sitting mayor requested a condo from a major home builder? Is this common knowledge? Why didn't someone file charges?

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