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Enough already! Sometimes you can't escape the stupid things you do in life. Now Voice of Fayette wants to take a little more blood from my veins with the post below.

The Odd Panic of Spear Road Guy

Submitted by Voice of Fayett... on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 8:58am.
I will say I find you entertaining, Spear Road Guy, but your posts perplex me. Harold Logsdon is the candidate you personally supported. He was entirely transparent. Not real bright, but transparent. Why are you surprised? Why are you disappointed? He was the developers' boy when he ran and the worst is yet to come. You and the majority of PTC wanted him and you elected him. You should sit back and yield to his superior wisdom. His agenda and that of the developers is now yours, buddy.

Or, you and the pseudo-Republican crowd should switch your wine-and-cheese to Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

I admitted that I made an error in judgment. I don’t know what more you want from me on that subject. I could walk naked through the streets with a sandwich board saying “Blame me I voted for Logsdon.” At least I’m opposing the rotten stuff he’s doing.

Harold Logsdon deceived a lot of people. He was always in favor of TDK but no one, except Brown, knew that it was going to turn into the dreadful thing it did. Many of the previous supporters of TDK have backed off their support and began screaming against it.

Logsdon told a mutual friend at Flat Creek that he was going to let the judge decide about the development authority stuff. Obviously, it didn’t happen that way.

On tax reform, he told a bald face lie. His westside annexation has far too many houses. He failed to reduce taxes, but he wanted to double his salary. He didn’t have any problem taking the knife to the employees either. He tried to sell our sewer to Coweta County.

I don’t like the fact he wants to bring in a Lowes and the other big stores either. I never minded the drive to Fayetteville to preserve feel of our wonderful town.

Look, I’ve said this all before. I SHOULDN’T HAVE SUPPORTED HAROLD LOGSDON. Hopefully, the city can stop him from doing any more destructive things. I'll do my part.

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Submitted by Voice of Fayett... on Tue, 01/23/2007 - 3:10pm.

You are forgiven, my son...Go forth and sin no more. And don't get sucked in again by Logsdon. Look at the upcoming fall elections. Stuey and Judi-Ann are just like Herb; all three of them voted repeatedly for litigation that they dropped like a bad habit once the special interests took over. Elect someone with some stomach who can say "Planned Community." Very funny blog on the Vick thing. Rumor has it that your blog caused Vick to start packing for the Raiders.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 2:22pm.

How come he didn't say it during the campaign?

Can you show me anywhere, on record, that during the campaign that Brown came out against said road/bridge?

Just curious about this. It's easy to sit back after something is done and throw stones.

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Submitted by mudcat on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 8:09pm.

You are really asking for it. The Brown clown is sitting there right now spending hours researching everything he ever said before during and after his campaign so he (or sandy sue or spear guy) can publish the longest blog ever seen.

Actually, birdman may want to wade into this one because he has proof that brownclown spoke in favor of TDK extension. But who really cares about brown?

The current mayor will be ready to exert his leadership - possibly this evening. I sure hope so. Get it done Harold. Tell GRTA 2 lanes or no lanes on TDK. Show us your leadership.

And yes indeed mcdawg, it easy to sit back and throw stones as the brown clown is now doing. Ignore him and his supporters - both of them.

Submitted by skyspy on Fri, 01/19/2007 - 8:58am.

Someone just threw some fresh garbage in the alley up in jersey......shooo, shoo. You would really like it up there.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 8:43pm.

It's not that hard to figure out. Smiling

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Submitted by Spear Road Guy on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 6:12pm.

Goodness McDonoughDawg, neither of us followed Steve Brown around the campaign trail and listened to every word he and the other candidates had to say. Harold Logsdon, Dan Tennant and Phil Boswell are the only ones that come up on a search for TDK as a campaign issue - all in favor.

You know, you can go over to fayettespeaks.com and find a lot of information. Here are some examples:

On TDK as traffic relief: "Brown called such thinking 'the relief valve myth.'” (The Citizen, Nov 5, 2004)

"The creation of the TDK extension is purely for developmental purposes, not traffic relief. The URS engineer told me personally that the extension would only provide relief for two years at best." (S. Brown letter to Editor Mar 17, 2004)

"Mayor Steve Brown has vehemently opposed the city spending more money on the redesign of the road for several reasons, including his opposition to the benefit of the road. He contends the road’s projected traffic load will come from development that will occur on the Coweta side, leaving little traffic relief benefit for the city’s industrial park, which TDK proponents say will be significant."
(The Citizen Dec. 10, 2004)

I don't know, what do you think McDonoughDawg? It sounds exactly like what we have now.

Vote Republican

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 6:42pm.

It doesn't appear he used it in his campaign at all. I'm not sure why not, if he was so against it.

I'm still not sure we need to become an island. I'm definitely against the road being 4 laned, not even sure it should be built at all, just tell the GRTA to stuff it. I seriously don't understand GRTA being worried about this road and not being concerned with 74/I-85.

Let's face it, Brown is no longer Mayor, and I don't see why continually bringing up how he supposedly felt does any of us any good in this situation.

Submitted by johenry on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 7:08pm.

Why don't you just admit that you absolutely hate Steve Brown. You rag on him all the time but you rarely have a good response to anything he says.

McDawg you know good and well that Steve was always speaking up on TDK and 74-I85. Everyone in the developer crowd said he was wrong. He took a beating on our behalf and he was right.

Yes, I agree with you, and you should give it a break.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 8:33pm.

I didn't start this blog. I didn't bring up Brown first here. I've never even said we didn't need TDK as a 2 lane. I think reasonable people can disagree and move on. I'm just not sure why certain folks continually bring him up (unless they are him) on these here blogs.

I'm still not sure we can rely on the 54/74 interchange alone to get access across Line Creek. You may feel differently, I understand that.

Submitted by johenry on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 9:02pm.


Your remark was straight from the first grade class at Kedron Elementary. “Mommy, Johnny said it first!” I’ve been giving you way too much credit.

At least Spear Road Guy had the you know what’s to admit he screwed up. You ought to pair up with Mudcat, I see a lot of compatibility there.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 01/19/2007 - 9:32am.

OF traffic?

As you can see, I tried to move on, and here we go again. Funny how Spear Road Brown can continually bring up things but others can't have serious debate on the issue. I guess I didn't get the memo on this one.

Submitted by johenry on Sun, 01/21/2007 - 2:09pm.

Spear did answer your first remarks. If you will look, you responded to his reply.

TDK stinks. It's a really bad idea. If anything, that one issue has done a lot to wake the citizens up and get them talking again. Most of us moved here for the Peachtree City image and TDK-traffic and big boxes weren't part of that image.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 01/23/2007 - 4:17pm.

IF done right, they can be of some good. Folks that live in PTC can and will shop here. That's a good thing to me. See Walmart/Homedepot/Target for examples. I do think we could have TOO many very easily though. I have to think K-Mart is on it's last legs, but I've thought that since I moved here in 04.

I've yet to see any problems traffic wise etc from the expansion of the Kedron center where Target built.

I'm very much against a Kohls and a Lowes right across from Walmart/HomeDepot. We have one chance to develop that property with something nice, and Kohls isn't anywhere my definition of nice.

As far as the Brown "answer". I went to enough campaign functions to know that Brown did not mention the negative aspects of TDK during the campaign.

Submitted by myword_mark on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 7:38pm.

... would they put him in the front and his wife in the back?

Can't we all just get along??

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