Hence the Direct PAC plan, the Direct PAC lie

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Once again, PTC Guy has done an excellent job compiling material on the TDK subject HERE . Direct PAC's creative lying is destoying the fabric of our community.

Their themes are well known:

“Those great men in the Development Authority were the pillars of our community, they took great risks and they did nothing wrong.”


“TDK will create the traffic relief we need for Highway 54, it will allow the workers in the industrial area a better route to work, it will save the Braelinn Shopping Center and there will not be any significant development on the other side of the road in Coweta County.”

As far as the Development Authority (DAPC), towards the end, fewer and fewer people claimed the DAPC was spotless. A few Direct PAC holdouts still keep raising their lofty claims of the men on the authority being virtuous heroes. Mayor Logsdon said his $1.4 million settlement ended a “dark period” in the city’s history.

Councilman Rutherford didn’t even have the stomach to vote in favor of the settlement. She had pointed to Tom Farr as the reason the bank could so easily slip funds into the DAPC coffers without anyone being accountable. As she said, most people could not get away with that of stuff. Mayor Logsdon couldn’t even account for a large chunk of the funds HERE . Additionally, the city council removed the accountability from our hotel taxes and the new Tourism Commission with Direct PAC’s support.

Now, Doug Warner, of DAPC/Peachtree National Bank fame, has played a key role, again, in the effort to hoodwink the hard working families in our community HERE with the slight of hand on TDK.

Rex Green raised the Direct PAC flag in defense of Peachtree City and TDK. However, once Harold Logsdon was elected mayor and the DAPC bailout secured, Green moved. Green certainly wasn't protecting his future in PTC. Many have said that Green was doing the bidding of his employer, Jim Pace at Group VI.

Jim Pace was also the Chamber of Commerce President. In his position with the chamber, he became the kingpin on the “great lie” regarding TDK as a traffic reliever which will save us all. Once all of the horrible details related to development and traffic had been unearthed from the TDK developers, Pace simply said, “build the road anyway.” He symbolized the shallow nature of the arguments surrounding the favorable position on TDK. He was PTC’s version of Marie Antoinette.

With the staggering facts and figures revealed, the old TDK lies were quickly abandoned and new lies created. The new lies were “we need to control things” and “there’s nothing we can do so we might as well build it.”

Two members of the city council came to their senses and tried to stop the process. They failed on a 3-2 vote (see PTC Guy’s Fayettespeaks.com). Councilman Rutherford was so on edge that she literally attacked someone in the audience while the TDK subject was being discussed.

The Citizen reported that 9 out of the 12 road improvements needed to cope with the gargantuan Coweta development weren’t budgeted projects. It appears as though the city council is also pursuing a warehouse superstore for Highway 54. Our traffic outlook is not good. These are the lingering effects of the rotten Bob Lenox era.

Our beautiful city is being dismantled one large piece at a time. Roads will clog. Crime worsens. Getting to the airport will be considered a half-day trip.

We bought the lies. We are paying the consequences. The Direct PAC shoveled the propaganda and we ate it as fast as we could. The developers win big and we sit helplessly and watch our wonderful lifestyle disappear.

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Submitted by mudcat on Thu, 12/28/2006 - 8:13pm.


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Submitted by the_assassin on Sun, 12/24/2006 - 6:21am.

So it's all one big conspiracy to make the rich get richer and us "poor saps" are being taken for the ride? As Wayne and Garth would say: "Sheah, right!"

Most if not all of these folks you blame got rich long before now. Plus, they live in PTC, have kids and grandkids in the city and area ... and they have a vested interest AGAINST the community being destroyed by traffic et al.

The blame goes in two places:
1. Over there in Co-wheat-a, where they're all of a sudden abandoning a "rural" development scheme to an "urban" scheme.
2. You folks who foolishly believed PTC's plan would protect you from growth everywhere.

Fact: PTC's planning, wonderful as it mostly is, STOPS AT THE CITY LIMITS.

Fact: Unless a PTC resident owns a domicile in Coweta, he/she doesn't have even an elector's vote in how things go over there.

Fact: A.M. weekday traffic going north on 74 to I-85 is getting worse (and so's the return trip!)

Fact: The Coweta state legislator (who used to rep. PTC) is in a *powerful* position in the Senate to get things done.

Fact: Another state legislator near and dear to our hearts will likely get the necessary improvements done in Coweta and he WON'T SEEK ANY CREDIT FOR IT. Call him our secret operative. The Coweta legislator will make sure the funding is there.

Fact: Direct PAC hasn't been relevant since de-Browning the mayor's office.

Fact: Them ugly yellow signs the DOT laced Fayette with were only the beginning.

If you think Logsdon and company are in control of 74 et. al. you are sadly mistaken. It's the state DOT baby and PTC folks should be kissing the DOT for widening 74 from 54 to Crosstown to 6 lanes.

Between city-fied Coweta and See-noy-ya, the cars will keep on stacking up.

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Submitted by Enigma on Sun, 12/24/2006 - 11:15am.

Not that I like it - but everything you said is true and accurate in this blog. Where's the argument?

Submitted by skyspy on Sat, 12/23/2006 - 10:08pm.

PTC is soooooooo 5 mins. ago. For many reasons, this place is not unique or special anymore. Party's over.

Submitted by bladderq on Sat, 12/23/2006 - 8:32pm.

The "Vote Republican" tag? Have you finally awoken to the fact that 1% of the USA controls 49% of the wealth & you ain't in it? You think they got it not by sweat but by inside deals? Being in the right place at the right time isn't always about "luck."

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