darrylwd: Who really cares more?

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One of the Left's complaints against Conservatives is that we as a nation, when being led by the Right, do not focus enough on helping those right here in the US. They make up stats for example, that here in the US there are 17 million AMERICANS living in poverty, and another 40 million without health care, and they go on and on and on. By the way, the examples I listed just then are bogus, so if you repeat them as I stated, you are perpetuating a lie/myth.

darrylwd: News that you won't find on TV...

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News that you won't find on TV or in the AJC. Feel free to review the varying links below, when you have the opportunity.

darrylwd: Craig Bowen is a friend fo mine...

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We all need to find some time and pray over this entire situation. We need to seek God for some kind of understanding a

darrylwd: Hit and Run of Cyclist...

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Where is the description of the Hit and Run individuals, that struck a cyclist recently at Ga Hwy 85 and Hwy 54?

It's good to have a description of the car, but come on, where is a description the punks that did this? Could this be political correctness gone overboard, do the suspects fall into minority classes?

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