Tracy Young: Tracy Young for Tyrone Town Coucil

With this letter, I am formally announcing my candidacy for Tyrone Town Council Post 1. A native of Hampton, Georgia, I have been a resident of Tyrone since 2002 and am currently employed with Rinnai America Corporation as a technology services manager. My previous work experience includes 7 years of technical support operations and 10 years of experience with designing water and sanitary sewer lines for a county municipality. My wife, Jacqui, is a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, and we have a four-year-old daughter, Sophie.

Tracy Young: Will "Illegal" Immigration Become Easier??

This information will provide you with an overview of what our government is up to. Some say that opening our borders is fine and providing amnesty is the correct action. Others say lets tighten security at our borders. This article will inform everyone that tightening our borders is not what our government desires.

Tracy Young: Smola and Lee; At it Again!

For those of you living in Tyrone, you must voice your opposing views to those elected officials not complying with the citizen’s requests. This week’s council meeting was just another example that 3 of the 5 don’t care as they have their own agenda.

Tracy Young: Are Tyrone Voters the Problem?

Earlier this year, I began attending the town council meetings. I primarily wanted to become better informed and to understand how the council and town manager were overseeing development and planning our town's future. One of the main issues that interested me was the granting of half-acre lots to John Wieland Homes for a new subdivision. Other issues that have concerned me are the expedited change of local speed limits and the new library debacle. In each situation, the town council failed to consider the interest of all stakeholders in Tyrone.

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