ptcjenn: Anyone know a local place to buy Western clothing?

Hi, I figured I'd ask here...

I'm looking for a good local store where I can find men's vintage type Western dress shirts etc.

ptcjenn: Lost cat in Peachtree City

Hi all, I am checking with animal control and vets etc. but figured I'd try here too. Our new cat Alex got out yesterday and hasn't come back yet. He's grey tabby on top, white on the bottom, HUGE and super fluffy (part ragdoll cat).

ptcjenn: Attention Coupon Clippers!

For those of you who use coupons when you're grocery shopping, you probably have a stack right now of coupons that have expired or are about to and you won't use them.

ptcjenn: So who has the good firewood for sale?

I messed up, big time! Here it is December, and I never did order firewood last year to season or dry out or whatever it does to use this year.

ptcjenn: Friends in other counties can help with this

Hey, I'm passing this along in case people in other parts of the state want to help out with this school situation.

They might not have heard of it, and I figure the more areas that hear opposition , the better! I know of people in Cherokee and Coweta counties that are sending this to their representatives.

ptcjenn: Snow twice in one week in last 20 years?

Hey, my dad just brought this up:

In 1982 it snowed for a week here.

Since then, can anyone remember it snowing more than one day of the week? We usually get one day and then nothing for a while, just curious. I think it was 1994 or 95 when it may have snowed overnight, which brought it up to 2 days, but 2 separate days seems like it's a first for us.

ptcjenn: Peachtree City Village

I just got a call from a company hired by Columbia Properties - they told me about this website:

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