Phil Whitley: J.D. Moye and MuleSpeak

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Did I mention that J.D. was bi-lingual? He spoke mule, and I was impressed from the first time I ever heard him as he plowed a field with “Ol’ Buck”, his all-time favorite mule.

Phil Whitley: No Mayonnaise in Ireland

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Warner Robbins, Air Force Base, 1963, and I was the “New kid” in the shop. It was my first job as an Electronics Technician—fresh out of school with an A.S. degree, First Class Radiotelephone license and absolutely, totally alone in this town full of strangers. The only people I knew were the guys I worked with, and they all had families and friends.

Phil Whitley: J.D. Moye - On Homebrew and Fishin'

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I don’t actually remember meeting J.D. Moye – He was just kinda ‘there’ already. He lived across the road and a little bit uphill from us. Houses were not close together like in a subdivision. This was a farming community, and nearby houses were usually considered within ‘hollerin’ distance’. J.D. lived with his two old maid sisters who were schoolteachers. He was an embarrassment to them because he didn’t read or write so well, but he taught me more about life than all the teachers I ever had.

Phil Whitley: Large Leaf Ivy

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Some of the comments I have received were from people who were raised north of the Mason-Dixon line. This is for them...

Phil Whitley: Am I Intruding?

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I wound up here by following one of my favorite southern authors - Ronda Rich, who has a "Lifestyles" article and a blog here. I sort of followed her example of writing about nostalgic things... in my case, life in the 1950's Georgia. But since I get few (if any) comments, I don't have a clue if anyone is reading - or worse yet - wondering what the heck I am doing here.

Phil Whitley: Laughin' Man

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One of my favorite sections of the Reader's Digest used to be "My Most Unforgettable Character". I never could pick a favorite from the many characters I have collected over the years, but one of them had to be Laughin' Man.

Phil Whitley: Party Lines...

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not the political kind, but telephone party lines.


Two shorts and one long – its for US!!!

Phil Whitley: Stolen Boats, Red Wasps, and Potted Meat

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… no … that’s already taken …

But it sure does work for this one. Let’s see … What about, It was a really good weekend, until it turned really ugly?

Phil Whitley: The Old Philco Radio

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When I was a kid, we had radio. We didn’t get our first TV until I was 10 or so... 1953-54. Programs didn't start until 12 noon, and ended at midnight. Then you could watch the test pattern Indian to see if he moved.

Phil Whitley: Creek Lobster

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Trying to get away from politics and world situations for a while, I thought I would tell another of my "Stories from my Childhood". I call this one

Phil Whitley: An Old Country Store

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The first thing dad did after returning from the war (WWII), was to go to Hamilton, Georgia (the county seat, about five miles away) and apply for a job at Calhoun’s Grocery and Hardware store. Mr. Dayton Calhoun, the owner and operator, told him he would give him a try and see how it worked out. Dad worked there for the next seventeen years, then bought the store when Mr. Calhoun retired.

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