Chow: Do Politicians Think Everyone is Stupid?

Didn’t they know that people smarter than them wouldn’t degrade themselves by being a politician? Apparently not, since these idiot republicans keeping mailing me these questionnaires they think will make me feel important so I’ll donate money. Just because I used to be a republican doesn’t mean I still am. Certainly not after their betrayal of conservative principles; nor am I a democrat.

Chow: Barack Obama Boulevard

Happy days are here again. With all our problems now solved with the President’s Stimulus Plan, Cities and Towns all over America are renaming Main Streets and Schools after Obama.

Chow: Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum

Tweedledee dee, Tweedledee dum
I don’t know whither to sit or run.
When the economy was good,
My govment said, spend you should.

Chow: Tyrone Nice Little Town

I'm so excited to move to Tyrone. I just contracted a year lease on a rental apartment. It such a nice little town and lots of small business owners.

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