truthandjustice: Grace Caldwell Abandons Shamrock Park

Apparently Grace Caldwell has reneged on her promise to renovate Shamrock Park. While she could not bring herself to say “Triangle Park” and had to rename it she is whispering sweet nothings into a local developer’s ear getting him to donate to money to her “new park”.

truthandjustice: Tyrone’s Neighborhood Alliance 2008

In 2007 at almost every council meeting Tyrone Neighborhood Alliance spokesman Don Rehwaldt appeared with a list of issues that the Tyrone Neighborhood Alliance and its supporters would like to see be brought to closure. He would state “It is our desire that a solution or direction be given to Town management or any other responsible entity within the Council’s purview to effect closure. In most cases, the solutions are apparent! Required is the leadership of the Mayor and Council with instructions to Town management to carry out Council’s direction in a timely manner.” He would end with “It is the intent of the Tyrone Neighborhood Alliance and its supporters to readdress each of the following issues at every Council meeting until the issues are resolved.”

truthandjustice: Tyrone's debacle continues

The Tyrone council apparently followed Grace Caldwell’s hand picked “manager”Chris Venice when she recommended that the council eliminate impact fees to help build a new police station and town hall.

truthandjustice: Tyrone Council Debacle

The new and improved Tyrone Town Council is at it again. Now they are going to eliminate impact fees (impact fees is money collected from a builder or developer to help provide the necessary facilities to serve that development; i.e.

truthandjustice: Why should we care who Harold Bost thinks we should vote for

Harold Bost is not a resident of Fayette County or even the state of Georgia, he is a resident of Florida. This is the same arrogant Harold Bost who ran for a position on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners several years ago, won the election and then had to resign when it was discovered that he was not a Georgia resident.

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