Spyglass: Peachtree Parkway South

The grass is a foot tall and growing...I'm not impressed with our new landscapers at all.

Spyglass: How long will the grass get?

Before we see signs of the right of ways, etc being cut/maintained?

Seems to me PTC has really dropped the ball. When my visitors start to bring it up.

Spyglass: Russell Sings Sinatra...

At the local Kane Yama...you should hear him croon..you would think Ol' Blue Eyes himself was in the bar. The Chairman Of the Board sometimes comes out late on Saturdays..

Spyglass: Location of 5-AAAA Basketball Tourney..

Anyone have any information on where it's going to be held this year.


Spyglass: Accident on North Peachtree Parkway...

Lots of police tape and such. It appears that someone was traveling at a HIGH rate of speed northbound and missed a turn. I was amazed at how far it appears the vehicle went into the trees, down a hill and up another one for a fair distance.

Spyglass: Mimi's, in the former Huddle House site..

I believe that is the new name. I was curious if anyone had eaten there. I was at the eye doctor next door the other day, and the restaurant looked crowded.

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