Don Haddix: Election Forum Information

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I have been getting some inquiries about more forums, etc.

The Civic Forum will be the 14th at 7:00PM in the McIntosh Auditorium.

Don Haddix: Haddix: Forum Open

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For public consumption the Forum is now open for posting.

Please visit the link in my sig if you so desire.

Don Haddix

Don Haddix: Haddix: Forum Agenda Promise

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One agenda promise I made was to propose a PTC Forum or run my own Forum for issues if that failed to pass.

I made the proposal on the January 3rd Council Meeting and due to some lack of knowledge and questions by some Council Members, a final vote has been postponed until a later date.

Don Haddix: Haddix: Thank You!

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A quick note here with a Letter to Editor for next week to follow.

To those who voted for me, thank you.

To those who didn't, but wished me well, thank you.

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