The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Sunday, October 25, 1998


Your moment in history...
There are those who watch history; there are those who write about history; there are those who read about history; and there are those who make history. Those who make history are those who are the action people that when the baton is passed to them, they grasp it and carry it in the race to victory.

Defining success with the help of Jesus
A while back, I was asked to define success. Sometimes, when I am queried about a subject I answer quickly, perhaps too quickly. This time I didn't. I declined to answer at all, except to say, " Gotta think about that one..."

Heritage Harvest training for ministry, expanding
Not too many churches have its own personal logo, and the one for Heritage Harvest Church is indeed unique. It is a shaft of wheat blowing in the wind indicating the members are ready to be harvested to do God's work.

Covenant celebrates growth
Covenant Presbyterian Church of Fayetteville opened a new decade of ministry with groundbreaking for a new educational building last Sunday.

Sunday Briefs

Unity Services
In a time when division seems to characterize everything, from politics to morality, a movement of unity has emerged and seems to have taken hold of the Christian churches in Fayette County.