The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Sunday, September 6, 1998


National Christian leaders host Y2K seminar
As the deadline approaches, people reliant on computers, whether for business or personal use, grow more frantic to prepare for possible complications in what has become known as the Y2K bug.

Cycle of nature points to hope of eternal life
By the time you read this, I will have been one week in the Moose Camp 150 miles North of Fairbanks, Alaska near the town of Manley Hot Springs.

pirit of growth' keeps Church of Christ on the move
The Fayetteville Church of Christ, currently located on Ga. Highway 85 North, will be moving in a matter of months yet again.

Edgefield Baptist baptizes in newly restored font
The Edgefield Baptist Church recently refurbished its outdoor baptismal font and over 70 people were on hand for the special occasion.

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