Sunday, March 14, 2004

Another Zaxby’s, day care and subdivision on tap for Southside

Plans continue to pour in for projects at the Summit Point mixed-use development on the Southside of Fayetteville, including its first residential subdivision.

Bank’s sign request denied by council

A bank planning to open in Fayette Pavilion will not get the extra signage it sought from the Fayetteville City Council.

Change would allow massage therapists to strike out on their own

An ordinance modification to open the door for professional massage therapists to operate in Fayetteville will be considered by the City Council at its regular meeting Thursday night.

Mom stored meth in kid’s room, police say

A Peachtree City woman who stored crystal methamphetamine in one of her children’s bedrooms is being held at the Fayette County Jail on $242,000 bond.

FCHS teacher-coach writes book to increase reading among teens

Being a coach and an English teacher, Tim Taylor knows the importance of motivation in achieving a win both on the field and in the classroom.

FAA opposes location of TDK Boulevard extension project

The Federal Aviation Administration is objecting to the plans for the extension of TDK Boulevard, which will link Peachtree City with Coweta County.

Offer made to airport manager candidate

After meeting in executive session for 15 minutes Wednesday night, the Peachtree City Airport Authority took a big step toward hiring a new airport manager for Falcon Field.

PTC Council responds to Regions Bank demand

Peachtree City officials were to respond this week to a letter sent Feb. 19 from Regions Bank threatening to sue the city because the Development Authority has defaulted on a $200,000 loan.

Can you trust God?

“Why didn’t somebody ever tell me that I could become a Christian and work on all my doubt afterward?”

Getting away with my neighbors’ help

It is good from time to time to plan to just get away from the routines of life and regroup. We have the account in God’s Word where Jesus got away from the pressing crowds and got onto a boat and went off to be alone.

A renewed interest
Contribuing Writer

One thing about it, “The Passion” sure has revived an interest in all things Jesus. And when you are looking at all things Jesus, division is a word that immediately comes to mind. But Jesus Christ did not teach an exclusionary or divisive message.