Sunday, February 8, 2004

Stormwater study set for east Fayetteville area

An analysis of stormwater flow in the east Fayetteville basin was approved by the City Council Thursday night.

Restaurant can’t get alcohol license for 60 days, council rules

A Fayetteville restaurant was denied a license to sell alcohol for at least 60 days after its owner was cited in December for serving alcohol without a permit and operating a business without a license.

Senate OKs golf cart bill; Governor’s approval next

Unlicensed drivers ready to legally get behind the wheel of their golf carts are one big step closer to doing so.

Downtown building renovation halted after alley dispute lands in court

A dispute over access to an alley has led to a temporary restraining order against a company that’s renovating a building on the Fayetteville downtown square.

No nursing home for me
By Dr. David L. Chancey

I know I’m getting old, but I had a first the other day. I received a letter in the mail inviting me to consider “long term care” insurance. Of course, it made my day.

The Atkins Diet and how to gain weight by listening to your "friends!
By Rev. Knox Herndon

I have always been a people watcher. I am forever amazed at how God made an activity we call human nature. It is a substance that causes us to act in a manner that is somewhat predictable and yet is certainly not an exact science.

It matters not
By Mary Jane Holt
Contributing Writer

Somebody hurt me a couple of years ago. Pulled the rug out from under me. Sent me slipping and sliding emotionally. Floundering like I don’t ever remember floundering before.