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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

The truth about state’s new history curriculum
State School Superintendent

A Georgia teacher [Joseph J. Jarrell, world history teacher at McIntosh High School in Peachtree City] claimed that our new social studies curriculum would not serve the state’s students well [The Citizen, Jan. 28, 2004].

What should we do about bare breast?

Janet Jackson’s publicity stunt during the Super Bowl has had its desired effect: People are talking about her again. “Outrageous” conduct by people in the entertainment industry is a tried and true method of attracting attention.

Flight from Clayton driven by school, property values

As a former resident of Clayton County (1993-2001) I’m writing in response to both the recent article by J. Frank Lynch about Clayton County schools and the response to it from Mr. Foster of Riverdale.

Why always the race card?

I am a French-Polish-Irish-Anglo-Dutch-American (I hope I didn’t miss one of my decendants) and am writing in response to the letter by Mr. Foster.

Anti-Target letter fueled by hoax

It has come to our attention that a recent letter in your paper is actually a misleading e-mail campaign, that we here at Target, have been battling for the past two years. In fact, the letter submitted to your paper isn’t even the original letter that started the campaign.

Paper should have done some fact-checking

I am aware that letter writers are entitled to their opinion and free expression, etc. However, such a letter, with so many negative “facts,” especially against a local merchant, that has no apparent documentation, should draw some attention from your staff before being printed.

Writer should have done some fact-checking

J.R. Young, shame on you. Before sending stories like the one you submitted about Target Stores to a widely read local paper like The Citizen, you should check out the facts more thoroughly. Had you done so prior to submitting this story you would have found that this claim, like many of the stories knocking corporate America, are nothing more than Internet garbage.

Target is really a great neighbor

Once again somebody gets an e-mail that says they heard something from someone who heard something from someone’s cousin’s hairdresser and it becomes fact. No effort to verify any facts, just believe anything you hear.

Urban legends easily checked on many Web sites

I recently moved to Fayetteville and have been receiving The Citizen, which I appreciate as a way to get to know the community in which I now live. However, I must take exception to your printing the letter to the editor entitled, “Target is not a good neighbor,” without doing some fact-checking.

‘French-owned’ added as twist

A few months ago I received an e-mail similar to the one J.R. Young wrote about. The e-mail I received was a copy of a letter written by a Vietnam veteran. The basis of the e-mail was that Target was anti-veteran, French-owned and basically anti-American.

Not pro-Target, but stay factual

I receive many e-mails with claims that seem a little strange or too good to be true (i.e., the Gap will send you money, “Touched by an Angel” will be cancelled). This letter struck me the same way, so I did what I do in all these cases. I looked up the claim on This is a reliable website which investigates urban legends and provides the documented “real story”.

Target HQ was very helpful

We received the same e-mail. However, I really do like to shop at Target, so I decided to e-mail Target’s corporate headquarters myself to verify all of this information. If all of this information were correct, I would not want to support their ideas and policies by shopping there.

F’ville sign rules show anti-business leanings

I opened the Mr. Transmission in Fayetteville in March 2003. The Fayetteville sign ordinance is anti-business.

Uneducated educator dooms students

Georgia is in a time warp: Many of the public debates resembles those of the Dark Ages. Back then, you decided whether you or your spouse had more or less teeth by reference to the sacred text of the time. You opened your copy of Aristotle and read and believed men have more teeth than women.

A theory by any other name is still . . .

So let me get this straight. Kathy Cox is proposing that Georgia schools continue to teach evolution, but refrain from teaching “evolution”?

History curriculum changes sickening

The article written by Joseph Jarrell disturbed me immensely! I am a veteran educator with 24 years under my belt as a former social studies/English teacher and presently a media specialist.

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