Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Devolution: Cox should resign her office

Recently I read that Georgia School Superintendent Kathy Cox proposed new middle and high school science standards that strike references to “evolution” and replace them with the term “biological changes over time.”

Ms. Cox’s behavior is devolving towards that ignorance trap that I thought as a free nation we were about to climb out of.

A spokesman for Georgia reportedly stated that “The discussion of evolution is an age-old debate.” It hasn’t been debated for ages, merely since the time that Darwin proposed in 1859, which was just prior to the Civil War.

The Civil War in the United States saw the state of Georgia take a step backward in time in joining with Virginia, South Carolina and other so-called Southern states in a wild attempt to rejoin the British Empire.

Ms. Cox, in my opinion, is not capable of carrying out her responsibilities towards the children of the state of Georgia and seems more intent on obeying unseen religious leaders that are directing her actions.

Mr. Bush, who sits in the White House, has proposed $23 million in order to test students in school for drug use.

In North Carolina, Orange County, AFTER World War II, the county government gave intelligence tests to students, and if they failed that test, they were sterilized and so, could not have children.

Ms. Cox and Mr. Bush are making sounds which are closely related to those issues of eugenics and ignorance and state interference in private lives that should not be tolerated by Americans. Eugenics was the result of the misunderstanding of the theory of evolution. Eugenics, unfortunately, is alive and well in our nation and Ms. Cox is apparently giving us a little taste of it, perhaps.

I believe that Ms. Cox should resign. How she came into her present position is another example of deterioration of our government.

Alfred Brock

Canton, Mich.

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