Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Target is really a great neighbor

Once again somebody gets an e-mail that says they heard something from someone who heard something from someone’s cousin’s hairdresser and it becomes fact. No effort to verify any facts, just believe anything you hear.

One quick check on, the acknowledged source for checking urban legends, and you find that the Target lie is just another urban myth. A look at would have produced the same information.

Status: The Target Corporation does not contribute to veterans’ causes: False.

Target is French-owned: False.

Target provides corporate grants only for “gay and lesbian causes”: False.

Target does not contribute to the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots program: False.

Target does not allow reservists called to active duty to continue their health benefits: False.

Here is a quote that is really from Target:

“We accept all applications for grants from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30 of each calendar year. Any guest can request a grants application brochure at their local store, called ‘Grant Guidelines.’ Veterans programs may be considered for grants if the subject matter falls into one of our three general areas of giving: education, arts and family violence prevention.”

That’s a little different than the quote, “arts, social action groups, education and gay and lesbian causes,” isn’t it? In fact, Target led the Forbes magazine list in both 2002 and 2003 of America’s Most Philanthropic Companies. Target was also a corporate sponsor of the 2003 “Wall that Heals,” the very cause that was referenced in the urban legend e-mail that was published.

Target is probably one of the best corporate neighbors a community could have. And I’m sure Fayetteville is happy to have them and all they contribute to the community.

Ron Murphy

Fayette County

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