Wednesday, February 4, 2004

What should we do about bare breast?

Janet Jackson’s publicity stunt during the Super Bowl has had its desired effect: People are talking about her again. “Outrageous” conduct by people in the entertainment industry is a tried and true method of attracting attention.

My advice to people who are offended by her conduct, is to ignore it. You give the act more credence than it deserves. It’s just a 5-second flash of a mostly bare woman’s breast. It’s not the apocalypse. So just relax.

My advice to the big egos in the entertainment industry (as if they care or listen) is that mainstream America doesn’t really think that this was appropriate on TV during a Super Bowl. Publicity stunts should be seen for what they are, and laughed at, then ignored. People speak volumes with their wallets.

Frankly, the most insulting part about the whole thing was the performers’ reactions: “It was an accident, or a wardrobe malfunction ...” Hollywood thinks we’re stupid. Americans shouldn’t stand for that crap. Turn them off and tune them out.

Ray Gravelle

Fayetteville, Ga.

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