Sunday, October 21, 2001

Halloween fun coming

Main Street Fayetteville is kicking off its yearly Halloween schedule with Friday's Great Pumpkin Walk, followed by the traditional trick-or-treat activities on the square nightly through Halloween.

Hood Avenue is home to historic tree

A seedling from one of the last known trees to have been planted by Johnny Appleseed now has a permanent home at Hood Avenue Elementary School.

Tests not back on powder which forced evacuation of post office

Tests on a powder found on several packages that forced the evacuation of Peachtree City's Post Office Monday morning have not come back as of The Citizen's press time Thursday afternoon.

Kathy Cox to run for Ga. school chief

Fayette State Rep. Kathy Cox will seek the office of state school superintendent in the next state election.

Airspace restrictions due to terrorism hurt aviation economy at Falcon Field

Restrictions on airspace surrounding Hartsfield International Airport have reduced the total number of flights out of Peachtree City's Falcon Field ... and have cut the airport's fuel sales accordingly.

Police Blotter

Something to remember about the flag and pledge of allegiance

I keep a file of information and articles I feel we all need to know as Christians and Americans. I come from the (before Sept. 11) dying group of an un-ashamedly patriotic family. In fact, in our family if you wanted to get into a very quick, bottom-line, red-faced argument, all you had to do is run down the USA.

"Expectations Weigh Heavily On Ministers"
By Dr. David L. Chancey

Religion Columnist

During this "Clergy Appreciation Month," let's remember one more time that our ministers are human. They are imperfect persons with good hearts and good intentions, but aren't always going to meet every member's expectations.


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