Sunday, March 4, 2001

Car wash proposals get P&Z scrutiny

Two separate plans for car wash facilities in Fayetteville are in the works, although only one has gotten the approval of the city's Planning and Zoning Commission.

School returns to city with Market request

Fayette Christian School is taking the next step in its quest to turn the old A&T Market into a day care facility.

Top athletes of yesteryear honored

The third annual Sports Hall of Fame was conducted at the Fayette County High School, with seven former student athletes being chosen.

Carriage Lane set to build new sanctuary

The Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church in Peachtree City has come a long way since its beginning in the mid-1980s, from meeting in homes to outgrowing its first sanctuary to breaking ground for a new one last week.

Remembering Dorthea Redwine

As I drove around the corner in Fayetteville from Highway 85 south and onto Highway 54 west, I couldn't help but notice the lovely Bradford pear trees all in bloom.

Police Blotter

Give it up for lent
Religion Columnist

But here's the point: The "giving-something-up-for-Lent" routine can be a wonderful spiritual discipline OR it can be just a farce, a meaningless outward show that is no sacrifice at all, nothing sacred or spiritual at all.

When we had dirt roads

I want to personally thank Mike Moore and Doug Beardon for their work with "LunchThe Word" which met weekly in the wedding chapel reception area behind Fayette Mower.

Families look at dying in different ways
Contributuing Writer

Nobody ever sent the dying on their way with more fanfare than my mama's family. Aunt Benonia has been dying again now for about two weeks. It's her fourth time, I think...

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