Rick Ryckeley: The Magnificent Seven

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This week marks the 33rd anniversary of the first and last raid of the Magnificent Seven. The midnight foray on Candi’s house is forever documented on the front pages of old yellowed newspapers tucked safely away in forgotten scrapbooks.

Cal Thomas: Fame: I’m (not) Gonna Live Forever

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“How fevered is the man who cannot look

Upon his mortal days with temperate blood,

Who vexes all the leaves of his life’s book,

Walter Williams: Why a Bill of Rights?

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Why did the founders of our nation give us the Bill of Rights?

The answer is easy. They knew Congress could not be trusted with our God-given rights.

Sallie Satterthwaite: Neckties

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Visit December of 1998 with me, trying to get Dave gussied up for his role as father of the bride on new Year’s Day. And with Christmas as another excuse, I bought him a couple of neckties to go with his new gray suit.

Terry Garlock: 4th of July is about more than fireworks, parades

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“You are 10 times the writer I am!” John Adams declared to his friend from Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, on June 11, 1776. Adams was persuading Jefferson to draft the 2nd Continental Congress’ statement of independence, and Jefferson tried to pass the job back to Adams before he reluctantly agreed.

Steve Brown: Tea Partiers should scan local taxes

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I often wish we could declare our independence from the U.S. Congress, a body more obsessed with its own desires than the people it represents. Much like the top Wall Street executives, our members of Congress have a very shallow view of the future, not looking beyond their own personal enrichment.

Kimberly Learnard: Why federally funded universal healthcare is America’s future

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Every one of us has a stake in the healthcare debates now raging in Washington. Let’s keep in mind a few points as the rhetoric flies and we make our own judgments on what is best for our families and for our nation.

Ronda Rich: Thank you, but no thank you

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A while back, my friend, Reita, called and began the conversation with a hasty apology.

Her brother had died unexpectedly so I had baked a cake and carried it over to the family.

Sally Oakes: Meeting God

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A pastor once asked his congregation:
Dear fellow Christians — who worship the true and Triune God, the Holy Trinity: “What is God like? What would it be like to meet God, face to face?”

Father David Epps: On being Obi-wan

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My oldest son Jason, now a lieutenant with the police department, was a sergeant at the time. As the department chaplain, I often attended roll call and then rode in the police cruiser with an officer. That night, I was there to ride with Jason.

Rick Ryckeley: Soapbox climb

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The fourth weekend in June is upon us, and it’s long overdue. Because I’ve been recovering from shoulder surgery, I haven’t been able to climb up on my soapbox this entire year. Five months and 30 trips to physical therapy later, I’ve been rebuilt. Better than ever. Now, perched atop my soapbox once again, my arms are flailing and my back is arched.

Thomas Sowell: Republicans in the wilderness

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A Gallup poll last week showed that far more Americans describe themselves as “conservatives” than as “liberals.” Yet Republicans have been clobbered by the Democrats in both the 2008 elections and the 2006 elections.

Cal Thomas: Presumption and assumption

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Some people have certain presumptions — for example, that government is better suited to handling problems than individuals or private entities. And then there are the accompanying assumptions that government, for those who have faith in its supposedly superior capabilities, will always produce the desired outcome.

Walter Williams: Vicious academic liberals

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Ward Connerly, former University of California regent, has an article, “Study, Study, Study — A Bad Career Move” in the June 2, 2009 edition of “Minding the Campus” (www.mindingthecampus.com) that should raise any decent American’s level of disgust for what’s routinely practiced at most of our universities.

Terry Garlock: Thoughts of the 4th: I feel America slipping away

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This 4th of July will be my 60th. With each passing year, it seems, I grow more troubled at how little the average American knows, or seems to care, about the birth of our country celebrated on that holiday.

Steve Brown: It’s time to demand accountability

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The citizens of Fayette County need a moment of introspection in order to figure out where they want the county to be in the next 10 years. The days of resting on our laurels are long gone.

Kevin Demmitt: Keeping HOPE: Common pitfalls of 1st-year scholarship students

When I interviewed at Clayton State University in the summer of 1994, the president of the university told me that higher education in Georgia was on the verge of a tremendous transformation. In the previous year, Georgia had instituted a scholarship program unlike any other in existence – the HOPE Scholarship. And its impact on higher education was as dramatic as he predicted.

Ronda Rich: Patterns of my regret

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Perhaps you’ve seen the t-shirt emblazoned with, “I Was A Millionaire Until Mom Gave Away My Baseball Card Collection.”

Sallie Satterthwaite: Good for our Town

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It says something – something good – for our town’s reputation that wildlife lives here alongside people, and thrives. Bird lovers keep their feathered friends fed and watered, and the word is out: We have peacocks strolling through our office complexes.

Justin Kollmeyer: One nation ... under God

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Some time ago a great website, www.alliance4lifemin.org, which I credit with all the following information, reminded me again of some very important data about the connection between our Christian faith and the start of our country. As we celebrate the Fourth of July, I ask that we not forget this wonderful connection!

Father David Epps: Expectations vs. reality

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Forty years have passed since the United States landed a man on the moon during the summer of 1969.

Forty years since astronaut Neil Armstrong dropped the three and a half feet from the bottom rung of the ladder on the lunar vehicle and planted the first footprints permanently in the dust of our closest neighbor.

William Murchison: Democratic ‘brain surgery’

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It’s only money, we like to say, when we know we shouldn’t be pulling out our wallets, but ...

The “but” is a big one when it comes to health care reform: huge, immense, Himalayan. So big we’re not going to do it, I’ll bet you money.

Rick Ryckeley: The Wife’s return

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It has been seven days since The Wife left me. I truly didn’t think I would survive even this long. The simplest tasks have become incredibly difficult.

Thomas Sowell: Equality or pay-back?

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Back when I was on the receiving end of racial discrimination, it was to me not simply a personal misfortune, or even the misfortune of a race. It was a moral outrage. But not everyone who went through such an experience sees it that way.

Cal Thomas: From newsroom to bedroom

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Not so long ago in a vastly different media environment there were such things as journalistic ethics. Reporters were prohibited from taking trips paid for by individuals or groups they might cover. They couldn’t accept money for speeches. And they surely could not accept money or gratuities in exchange for reporting on a story in which a corporation or individual might have an interest. Too much socializing with sources was also frowned upon.

Walter Williams: Live free or die

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“Live Free or Die” is the title of author and columnist Mark Steyn’s speech at Hillsdale College, reproduced in Imprimis (April 2009), a Hillsdale publication that’s free for the asking.

Cal Beverly: With Callula Hill, unplanning reaches its apex

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: As of Thursday afternoon, the rezoning vote on Callula Hill has been postponed to mid-July.]

Once upon a time in Peachtree City’s history (like up to about 10 years ago), the volunteer Planning Commission served as the diligent, sometimes picky, but always faithful guardian of the city’s land use plan.

Mark W. Hendrickson: Team Obama’s auto coup

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In assessing Team Obama’s semi-nationalization of the auto industry, a slight alteration of the famous verse by Elizabeth Barrett Browning encapsulates my reaction: “How do I [not] love thee? Let me count the ways.”

Ronda Rich: I now have a namesake

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To truly appreciate the irony of this story, you must first know that my history with chickens is colorful and much ballyhooed to the point of being family legend. It has never been an easy relationship between me and those feathery foes of mine.

Father Paul Massey: Ask Father Paul 061709

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Pastors get some of the most interesting questions from people they meet and people in their congregations. Here are a few questions that I have received in my years of ministry and via email for this column.

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