Way to Wake Up, PTC!

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The apathy and complacency that resulted in the election of Steve Brown seems to have left this evening with a much higher voter turnout. The voters have made it pretty clear in my mind that they aren't happy at all with the direction the Council has taken the City in the last 4 years.

I figured that with as many candidates running for Mayor(and why not, everyone knew Brown was an easy target to beat)there would be a run-off. Before Steve's Kool-Aid drinking supporters get enthused, you think anyone who voted for Boswell,Tennant or Darryl is going to be voting for Brown? Uh, no. As far as Arterburn's staggering votes, I think they were bribed with free pizza so they'll likely not vote in the runoff.

Just how unhappy the voters were showed up in the Rapson-Boone race. I thought Rapson got too cozy with Steve Brown and Murray Weed, but wouldn't lose tonight. Ooops. Weed didn't bother to run which is a shame because I think pizza guy would have trounced him.

The way the Council is taking shape it looks like a very solid group of thinkers who won't try to reinvent PTC and screw things up further. 4 years ago, PTC wasn't PERFECT. There were some issues that needed attention. What didn't need to be done was blow-up the whole damn thing and start over. The Tourism Authority with City staff on it is ludicrous. PTC government employees have no business whatsoever on an authority that oversees/governs the tennis center and amphitheater. I can guarantee you that McMullen and Salvatore sure weren't demanding to have extra job duties thrown on them that are also outside their primary responsibilities and competentcies. I sincerely hope the Tourism Assoc is dropped like the really bad idea it was.

I hear the whines already: *Oh Mr. Nuk, you must be part of that there Old Guard!* Sorry, I'm not that old, I'm not a developer and I don't *guard* anything. I am just a long-time resident of PTC who can see the obvious. That obvious is that making enemies and tearing apart anything resembling a *consensus* with other governments is pretty dense. This is what happens when a bomb-throwing *outsider* gets put in charge of running the show instead of complaining 24/7.

PTC did great with a part-time Mayor in the past and I am looking forward to the return of limited involvement from the Mayor, just like it says in the City charter. We the people entrust the Council with only the basic obligations, first of which is DON'T SCREW THINGS UP! We are not that worried about you achieving grand accomplishments or front page headlines, we just expect that you'll go about the caretaker role given to you minus the ego and ambition.

Now, I expect one more letter from Bob Lenox to the Citizen where he gloats about the downfall of Brown. I can understand that, but please Bob, NO MORE THAN ONE LETTER! Let it die already. The horse quit moving long ago.

Nobody U Know

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Submitted by DanTennant on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 9:09pm.

I wish you WERE somebody I knew, because you make more sense in that post than 99% of the other stuff I have read here since the inception of the forum. Very pointed and accurate comments---well done. Thank you.

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Submitted by nuk on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 11:08pm.

I have to also congratulate you on not getting into the mud during the campaign, though I know you have plenty of it you could sling at Brown.
Nice endorsement of Logsdon too.

Submitted by mac on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 8:59pm.

The silent majority has just about allowed the business/banker/builder click to once again rule the roost. I will be the first to admit that some of Steve Browns antics have been a bit childish at times, but all of these outbursts combined have not caused the problems visited upon our city today by the previous administration and those that will be caused by another, like administration.

I don't care that Mayor Brown has a troubled relationship with the county, he fought for a fairer portion of the SPLOST and for relief from double taxation for EMS, and, no, the county commissioners didn't like it... tough, we didn't elect him to be liked! He has pissed off those associated with the tennis center by making it stand on its own instead of being subsidized by the residents... tough, if you want it bad enough, you'll find a way to finance it! He has upset those business/banker types who believe that we should repay a backroom, good-ole-boy generated loan by refusing to do so... tough, next time don't make loans that you know are not on the straight and narrow!

Everyday, Steve Brown makes decisions based on what's best for the RESIDENTS of PTC, not the bankers/builders and business owners. And because he has elected to fight this extremely vocal minority, he has suffered their wrath as well as that of their PAC and its arrogant, egotistical, self-centered elitist mouthpiece. I do not want someone as mayor who will make every decision based upon what will most benefit builders/bankers and business owners (and in their warped perception, PTC). I don't want a mouthpiece for the last administration and I don't want someone who accepted their money to get elected and is, therefore obligated, to see things their way. Since Logsdon didn't have the backbone to run without this tainted money, since he didn't just run issue to issue, and since I already feel his hands in my pocket looking for the $'s needed to reward the unethical and immoral practices of the PNB, I want no part of him. I want someone who will look out for me, a resident of this city, nothing more, nothing less... and we have that with Mayor Steve Brown. So, if you are, first and foremost, a resident of this fine city, elect the man who will represent US to the best of his ability... So GET OUT AND VOTE!!! Reelect Steve Brown!!!

And Lenox, PAC, and friends, don't bother with that worn out, childish attempt to again attribute this attack upon your values and your lackey as another letter from Steve Brown. Though I do not make your money, nor travel in your circles, I am intelligent enough to articulate my own opinions and my 25 years in our active duty military gives me the tenacity to express them.

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 11:23pm.

Steve - please concede. The people spoke on Tuesday - they want you gone.

There's a reason the silent majority may be silent...they are probably just flat ashamed. A wise man once said, "if you don't vote, you don't count". So, if you really care, vote on December 6. Take the half an hour. Call in sick to work. And when you come to vote, consider what has taken place in the past four years...the acrimony. Understand the statement made when FIVE people decided to run against the incumbent this election, from various facets of the City....a retail manager, a mortgage broker, a small business success story, a financial planner and a sales manager - all from different backgrounds, all with different variations on the same platform - the current mayor wasn't doing right for the CITIZENS of this town.

The mayor's position is a large influence to nearly $30 million of the money that comes in to the City per year. The mayor's position, with that of the council, through the hard work of the professional staff hired, has tremendous potential to HELP provide a solid vision of what this town should do - continue to develop solid business base while improving the "quality of life" of the residents by maintaining all the fantastic things we love about PTC. What happened this four years? Excuses about why roads weren't built, failed attempts at bringing businesses into town, failed attempts at bringing new development into town, increased bureaucracy in the name of "openness" (and sometimes that's good, but sometimes there is overkill), failed attempts at ELIMINATING a large amount of money to build roads (yes, the mayor campaigned AGAINST the SPLOST, deciding it's better it have nothing at all instead of several million dollars).

Large corporations have left PTC, and continued political gesturing by the Mayor to make "poor" Peachtree City seem like a victim in a larger consipracy with the County have further alienated the town on the larger stage.

The mayor should NOT be running to the TV stations and newspapers to say "look what I did now" or try to "save the world" for his own edification. Remember - Jim Jones loved his flock, and they all got some really bad Kool-Aid. It became about personalities instead of issues, and that, in my opinion, is just not worth rewarding with another term.

So, blogger, while your ability to express your opinion is appreciated, your pleas appear to me to be rather short sighted. Steve Brown is NOT the "common man"; please don't succumb to this perceived Svengali of the Southside.

Steve - please concede. The people spoke on Tuesday - they want you gone.

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Submitted by nuk on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 11:03pm.

If Brown has truly been making decisions he feels are in the best interests of the RESIDENTS, then he has had no idea what the residents want as evidenced by the VOTING. I see more decisions that were made based on pure ego and arrogance than anything else.

It's always the same tired asanine argument that it's a *vocal minority* that's unhappy. Uh, did you see the votes yesterday? Minority? Opinions are grand and all but votes are what counts and the majority who voted did NOT vote for Brown.

The more accurate desctiption of the PTC political landscape is that the SILENT MAJORITY has had enough of the current BS and antics of Brown. This same silent majority took a nap 4 years ago and weren't going to make the same mistake.

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Submitted by birdman on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 9:40pm.

Gee "mac," seemed I already read this post under the title "Why." You seem to be repeating yourself. Better get your mentor Brown to give you another letter to write. As for your 25 years on active duty, don't feel you are alone. This city is full of military; active, reserve, and retired. That's why we don't intimidate. That's why we don't accept poor leadership like we got from Brown. That's why we speak out loudly about someone so unethical and lacking in integrity as Brown. That's why we bounced Rapson and we will bounce Brown. As for your assessment of Brown, you apparently are drinking too much kool-aid. He does what he perceives as "best for Brown," not best for the RESIDENTS. As for his unhealthy obsession with Lenox, well... Lenox is gone. If Brown would tend to city business unstead of always trying to find "something" to get Lenox on, we would never hear from Lenox again. As for Brown's dislike for business, that is too obvious. Problem is that as business leaves here, our taxes go up to cover the lost revenue. Our citizens lose jobs. Our property values will start going down. Don't see the plus side there. Your "25 years of active duty" may deserve our respect, and give you "tenacity," but they don't give you "intelligence." My 20 years of military duty (12 active) give me the same tenacity. My research of issues and attendence at council meetings give me intelligence.

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