The New Political Reality in PTC

The New Political Reality in PTC: Settled for the Future with Populist Control

PTC started as a company town. Equitable Life Assurance acquired literally the entire town in a foreclosure. Equitable planned, developed and sold thousands of expensive homes in what was clearly a horizontal and vertical monopoly. There were no victims so no one cared. It was and is a great community. They then sold to PCDC of Georgia. Equitable (being an insurance company, conservative with investments) made the easy money, and then sold off the remainder. Development got a little more gritty and a little more abrasive to the residential homeowners. Big deals like the sewer sale were brutish examples of the new, PCDC/Georgia group sans Equitable. Political control was easy. Remarkably, elections were originally held the first Tuesday in December, a remarkable plan calculated to retain control. With a limited number of PCDC and City Hall employees, the Old Guard had no political risk.

Like any residential development, ultimately control is intended to shift to the homeowners. The same is true for the planned community known as PTC. Predictably, populist candidates qualified for office and they either (a) failed at the polls or (b) were easily compromised once in office. Two notable example of the latter phenomenon were Carol Fritz and Dan Tennant. Fritz ran against Caroline Price, alleging her opponent’s complacency with developers. Shortly after election, she was rather easily compromised by Mayor Bob Lenox who essentially acquired her vote by proxy in any significant land development vote. In 1995, Dan Tennant expressed outrage over the fact that developer Jim Pace of Group VI was running for council. Although unsuccessful as a write-in candidate in an otherwise impressive write-in candidacy, it set the stage for Tennant’s victory to council in 1999. Ironically, it is Tennant who leads the movement to use taxpayer funds to voluntarily pay a Development Authority debt to Pace and Group VI (and other debts) that literally no attorney has opined is a binding obligation. Tennant parrots the justification that paying these debts is the “moral thing to do”. Again, a populist candidate is compromised.

In the political shift from developer to homeowner control, it is not unusual that there are interim candidates that suggest a populist loyalty and fade from the standard. Ultimately, the political landscape settles and the populist control will establish roots.

With the election of Mayor Steve Brown and Councilmember Steve Rapson, the voters made choices in 2001 to divert political control away from the strict developer interest crowd. As the Editor of the Citizen Newspaper suggested in his endorsement of Brown (and also of Rapson), Brown represents a pivotal “check” in the necessary system of checks and balances for local government. Interestingly, the Editor noted that the cardinal issue for elected candidates was independence from developer temptations, and the current Mayor has established a perfect grade on that score.

Tuesday November 7 will reaffirm that the family, homeowner base of PTC has established a permanent interest in the future of the city when Brown, Rapson and Cynthia Plunkett (as the Citizen Editor predicts) are elected to the Council.

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Submitted by Mayor Steve Brown on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 8:27am.

The challengers in the mayoral race are failing to come up with any significant issues to challenge the incumbent Mayor Steve Brown. The best example of their inability to compete on the issues is the 10/27/05 AJC Headline: “Incumbent’s long hours under attack.” This is probably the most laughable argument in this year’s campaign. Finally, an elected official takes on the attitude of serving others rather than being served and he is condemned for it.

The reason that our teenagers have a Youth Council is that Mayor Brown spent countless hours creating one when no one else would do it. The same goes for the Senior Adult Council. Brown helped assemble over $650,000 in cash and services for charitable causes as mayor. He created the annual Community Action Day, the largest public-private service program in the history of our city. Brown is an active member of the regional government and the Georgia Municipal Association beyond his normal duties as mayor. He readily meets with all citizens and groups wanting to speak with the mayor. He participated in local school math, reading and writing programs and spoke to over 60 classes, scouts and home school groups about municipal government. He founded the Mayor’s Internship Program for rising high school seniors. He is the driving force behind creating the Teen Court, a program giving youth misdemeanor offenders a second chance through community service. Mayor Brown will personally go to your home to discuss matters of concern if you are not able to come to City Hall.

Mayor Brown was recognized as one of the 40 top persons in Georgia business, academics and politics under the age 40 by Georgia Trend Magazine and received an award from the Georgia Alliance for the Prevention of Tobacco being cited as a “Local Champion” of smoke-free environments. He also received the Alpha Kappa Alpha 2004 Political Action Award and the city was recognized as one of the top ten “Best Places to Live” by CNN/Money Magazine in 2005.

Brown has been sought out as a regional leader and participated in the following: 2004 Speaker, Governments and Growth Conference, GA Tech; 2005 Speaker, Quality of Life Conference, Emory University; 2005 Speaker, Metro Group, Atlanta, Homeland Security Issues; 2005 Speaker, American Planners Association and American Association of Landscape Architects Convention, Knoxville TN; and 2005 Speaker, Stormwater, Sedimentation and Erosion Conference, UGA. He also served as chairman of the Metropolitan Atlanta Mayors Association. His passion for his work is obvious and the personal financial sacrifice that he is making is commendable.

Another tool that the challengers prefer to use is exaggeration. They have, for lack of a better term, made things up as they go in order to mislead the public. Here are a few examples below.

Phil Boswell: “In the last four years our millage rate has gone up about 60%.” Boswell was not misquoted because the sentence came directly out of his October 26, 2005 essay in The Citizen. No one on city staff has yet to see anyone with a millage rate increase even close to 60%. The only situation that comes remotely close (50%) is the homeowner that significantly added onto a home creating a much higher value than before. In fact, the city reported the average was 22%. Most of that increase was due to rising insurance costs following 9-11 and the budget deficits inherited from the previous administration. It appears a candidate can throw any number out there and expect voters to believe it.

Harold Logsdon: “Peachtree City was once known as a magnet for quality jobs and business development. Since our current mayor has come to office, we have had negative growth in this area.”
There are absolutely no statistics that show “negative growth” for Peachtree City in any area, especially business development. The quotation comes directly off of Logsdon’s website and mysteriously omits any reference as to where his information came from. The loss of Photocircuits, a corporation beaten by international competition, and their low paying line jobs is an opportunity to attract some higher paying jobs for their sites. Logsdon forgets to mention that the multi-billion dollar Cooper Wiring moved their headquarters here and we are experiencing record growth in our aviation business sector. To further disprove Logsdon’s claim, the rating firm of Standard & Poor’s recently gave our city one of the highest bond ratings in Georgia. In their summary the ratings firm stated that even with the current woes at Delta Airlines, our city looks strong and is financially stable. Perhaps Logsdon’s fledging financial planning company can show Standard & Poor’s, the world's foremost provider of independent credit ratings, indices, risk evaluation, investment research, data and valuations, the error of their ways. CNN and Money Magazine also had a different perspective than Logsdon.

Harold Logsdon: “ TDK and Macduff Parkway are just two examples of how our current mayor’s lack of attention to relationship building has affected PTC citizens.” The TDK extension is being held up due to objections from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The current City Council had approved funding and signed an intergovernmental agreement with Fayette County to construct the road. At this time the city has paid our entire agreed upon contribution and the matter is totally out of our hands as we wait for the FAA and the land purchase negotiations between the Airport Authority and Pathway Communities. Other candidates have stated that the FAA runway safety area regulations were recently enacted by the agency and that the City Council was dragging the project along. Both of those allegations are false. The city turned over all funds to the county government and has met all obligations.

Mayor Brown is the sole person that initiated the discussion on the extension of MacDuff Parkway. Prior to his actions, the city staff was not even allowed to discuss any such projects. An engineering study was recently completed. Go to to see more on the "real" annexation discussion and many other issues.

Shelby Barker's picture
Submitted by Shelby Barker on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 8:18pm.

I have read a couple of statements that Brown has made in the past. First, let me say that Mr. Brown is a very nice guy, and so are all the other candidates. I guess I should also state that I am Dan Tennant's step son.

Ok now I would like to show you what I have been reading. Mr. Brown has stated "The reason that our teenagers have a Youth Council is that Mayor Brown spent countless hours creating one when no one else would do it." And I would like to tell everyone this statement is very misleading. You see, I was the first president of the Peachtree City Youth Council, I also was the first representative for the original "study circles" (they really created the youth council) I was a member of the Police Youth Relations Organization. All of these things were created through the hard work of, my mother, myself, and probably the hardest worker Art Silvertson. There are so many other people I know I am leaving out...

I would also like to show you some minutes of a Peachtree City Council meeting. Let me tell you the story behind the minutes. I was representing the Youth Council and was asking for some money from the city to put on the first annual battle of the bands.....Note (Rapson was out of town and did not have a chance to give money).... Now look for the only person who did not give money..

"Bob Lenox addressed Council and said $400 in pledges had been raised in the back row during the discussion. Mrs. Tennant amended the request to $400. McMenamin personally pledged $100. Tennant also personally pledged $100, as well as Meeker. Weed pulled out his checkbook during the discussion and wrote a $100 check.”

I would like to say, Mr. Brown is a good guy, he has HELPED make the Youth Council work, and so has all the other council members, the youth of the city, the parents, and more.....his statement was misleading and I felt I should clear this up.


ghetto's picture
Submitted by ghetto on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 10:44am.

OK to set the record straight, the Mayor didn't "create" The Youth Council. The Mayor and Council Members voted 3 to 1 to pay $10,000 for an independent consulting firm called "Study Circles" to host community meetings and discuss what parents and teens want in PTC. The groups in the "Study Circles" could have decided that they wanted another theater, or a waterpark, but THE PARENTS AND YOUTH FROM THE COMMUNITY DECIDED THAT THEY WANTED A YOUTH COUNCIL. SO THE YOUTH COUNCIL WAS BORN BECAUSE OF STUDY CIRCLES ($10,000 of Taxpayers money) AND BECAUSE THE CITIZENS OF PTC FELT A NEED FOR A YOUTH COUNCIL. Two other things that the "Study Circles" group decided was a group that would handle "Special Events for Teens" and a group that would improve the relationship between Police and Teens...That group was called PYRO (Police Youth Relations Organization).
See for yourself...Here is a copy of the minutes from that meeting. I only attached important minutes, Anne McMenamin and Weed had objections but I excluded those since neither of them are in this current campaign. Tennant and Brown were the ones that were pushing for the Study Circles primarilly for a potential Teen Center...

08-02-03 Consider Teen Issues Study Circle Proposal
Leisure Services Director Randy Gaddo addressed Council and recalled that Council had directed staff to pursue obtaining a contract with a facilitator to form study circles to address teen issues. The RFP originally went out in May, but only one valid proposal was received by the deadline. Staff felt that was not enough to make a decision. The project was re-bid and two proposals were received. One was from Jon Abercrombie of Common Focus and one from Kitty Seabolt of the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government. Gaddo said staff recommended the proposal from Abercrombie at a maximum cost of $10,000. The cost could be brought down to $8,500 if volunteers handled certain items. Gaddo said Seabolt’s proposal was very impressive and her cost was about the same; however, staff felt Abercrombie’s approach was more in line with the intent expressed by Council during Retreat.

Gaddo continued that the study circles could involve as many as 200 people and would be a cross-section of the community. A central work team, which would include youth, would be formed to train and guide smaller groups of 10-12 people. Each group would include the same demographic make up as the central work team, which would lend itself to more consistent results at the end of the process. Staff recommended that, if approved, the process start in January. Gaddo said that would give Abercrombie and his staff time to compile the data already available and to identify and train facilitators. It would also keep the timing out of the holiday season. Gaddo said it should take about four to five months to complete the process.

Brown stated that Tennant had been very vigilant about trying to seek out teen needs. There had been a reoccurring discussion over the past 10 years about building a teen center. Brown said that was a $2 million, or $2.5 million, expenditure that might not work out. He continued that the teen demographic was hard to pin down as to what they would participate in based on the level of adult supervision. Brown said he appreciated Tennant’s efforts. Brown continued that he read a report that Abercrombie had done with the City of Decatur and it was an incredible piece of work. He added the people in Decatur were excited about the study and that the study circles had come up with ideas that the elected officials and city staff members had not thought of. The ideas were raised in priority status because the study groups thought they were vital issues. Brown said he was getting more correspondence from teens on a variety of subjects. He felt that was exciting, but did not want to get geared up for a solution that would not work with that demographic. He continued that the study circles were a proactive approach and that the community developed a solution.
Tennant responded that the topic had been near to his heart since his campaign in 1995. After asking questions and communicating with a lot of people, Tennant felt there was a void in the City for that age group. He pointed out that the seniors had a tremendous facility in The Gathering Place and he understood they were disappointed that there would not be an expansion. Tennant said he had discussed the topic with the Mayor, church leaders, teens, and ordinary citizens. He said finding out what the questions were seemed like the right approach. He wanted to find out how to effectively integrate solutions and come up with a "common" solution. Tennant said he was strongly in favor of making the initial commitment of $10,000. He moved that Council award the contract for facilitation of a community dialog on teen issues to Mr. Jon Abercrombie of Common Focus at a cost not to exceed $10,000 as described in his proposals. Brown seconded.

The motion carried 3-1 (McMenamin). McMenamin told Tennant that she hoped he understood she was not voting against him. She said she would just like Council to delay the vote until after the issue had been prioritized in the budget.

Joey Jamokes's picture
Submitted by Joey Jamokes on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 2:35pm.

Inpirational Story: Mr. Ghetto

Now for the latest you PTC political junkies... Wow…isn’t this a heart warming story. A guy named “Ghetto” . Won’t give his name but posts that he is “Ghetto from the Ghetto, I live in unincorporated Fayette County”. What a great “rags to riches” story. I see a movie—maybe Sidney Poitier or Alec Baldwin in the lead? “Ghetto”. He is so civic minded that he can pull up PTC meeting minutes and post them early on a Sunday morning even though he doesn’t live here, just to help us. Ghetto can even quote Dan Tennant’s attendance record. Says he doesn’t live in PTC but cares enough to do all this research. What a devoted citizen. Oh yeah and a devoted Dad, too. His first post on this Sunday morning is to support the laudable parenting skills of fellow Dad, Dan Tennant. Ghetto, you are truly inspiring. He then says: “I'm going to sit down like a normal family and eat breakfast with mine, so I won't be checking this board for about 10 hours...Get out and go to Church… “ Just for us, he changes his mind and finds the time to make a post at 10:44 am, sharing PTC meeting minutes and exhaustive past council action analysis. Hmmm...10:44 am...Exactly how far away is your church, Ghetto ? Oh, that’s what I thought. You meant the liquor cabinet. Just a short walk away. Just in time for your “communion” . Mr. Ghetto, I admire your energy and zeal but might I suggest that you consult with your physician before continuing to mix sleep deprivation with alcohol.

***** Selected Bibliography *****

Ghetto: 11/1: “I live in outside of PTC, but I have to say something about these untrue comments. With a quick look at the 02-03 City Council minutes, I noticed that Dan Tennant only missed 3 meetings in 02 and 3 Meetings in 03 (feel free to check yourself at so in rough numbers he's missed 6 meetings in a two year timespan (of approx 60 meetings maybe more I didn't count) so 10 percent of the meetings is a much better record than Murray Weed and probably equal to Steve Rapson... so don't base your vote on the misinformed posters that don't have any facts to back up their illogical comments.” Posted on Comments under Mayor Vote.

Ghetto: 11/06 9:03 am : “As I said before I live outside of PTC I have my own opinion and I am free to share it with everybody...I haven't really responded to any of the mayoral issues...... I'm going to sit down like a normal family and eat breakfast with mine, so I won't be checking this board for about 10 hours...Get out and go to Church, if you don't already...” Posted under news story: “Rapson named CFO”

Ghetto: 11/06 10:44 : “See for yourself...Here is a copy of the minutes from that meeting.” Posted under blog “The New Political Reality in PTC”

tiger tale's picture
Submitted by tiger tale on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 7:41pm.

Why are you so angry with Ghetto? What has he ever done to you?
I don't believe that you actually know anything about Ghetto or
where he is from or his background.

He was only clarifing Steve Brown's comments. Mr. Brown stated
that HE created the Youth Council as well as the Senior Council.
In reality, Mr. Brown was only one of many other citizens, teens and council people that helped create both of these groups. Once again, Mr. Brown tries to take credit for creating something that he was only a small part of. Mr. Tennant was also an active role in the formation of the Youth Council but neither you nor Mr. Brown are
willing to admit that.

As for your comments regarding Tennant's laughable parenting skills.
What are you referring to? How can you possibly know what type
of father Dan is to his children? You might want to go back and
refer to a note from his step-son Shelby Barker that referred to
Dan as a GREAT dad. My son plays on the same baseball team as Dan's
middle son and I see a wonderful, devoted father. A man that left a meeting early, and drove like crazy from Knoxville to attend his son's playoff baseball game Thursday night, because he knew how important it was to him.

Lastly, as far as your comment regarding how far Ghetto lives from
his church. Just an f.y.i. I attended church this morning and left
my house at 10:45 am to attend the 11:00 service. And yes, we did
have communion.

God Bless your soul

Joey Jamokes's picture
Submitted by Joey Jamokes on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 8:12pm.

Tiger/Ghetto (one and the same) : let's follow Dana Kinser rules. And add one more: only one screen name per house or I will need to speak to your mother. There is no Ghetto and there is no Tiger. Knock it off with the multiple id's.

tiger tale's picture
Submitted by tiger tale on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 8:22pm.

Hate to disappoint you but no rule breaking going on here.
Getto is not in this house. Nice try though.

Just two people who want to make sure the truth is known, not a
bunch of lies or half truths. Ghetto at least took the time to do
some research on the issues. I applaud him or her.

Sure hope to meet Ghetto some day. Sounds like a nice person.

Submitted by Joe Swanson on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 7:13am.

Ghetto/Tiger Tale/ Shelby/Nikki/Greg/XFactor: you can ease up on the overcrowding by buying multiple monitors so you can all type at the same time. Better yet, why don’t you just use one screen name? Now that we’re almost to election time I have a question for Ghetto--- wouldn't you consider it inappropriate to vote for a candidate that compared another candidate to a dictator ?

Joey Jamokes's picture
Submitted by Joey Jamokes on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 6:50pm.

Still waiting on ya, babe...

Joey Jamokes's picture
Submitted by Joey Jamokes on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 6:49pm.

Still waiting on ya, babe...

Shelby Barker's picture
Submitted by Shelby Barker on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 7:39pm.

Um....I don't know about answering your question because I know that what I sat will be pushed aside as rubish. The truth is I am Dan Tennant's step son sitting here alone no other screen names, I feel I do not need to hide behined nick names because everything I say has been and will be the truth. I like all the candidates as a friend, and I am proud of the honorable campaign they have ran..


Submitted by dkinser on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 7:54pm.

And this is exactly why I have wanted to stay on tract with issues and not personalities. In this forum, few people have chosen to use their real identiy. So this has become a game of guessing, blaming, and accusations.

During all of this, the real issues have been sidelined. I can only guess who these people are that hide behind names and icons, but even more importantly; I don't care who they really are. Lets discuss issues and not who the hamster may be, or who firebird may be, or who Joey Jamokes is. These issues won't be a factor over the next 4 years, but who we choose on Tuesday and the following election on December 6th will.

So, once again, lets leave the personal attacks out. Assume you don't know who the poster is, and even more importantly; don't care. Listen to what the candidates say. They are the ones running for office and not some rodent, feline, dog, or bird.

Dana Kinser

Submitted by fran sheldon on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 8:25pm.

Mr. Kinser is right. It's certainly permissible to use some symbol other than your name. But we do need to put forth some manners. If we don't do a better job, the newspaper may just discontinue this forum altogether.

ghetto's picture
Submitted by ghetto on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 7:24pm.

OK so I come back to check 8 1/2 hours later (sorry it wasn't 10 as I stated earlier) and who the heck is Joey Jamokes? One of the Mayors Interns, or just a goofball that's watched too many episodes of "SwimFan". Speaking of fans, I'm suprised to know that you are a fan of mine. You are so into my postings that you feel the need to speculate on my life...Just for your information, I did have breakfast with my family and 9:30, (and some Christian Churches start at 11!) My church is 5 min away (not suprising in the Bible Belt.) also it's not rocket science to look up council minutes and "CUT AND PASTE" just as you did with all of my postings...I don't care who wins this stupid $9000 a year part time job, I just don't like when people take credit for something that they really weren't responsible for...So if you read my post, and you have any facts that would challenge what I've said...Then use it! You can't get any more "cut and dry" then free to the public council minutes...But instead, you want to make it a racial thing by saying that people from the Ghetto drink on Sunday at 10:44AM...As an African American I am offended by your horrid comments, you probably wave that confederate flag proud, when you wear that "White Sheet" over your head!

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 2:50pm.

So Joey Jamokes, you fail to discuss any pertinent issues relating to the campaign and you take a shot at someone who presents a conflicting viewpoint to yours?

If you wouldn't mind, PLEASE go away or keep it on topic. Anything else now is akin to bullying and misrepresentation.

Submitted by dkinser on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 9:24am.

Mayor Brown,

First I want to thank you for giving to this community. Despite your detractors, you and this council have managed to do some wonderful things. By creating Overlay Zones for commercial development to give a consistent look will only build value in this city as it ages. Good examples are the tire store on Hwy 54 West. Nowhere have I seen a tire store that looked so far away from being a tire store. The Best Buy doesn't look like any other store I have ever seen.

That being said, your letter above starts with the word Truth. One key factor that I look at in choosing to support a candidate is that word.

The Advisory Committee for the Centennial Home Owners Association interviewed you recently, both as Mayor and as a candidate. During that interview, I specifically asked you about your stance on annexation since the senior component had been taken out.

As a refresher to others, when Wieland made their original pitch for annexation, the development consisted of roughly 725 homes and a white collar commercial district. The Mayor had made it clear at each of the public charrettes that a senior component would be required for this proposal to retain his support. At that number of build out, Wieland was going to incorporate a senior component into it.

When the roadblocks by this council went up over the density and the fear of a bona-fide land use objection by the county, the number of homes were reduced to 360 and the commercial development was then removed.

My question to you at our meeting was this, "Since you had stated so adamantly that the development must consist of a senior component and now that component has been removed, are you still going to support this development?". Your answer was "Yes". You further went on to say that you understood that it was cut out due to the downsizing of the development.

Now, as a part of your platform, you are attempting to MANDATE that a senior component be put back into the development. Not only put back in, but that it must be roughly one third of the development. I have maintained contact with Wieland and they were surprised over this change in stance. They have not formally stated their opposition, but the general feel was that they can't do that and still provide the MacDuff Parkway extension.

So, here is one question to you. Are you going to indeed pursue this mandate and if so, are you going to spearhead the cause to increase the number of homes to offset the loss in revenue that the senior component would incur?

My last question which goes back to the title of this response, is at which time were you telling the truth? At our meeting or on your platform which is posted on your website?

We as West Village residents do not want any last minute changes that will way delay the development any longer. We have seen this happen on TDK Boulevard, and despite the finger pointing over who is to blame, the road isn't complete and it has been going on for way too long.

Dana Kinser

Submitted by TTOWN TELLALL on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 10:33am.

Actually Dana, that Best Buy is an eyesore. You're right it doesn't look like anything anybodys ever seen. Everytime I drive buy I wait for wierd sounds to start along with multi colored lights flashing aka Close Encounters of the Big Box Kind.

Submitted by Joan of Arc PTC on Sat, 11/05/2005 - 8:29pm.

Thank you,Mr. Kinser, for you insightful comments. It is too late for a Letter to the Editor but perhaps the above entry will express some of my long felt thoughts.

Fritz and Tennant sung the right tune at the beginning but have become weak sychophants to the developers in the end. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Fritz claim to be living in Florida, they are still hovering over their keyboards typing away on a PTC website. It makes one wonder what investment interests they still might have at stake.

I will be interested in your response to the above article.

Submitted by Gene Fritz on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 4:04pm.

What exactly are you implying John?? Is Real Estate Home Ownership exclusively your right, or is it extended to all citizens? If you have something else to imply, then be a man and say it, and don't hide behind the skirt of a Righteous Moniker. You're a thug with a pen John.

Dana keep your distance.

Submitted by Joe Swanson on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 8:06am.

Carol “Birdman”, you need to get some rest dear. Your patented psycho babble would make Dr. Phil’s ears bleed. You prove Dana Kinser’s comments: you and DIRECTPAC/DAPC are pure negative with nothing decent to contribute.
Dana Kinser is a real person, in the phone book and honest, saying that DIRECTPAC/DAPC is bad for the city and hateful and he points out that you and others have constantly defended DIRECTPAC/DAPC and the developers. Nice skirt on that DIRECTPAC cheerleader outfit.

I have read nearly every letter to the editor they have published. I have watched John Dufresne wearing his asinine T-Shirt in public. {DIRECTPAC is} an organization that is in denial. ….The council has always worked for what they felt was best for the city, AND THAT IS WHY THEY WERE ELECTED.I cannot say the same about DirectPAC. Don't show up at a Senior Council meeting wearing BUM shirts. For those of you that aren't aware, John Dufresne was wearing a T-Shirt that stated Brown Unfit Mayor at the Seniour Council's Candidate Forum. Again, not what I envision as a good leadership program.Basically, everything that I have seen from DirectPAC tells me that it is not for the good of the city. It is an organization that is full of bitterness and hatred and cannot see beyond that.
Even after Kinser makes his point, you respond with more psycho babble. You throw your cohort Dufresne under the bus by conceding his stupidity (“Well, OK then…”). Typical; your dirty allies are expendable, just like you were at the polls. You make only only two points: (1) Hate Brown and (2) have sympathy for Bob Lenox and all of the other mayor candidates. You were right, Dana.

Your diatribe is childish and contains no substance. Dana Kinser and Cal Beverly point out the facts: the developer interests in PTC have been unchecked. Quoting Cal Beverly:

“The old ruling clique, the ultimate good ol’ boys’ club that manifested its power in the publicly financed Tennis Taj Mahal for 600 members and a police headquarters built on a former sewerage sludge pit and trash dump. Neither got the scrutiny that a bond referendum balloting would have produced.”

Well, Carol, you and Logsdon's posh political consultant have had a tough job trying to relentlessly support DIRECTPAC/DAPC and their sins. And now that you have sacrificed John Dufresne, may he rest in peace. You remind me of Eugene Levy’s cop partner with the coffee addiction. ( [Cue in babbling] “Buh, buh, buh, buh…” ) You’ll be ok. Get some sleep, girl, you’re sounding incoherent.

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 11:58am.

One last time, and please...PLEASE...LISTEN UP!!!! I AM NOT CAROL FRITZ!!! In fact, I am male. 100% Pure Red Blooded American MALE!!! So ALL OF YOU GET A GRIP. And the only reason I'm even saying this is I want credit for what I say. Carol Fritz can write her own blog if she wants. But Please will you finally just accept the truth. I AM NOT CAROL FRITZ!!!

Submitted by Joe Swanson on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 5:38pm.

Birdman says: "I want credit for what I say." Isn't that special!!! Why not put your real name up ?

As Shakespeare once wrote: "Me thinks thou protesteth too much."

Submitted by Gene Fritz on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 7:36pm.

If you mean "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" then perhaps the phrase refers to you, lady. If you choose to Craft a clever response, get the quote right.

Wrong before, wrong today, wrong forever. Not her, not me.

Why not put your real name up?

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 7:24pm.

Ok "Joe" obviously you shall I put this...convinced I am Carol Fritz. Fine. At least they don't think I'm Steve Brown like they seem to think you are. But you know, who really cares? I could put up my real name but you wouldn't know who I am and wouldn't believe it anyway. And what difference does it make? So believe what you want. The only reason that I keep telling you I am not Carol is that it's true, and I don't want Carol to be blamed for what I say. But, if, from your "unique perspective" of the world, you want to think I am Carol Fritz, then go ahead. But it does make one wonder why you, and so many, are so obsessed with someone who has not been active in city politics for four years. But, just like Brown, if all you have is the past, then I guess you must live in it. So, this is my last word on the subject. Believe what you want. But no matter what, you are still wrong.

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Submitted by H. Hamster on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 3:16pm.

John's shirt is a bit inapproriate, but you being mayor is really inapproriate. You are in gact as the t-shirt says a BUM - which stands for Brown Unfit Mayor.

And by the way, If Direct PAC is 12 people with no brain, as you yourself stated, why do you attack them so frequently. They (the 12, you say) are not your problem. You are your own worst enemy - keep writing.

Also, you didn't beat Bob Lenox, nor could you. You beat a Delta pilot with no political experience. If Fred Wellman hadn't pulled out of that election, you would have already moved to St. Paul (liberals like it there)

Submitted by Gene Fritz on Sun, 11/06/2005 - 12:45pm.

Nice skirt, Cheerleader outfit?? Good grief, my anger was misdirected! I assumed Joe Swanson was a man. You're not a man at all, but that crazy challenged female antagonist from the County. My apologies to all the men in Peachtree City.

You are more mis-directed than almost anyone I know. Almost.

My sympathies for your predicament. Repeat after me, Clean and Sober.

Submitted by dkinser on Sat, 11/05/2005 - 9:10pm.

Hi Joan,

With all of these pen names, I feel as though I am in a fantasy world; oh well, welcome to Peachtree City.

You have given alot of insight into the previous dealings in Peachtree City. Thanks for the background information and I believe that you are right on track with the transition from developer city to homeowner city.

Here is the problem as I see it. Several developers, with some giving others bad names. Not all new development is bad, in fact; some of it is good for the city. Revitalization is going to be a key factor in Peachtree City's future. Areas of Peachtree City are showing their signs of aging and we need a FEW, note FEW; good developers to help with this transition. If we are not careful we are going to be facing major in-fill problems.

Simply put, an older house is bulldozed with a new $500,000.00 home put in its place and sandwiched between $200,000.00 homes. This creates an unbalance and a rush for older home owners to sell theirs. Eventually a vacuum is created and the market implodes.

A city government that simply gives in to a developer is not good for anyone except the developer. This is where I give kudos to the current council. They have stood their ground against the ground swell of developers that are dying to develop anywhere they can.

That being said, I feel the development of the West Village has taken entirely too long. The traffic issues along the Hwy 54 West corridor echo this sentiment.

The good news is that all but 1 Mayoral Candidate and all City Council Candidates, want to see the West Village come to fruition. I live in the West Village and while I want to see it develop, I don't want to see it grow beyond a reasonable development. We should look at dividing part of the counties bubble of land with Tyrone. Let them help with building the bridge that everyone wants but nobody can afford.

If a developer can provide sufficient evidence to substantiate a rezoning, I would have no problem with converting some of our dying industrial properties to well thought out commercial establishments. This is where DirectPAC's members could become usefull to the city. Instead of the constant negativenesss that has been ongoing for too long, put the energy to use and revitalize some of our industrial areas that are far too slow to develop.

I am not a long time resident of Peachtree City, but God I love this place; and I do hope to be a long term resident. The negativeness that plays out in the public forum, this one included; places a dark cloud over our future. This is not the fault of one man nor one council, but instead has been an ongoing onslaught of interests by developers against the interests of the public.

Sorry for being so long winded, but you did ask for my response.

Thanks again Joan.

Dana Kinser

Submitted by Joan of Arc PTC on Sat, 11/05/2005 - 9:15pm.

Very well stated Dana. I believe that I could listen to a calm voice like yours on issues such as land use planning.

I believe that Mr. Beverly stated it well. What we need a check on the traditional, unbridled Developer control in PTC. Good in the beginning but now balance is the order. We agree on that.

Let's continue the discussion.

Submitted by dkinser on Sat, 11/05/2005 - 9:26pm.

I want to thank you for finally putting out a discussion based upon issues and not personalities. The interesting thing is that in a typical "dirty" election, it is the candidates slinging mud. Here they have pen names doing it for them.

Thanks again and I look forward to your future input.

Dana Kinser

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