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Tue, 07/11/2006 - 4:50pm
By: Candidates Forum

Sam Chapman 2006

As your next county commissioner, my primary focus will be on rebuilding our county’s image.

Today our citizens are making decisions driven by their fear and the uncertainties of our housing market. Fayette County has much of which we can be proud, but our government is not showing our true colors.

I will promote our county’s strong base by maintaining and upgrading our current facilities. Our public lakes, our golf cart paths and walking trail, as well as our amphitheaters (provided mostly by our cities) are good recreational resources which the county commission should play a greater role in maintaining.

Our affordable championship golf courses are available to all who wish to enjoy. Our citizens now can visit one of the fastest growing medical centers in middle Georgia which is state of the art.

I am a leader that has the ability to act and have the vision to understand that we have to cooperate to get the job done. It is time for a change where we can pray together and be proud of our leaders.

Sam Chapman will:

1. Be proactive and not reactive in solving problems. I am a friend and neighbor to many elected officials countywide. Having a friendly relationship will bring a better understanding and will provide a non-threatening environment when solving problems.

2. Promote a positive business climate and will encourage our strong family image. Neither of my opponents has been successful in getting this essential job done.

3. Simplify life and get back to the basics. Government does not have to be so complicated. I will be an informative voice and will give our county back to the people.

4. Accomplish more with less. Keeping taxes down is not enough. As an executive director of a local business, I am faced with making tough decisions to keep moving in the right direction. I will cut expenses by stopping the waste like the $1.2 million spent on the Marshals’ office and our county attorney’s legal fees. The time for new leadership is NOW.

5. Manage growth by using the land use plan. We should work with our cities and support their projects instead of throwing them under the bus. As commissioners we could rearrange meetings to allow a more cooperative approach to problem solving.

6. Protect Fayette’s image. Our image is the reflection of our character and leaders and how others see us.

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Submitted by andrea on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 6:49pm.

Mr. Chapman,
I had seriously considered voting for you, until I had the opportunity to meet you at the Thomasville After Hours. All you could talk about was YOU and what you and your family had. There are enough self centered politicians !!!! Please try to be a little less vain and think about what you can do for others!!

Submitted by the weasel on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 7:02pm.

Andrea, you hit the nail on the head!

Submitted by lifeinptc on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 9:05pm.

What are the numbers on the Marshals? I have never heard the number of two dozen but I thought I did hear the number 12 Marshals during budget talks and I thought I read two more were added which made me believe there were 14. On the eve of the big election tell us what you believe the numbers to be. I will call tommorow and find out and if you're right (or wrong) I promise I will post the numbers before the polls close. What are the numbers?

Submitted by interesteoutsider on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 8:45pm.

Hey, Bozo! If you're gonna trash the current county government and their agencies, get your facts right! If you check, which I have, the Marshal's office only has a budget of about 600K, not 1.2 million. OH, and if you check this out also, they only have a grand total of TEN people working in that office, not the two dozen or more claimed by other idiots. If you're a banker like you claim, I feel sorry for your clients because they're really getting screwed by your math. And, God help us if you get elected (well, my relatives that live in your little burg).

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