Wed, 11/02/2005 - 5:09pm
By: The Citizen

Now that PTC has reached mediocrity with all of the "big boxes" and traffic problems, please, let's keep our honest government with Steve Brown as mayor.

Steve Brown's opposition is just plain nasty. I don't want a group running our city that is so mean. They talk about building relationships but they sure don't act that way. All they do in the newspaper is generate vicious personal attacks. I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of tyrants. Let's start with removing the keyboards from the Direct PAC bunch.

A heartfelt thanks to the Peachtree City police for being out and visible on Halloween, and shame on the teenagers (and their parents) who think it's fine to zip along after dark in their golf carts with the lights out. Don't worry about jacked-up carts; focus on immature drivers.

Caldwell and Furr, I guess Dumb and Dumber was already taken.

The parents of Fayette and Coweta Counties need to access myspace.com and see what some of our children are doing. After accessing this Web site enter the appropriate information for Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Newnan,or the city where you live. Don't be surprised if you recognize several children you know. The Web site is not necessarily the problem, it is the youth (12-14 years of age) who fabricate their age and pose as young men and women over 16 years of age. Parents, take the time to monitor your child's Internet activities. You need to be aware of who they're dealing with and what they're exposed to. Thank you, Peachtree City Police Department, for the work you do and the resources you commit to the Internet Crimes Against Children program. We may never realize the results of your hard work, but arresting offenders who willfully target youth may save a child from suffering both psychological and physical harm. Good job.

Will Cary Dial become Tyrone's next City Council Post 4 and Tyrone's next consultant hired by Barry Amos to oversee sewer and watershed projects? Maybe Barry Amos can publish every project awarded by Tyrone and the three competitive bids that should be received to assure the town of Tyrone and the taxpayers' money are being well-spent. Well, he should, it's public information.

Barry Amos, where in your job description does it state that you have the authority to "Dial" up a citizen and ask him to run for Tyrone Council Post 4? I thought you had to remain neutral in such matters. I know one thing, I will not vote for the candidate who was sought after by Barry Amos. Tyrone, you had better hope the "Barry and Cary Show" never airs on Thursday nights.

Some of us end up sending comments to Free Speech because The Citizen doesn't publish their last two letters to the editor. Tell us what your agenda is so that we won't waste time writing contrary opinions that won't be published.

Cal Beverly is right: we are well to be rid of the old style Development Authority of Peachtree City. Why? By now, even the DAPC fallen ones admit there were serious problems. But they say, "Hey, we are good people; we are the chosen ones. We just get to do what we want." At no time did they apologize or offer to change. They were criticized publicly: no change. They were criticized privately by their own member Scott Bradshaw: no change. Then Bradshaw did the only thing he could do which was to resign and disclose the nightmare. Still, no apology and no change. With an unrepentant board and an illegal funding scheme the whole mess had to be dismantled, again over their kicking and screaming. Still no remorse. But plenty of nasty attack politics to divert attention away. This is wrong and should stop. Why is it that the Old Guard is so intent on attack politics instead of proudly presenting a candidate of merit? Can it be that they could not find one?

The editor's column written last week was right on target except for two things: if the bank loan to the Tennis Center was illegal and there were no records kept as to where the money was spent, then the money is not owed by the new Tourism Association, either; and, if those successful businessmen, etc., you mentioned ran their own business as badly as they did the old Authority, they may have also made some money the wrong ways.

Mr. Steve Brown, I just want to say that I am very disappointed in your lack of leadership regarding the incidences surrounding the PTCYSA. You sat in at a meeting where the board (who, by the way, used unfair and unethical methods to get themselves appointed) pledged to be up-front regarding all decisions relating to the PTCYSA. They have done exactly the opposite and you have not stepped in to attempt to rectify, or at least address the situation. Why were you not at the Executive Board meeting on Oct. 19 at St. Paul's? Soccer is a big part of Peachtree City, so as our current mayor, I would think that you would be interested in what the citizens had to say, not just what is reported back to you by the Executive Board (it would be lies anyway). Did you know that at least 95 percent of the room demanded that the members of the board resign due to management based on personal agendas, lies and deceit? Did you know that one executive board member called a parent an "idjit"? Are these the type of people we representing our community and our nationally recognized soccer program? Mr. Brown, you were so adamant about tearing down the previous mayoral administration because you think it was based on the same non-principles. Why not address this situation with the same vigor? Is it because it's an election year? Your inaction is inexcusable, and you will not have my vote. Why have you not addressed the executive board regarding the offer made to the PTCYSA board by Panasonic on that night? Why would you allow the PTCYSA to turn down $30,000 dollars with the promise of more? I would think that a mayor would demand some answers. The board said they would "consider the offer" and get back to the members. As of today, Nov. 2, 14 days later, we are still waiting for an answer. The PTCYSA must be the laughing stock of the local soccer world. Where is the accountability of the board? Mr. Brown, as our mayor, why are you not pressuring the issue? Oh wait, it's election time. Well, the constituents, and PTCYSA members, deserve some answers.

Why all of this hatred towards Delta and its employees? Sounds like sour grapes or jealousy from a rejected Delta applicant to me. The comment made about rude employees can be said about any company, including the new darling AirTran. Heck, I've got rude neighbors. As far as the airport being filled by someone else should Delta go under, that would not be impossible, but it would take a lot of time. And don't look for AirTran, Southwest, or JetBlue to fly you overseas; that simply is not their area thus far. They don't have the equipment to accomplish that right off. I'm sure there was some exaggeration about the county being a ghost town, but trust me, it would be a major economic impact for not only Fayette, but the entire metro area. So, while you spew your dislike towards Delta and its employees, remember, that job is their livelihood and they are just more innocent bystanders of the new trend in corporate America -- profits and lining executives' pockets.

What is worse the ignorance or arrogance of the writer who states we would all be riding around in a horse and buggy if not for Delta? I hate to burst your "bubble" but golf carts were plentiful when Eastern was king.

Only the people of Tyrone have the power to change Tyrone's future. Don't complain when Cary Dial gets elected and pushes for every major developer to come into Tyrone.

Cary Dial: suave, sleek, and slippery. Is the town of Tyrone on your client list...since they are on your previous employers client list (www.speng.com/transport.html)? Weren't you working for that company while you served on Tyrone Planning Commission? If so, sure sounds like a big conflict of interest to me.

I am hearing that Dunn is done! Finished! Over! Kaput! Works for me.

Coming south on Ga. Highway 85 Wednesday night at 8:30 we encountered a line of police cars going l00 mph north on Hwy. 85. What was so important that they put so many lives in danger, as the traffic was heavy?

Something must be done about price fixing. Not only at the national level, but mostly at the local level -- a place we can handle if we try. Doctors and hospitals charge too much; show me a discount doctor. Repair men charge too much; a little thing like an igniter for a gas heater is $500; almost all house visits are $100, 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Show me a discounter. Work is being created, especially in medicine, to provide jobs, where they are not needed. All this is especially difficult for our lower 40 percent of income people and retirees.

Phil Boswell's nose is growing. He actually said that taxes have increased 60 percent in four years. Even Bob Lenox didn't exaggerate that badly. Bob only said 40. Boswell's make-it-up-as-you-go style should make him a favorite of the corrupt and famous.

Those who watched Steve Brown's reaction to Bob Lenox's presentation at last week's City Council meeting would have to wonder (a) if Steve's truly not able to recognize how inconsistent his comments are or (b) if he's run out of his medication. PTC citizens, do us all a favor and vote anyone else in office.

I do greatly appreciate the fact that living in Peachtree City means a quick response to a 911 call; however, there is a flip side of this equation that is quite disturbing. I am referring to the overzealous style of police enforcement that is all too prevalent in this town. Constant harassment of teenagers, stopping citizens just for riding their golf carts at night and handing out tickets for obscure violations occur all too often. While this may not be admitted by the police department, it is becoming public knowledge that local police officers cruise parking lots of establishments that serve alcohol with the purpose of recording license plate and golf cart registration numbers. These numbers are later matched up with anyone who may be pulled over for a routine stop. This oversteps the police departments' duty to serve and protect. Please let us enjoy living in this beautiful community with its many amenities without exaggerated and over-the-top police enforcement.

Harold Logsdon, you talk about your leadership and financial accountability skills. How can you expect us to believe a word you say when you continually violate something as simple as the city's sign ordinance? I'm sure there has to be a reason why. Is it: (1) you have not taken the time to read the sign ordinance, (2) you have read the sign ordinance and choose to ignore the rules, or (3) your leadership skills are so profound that you can't even lead your own people well enough to obey these simple rules. The city code enforcement is spending much of their time monitoring your sign infractions instead of focusing on their job, which creates more work, ultimately meaning additional cost to the taxpayers. Is this what you really mean when you say you are going to bring new leadership and financial accountability to the office?

If I don't go to Melear's at least a couple of times a week, I lose all touch with what is going on in the county. One of your esteemed elected officials was complaining to one of their friends that the County Commission would not let them give a long-time employee a well-deserved raise. Seems there was an employee who has been in the job so long that they have reached the top of the county pay scale. The friend asked when was the last time they had a raise. The response was, "Well, they get a cost of living raise every year, but they have been there so long they can't get any other raises under the present arrangements." I guess the friend looked confused because the next thing was, "It's my budget and if I want to give a raise I can," or something like that. So what's the problem? Well, it seems to me that if an employee in public service reaches the top of the pay scale then that should be it, just like the private sector. Do they get paid for more than the job is worth, for no other reason than they have been there for a long time? I know that when I was working for our friendly hometown airline, if you reached the top of the scale for the job, then that was it. You either got a promotion, changed the job duties or you took what you could get. Lots of my friends wish they had the option to take a job and stay there. If it works this way in private industry, why not in the public sector, especially when it is my tax dollars they are spending? Am I wrong here? What am I missing? Do public sector employees get special breaks just because they are paid with tax dollars instead of profits?

I don't understand how our police officers can ride over the same roads hundreds of times and not notice serious defects in road conditions. Are they allowed to report such things or would that be considered interfering in another department's business, and not politically safe? I will only note two of many road problems here that could be fixed in a matter of a few hours: the railroad tracks on Huddleston -- they will misalign your car at any speed -- and the intersection at Robinson Road and Macintosh Trail -- if one stops at the white line you can't see anything on Robinson for the newly-planted trees and weeds.

What's the deal with the garage sale signs being restricted from Peachtree Parkway? How are we supposed to know where the sale is without a sign to direct us? Certainly these little signs are no more offensive than all of those campaign signs in everyone's yard. What's up?

While driving through Tyrone today, I witnessed someone steal a Cary Dial campaign sign while leaving a Gloria Furr sign behind. Unbelievable. How low can you get? I guess this is what you get with a vote for Gloria Furr.

Glenloch vs. PTC Tennis Center. Glenloch: cracked courts, graffiti, no bathrooms, no water, no scorecards,ragged nets. Tennis Center: immaculate courts, water on courts, bathrooms, pro shop, racket stringing, scorecards, restaurant, tennis pros, hard courts, clay courts, indoor courts. There is no comparison. There is an old saying: "You get what you pay for." Check out the prices to play tennis at similar facilities; the PTCTC is the bargain of the century. As for economic hardship, if you can't afford the fees maybe you should be working and not playing tennis.

Two classic books -- "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "The Grapes of Wrath" -- have titles with hidden meanings that are very significant. That is to say that taking advantage of or kill anyone inferior or harmless, or, to struggle mightily (Battle Hymn of the Republic -- where title comes from) to survive on this earth (vineyard), seems to be part of human nature when humans are under stressful conditions, or where lots of money is involved. The constant wars in our history, the murder and torture of our adversaries, the greedy scheming that sometimes makes a few wealthy beyond their contributions, can all be brought to bear by nature -- as is happening now throughout the world. Maybe we are teaching our children incorrectly, maybe they have lost faith in the church, our judgment, in the government, and simply don't give a darn anymore. The more people forced into abject poverty and pain, the more SUVs, homes, and large churches we build. We simply don't want involved with those inferior to us.

Anyone wanting Tyrone to look like Riverdale, then vote for Cary Dial, AKA "The Sewer Man."

All Tyrone residents should be voting in the upcoming election. If you are not up to speed on our current Town Council/mayor shenanigans, then I encourage you to ask around or simply attend a Town Council meeting. I go to most of them and out of all the candidates that are running for a Town Council seat, I have only seen two consistently: Gloria Furr and Grace Caldwell. They have been in every meeting and have shown constant support of what the people in the town want, and what is best for Tyrone. Keep that in mind when you go to the polls. And if you don't bother to vote, don't complain when our town is overrun by developers.

Let's not forget the two master ventriloquist acts in Tyrone: Barry Amos and Sheryl Lee, and don't forget Janet Smola and Mike Smola.

"The simple life." This is the only place in the world where a bus driver can be elected as mayor of Tyrone. God help us.

How about this for an "ABC" game: "Anybody But Cary Dial." Or "Can Barry Amos." I know it's backwards, but this is Tyrone.

Why did the code enforcement officer remove garage sale signs on Friday afternoon? I paid for signs and followed procedure; seems to me he could have waited until Saturday afternoon. Consequently, we had a party and nobody came.

Recently I had a heart attack and have not had the stamina to keep up with the outside work. In comes a neighbor offering to do what I cannot, in comes the rest of her family, then another neighbor comes to help one day, yet another mows the grass, and one day after being at the doctors another brings dinner. You cannot understand what a help and gift this is until you have been there. These folks need the blessings we can give them and the applause they so richly deserve, These are more than just good neighbors ... I cannot not put that into words. I cannot say thank you enough.

Tax reform, what tax reform? Bush has once again shown us he is not a Republican. To take our our mortgage deduction and reduce employers’ health care deductions away is another step toward Big Government control. The flat tax idea by Lindermann and Bortz is the only fair way; it will tax the thousands of people who work everyday and are paid under the table and pay zero in taxes. We choose to not address this issue but it is alive and well. If we the American people allow these new tax ideas to become law we can only blame ourselves; we elected these idiots and we can vote for NEW candidates when the time comes if it is not too late. Write your Congress members and senators and say NO, we want REAL reform for the taxpayers of America.

Former President George H.W. Bush was right in 1999 when he said, "I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors." Libby's indictment only confirms that Americans need to know answers to the larger question: Did this administration deliberately lie to Congress in order to obtain its authorization to go to war?" "W," can you spell impeachment?

The state of Florida and FEMA saying that there is no gas shortage in Florida, only a distribution problem; reminds me of the lady who told her grocer that his bananas were too high, and that the grocer down the street sold bananas for 25 percent less than he was selling them, but he currently was out of stock. The grocer told her that when he was out of bananas, he also sold his bananas for 50 percent less. She should come back when he was out. Also, I suppose Florida and FEMA assumed that gas stations could siphon gas out of the underground tanks when the power was out. It doesn't take much of a small generator to run gas pumps but it seems no one has one. What kind of planners do we have nowadays? I suppose when they do come up with an idea that cost money (above salaries) they have to leave it out of the report?

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Submitted by jryoung on Mon, 11/21/2005 - 2:13pm.

Last year I wrote about some horrible information on our new friends at Target!! You know the big box that was not supposed to come to town, or at least over the Mayor's dead body? (Wait for the elections to see if the Mayor is really dead!)
Well more bad news, They won't be saying Merry Christmas (To the people buying Christmas presents) at Target this year. The nice people who run the kettle's (Salvaton Army) they won't be in front of Target this year!!
Tried to tell you last year but go figure. This is a company who does not say Merry Christmas while your sending Christmas money with them, and does not like the Salvation Army and the Marine's Toys for Tots in front of their stores.
BIG Box or NO BIG BOX...these people are not good neighbors period.
Thanks Mayor Brown...your record speaks for it's self. Matter of fact, your actions speak so loud that I can't hear a word your saying.

Submitted by b-cup on Mon, 11/21/2005 - 5:58pm.

You're right jryoung!! Take a good look around this Christmas, a lot of stores practice the very same habits at "Christmas". Come and shop, just don't say anything about Christmas while you are doing it! I always say "Merry Christmas" everywhere I go. If the non-christians are uncomfortable with that, it's their own problem. What speaks loudest is your wallet. If you really don't like it, don't shop where "they" deny Christmas. There's plenty of other places to go. You've seen stores come and go due to a lack of customers. Target is just another store!!

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