Concern For Youth Pastor Arrested In Tyrone

Has anyone thought to ask, "What was Kyle's intent for being on the Child Pornography Website?" Could he have been trying to contact these supposively 14 year old misguided teens to try and turn their lives around? Yes, he might have used inappropriate language, but was this not a case of "entrapment" by the police in this particular case? Yes, I do believe their are many child molesters out there, I worked as a caseworker investigating child sexual abuse for over 5 years. Lets do not crucify him yet, until we know the real truth!!! Someone in the media needs to investigate further and see if he really was a sexual predator or was he trying to make a difference? By the way, see if Ben Nelms would want to help, he's from this guys home county?

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Submitted by bad_ptc on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 11:04am.

You are absolutely correct in that we shouldn’t crucify him, yet.

But, if he is found to be guilty as charged, perhaps it would be a good idea to really crucify him as a public service announcement.

As evidenced by what some of the younger contributors to the blogs have written recently, they’re having a difficult time as it is just getting through adolescence. The young people of all communities, not just here, could use a break if we, the supposed adults, made an example of what is socially, morally and legally acceptable.

I agree that young people don’t have it great, but a good number of them are trying to make the best out of what they do have. Removing people such as child molesters from the gene pool can be one more contribution we as adults can make towards helping our kids.

There is a cure to this affliction, and it has a 100% guaranteed success rate.

Submitted by FCHSalumni on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 10:33am.

I'm sorry but your concern is misplaced. If he's a youth pastor, he probably has plenty of troubled young people in his own church to counsel without going online to talk to young girls. There is no cause for an adult male to pose as a teen to go into a teen chat room. That's using false pretenses, something I'm sure his employers would frown on. Let's not be blind. The guy shouldn't have been there and he got caught.

The thing that boggles my mind about these predators is that they continue to agree to meet girls for sex in PTC! Are they too busy stalking girls that they don't watch TV or read the paper?

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Submitted by Git Real on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 9:22pm.

Are you really our District Attorney or are you one of the trial lawyers that specializes in getting sexual predators like this guy off? The excuses....Please. Are you discounting the severity of pedophilia or what? Tell us your really joking. Please tell us your joking.

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Submitted by mudcat on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 6:56pm.

No, he was not trying to turn the 14 year old's life around. He was not conducting his own Church of Tyrone sting operation. HE WAS TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH A 14 YEAR OLD!!!

Sorry for the capital letters, but my God, how hard is this to understand?

First of all, the "turn her life around" arguement is bogus, since if were true he would have been smart enough to alert the police sgt. that does this stuff that he was on the case and she should lay off - sort of.

Secondly, how dumb can you be livng anywhere around here - especially in the hamlet next to PTC and not know about the PTC Police Dept. sting operation? They don't ever change the age of the target (14) or the location of the meet (PTC). And they have caught 18 or 17 of these bozos and publicized each arrest. How dumb can you be?

Submitted by Imust3503 on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 9:14am.

Everyone is trying to get his and her opinion involved in this but the point of the matter is what you said, HE WAS TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH A 14 YEAR CHILD! People don't realize how severe this is. This man was not on the internet on some secret mission between him/God/and this "14 year old." He was there in hopes of having sexual relations with her. Fortunately he wasn't talking to a real child, but who says he hasn't. This is one they know of how many others are there. There are tons of different chat rooms and whose to say he doesn't have "real" victims out there. I get so sick of people defending these monsters and that is what they are. They feed off of innocent lives. They don't care who they destroy they are only out for themselves and for their sick pleasures. They disgust me. I for one am all excited about the new laws for registered sex offenders, why make it easy on them. They didn't make it easy on their victims.

Submitted by Legal1 on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 9:27am.

What you dont understand about the sex offender laws is that not all of the crimes even had victims. If you got caught taking a piss in the bushes, then you would be considered a sex offender. The law needs to distinguish the real predators vs the no predator whatsoever.

Submitted by did not know on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 4:39pm.

and some shouldn't even wear a badge, but I think this is right on the money. I can't believe this Pastor was on there to "save" anyone, if so, he would had put some sort of quote on there to wake them up, or most anything, but make a date with one of them! I grew up in the church and 90% of the people who go there for the right reasons. There are others that have their own agenda. I always look twice at people who wrap themselves in their religion like it is suppose to give them special privaleges. Some are very self serving. A lot of good people don't have to constantly remind you they are good Christians, it shows by the way they treat others.
I think the police are right to be on the internet, it is the last great frontier of the sex offenders as well as other criminals. Children are naive and trusting. Those on these sites have truly lost their way, but making dates with them is not the way most people would handle it. I'm sorry you feel for this man.

Submitted by Xcheerleader on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 3:10pm.

Give me a break! There are many ways this creep could have legitimately helped misguided teens. People like you are the reason that these scumbags think they can get away with this kind of stuff. Our whole society needs to crack down HARD on these perverts.

Submitted by MSC on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 2:55pm.

Yeah, I am pretty sure that will be his defense. Just like most of the guys on Dateline. "I was just coming to talk". Yet they had condoms on them.

Also from the aritcle:

"Police said Amerson contacted an undercover officer on the Internet who he believed was 14 years old, to engage in a sex act."

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 1:18pm.

Especially if you are not a teen yourself. I'm glad they caught this guy when they did. There is NO WAY I could be "entrapped" into something like this. I'm betting he pleads out guilty, as the last party that took the case all the way to court got 10 years in Jail, I believe.

Submitted by Eliza on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 10:38am.

I don't believe entrapment was involved here. He apparently went to a website willingly, and willingly responded and communicated with someone he thought was 14. As I understand it, entrapment only applies if someone commits a crime he/she would not otherwise have committed - since he apparently was seeking to make a date with someone underage, he was not (legally) entrapped.

To my knowledge, none of the men who have been caught in this PC operation have been able to claim entrapment. Does anyone know?

Submitted by SoCalMama on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 10:17am.

Are you kidding? Most "sane" adults who are of their right mind, wouldn't even imagine going onto one of those web sites! I already know too much about this subject just by watching the news! I seriously doubt this Pastor was on that site to "save" kids. Gimme a break! Where there's smoke, there's fire!

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