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This is the new South Fulton. Rapidly growing in number, they are articulate, informed and in no mood for political machinations or economic development projects that stand to compromise their communities. The most recent example of self-determination in the new South Fulton came only days ago at a public meeting over whether $16.5 million in revenue bond financing by the Fulton County Housing Authority should be used to help defray the cost of a 264-unit apartment complex near the intersection of South Fulton Parkway and Ga. Highway 92. Mainly at issue was the project component that would set aside 80 percent of the apartments for low-to-moderate income families with transportation costs for those residents provided by Fulton County Housing Authority.

Not one of the 125 area residents at the meeting was moved by Housing Authority Director Camilla Moore’s supposedly logical explanation that the Home Depot and Publix stores coming soon to adjacent property would benefit by having low income residents as employees and that without employees available to work at the stores, those companies might choose to close up operations. Not a single person in that room bought off on those ridiculous comments. Camilla obviously knows how to finance housing projects, but she apparently knows little about how and under what circumstances national chains such as Publix and Home Depot choose areas to conduct their business. Residents during and after the meeting were not fooled by what appeared to be a scare tactic.

It would be encouraging to see residents and their wishes acknowledged and supported once things come to an actual vote in a few weeks at the Fulton County Commission. Bill Edwards already said he was opposed to the proposition. Another Fulton County Commissioner, Rob Pitts, was at the meeting to hear the crystal clear concern expressed by residents, so I hope he will support them when it’s time to vote.

Like in so many recent meetings I’ve attended and the endless private conversations I’ve had with people all across the vast area of unincorporated South Fulton County, the June 7 public hearing to discuss Ambling Development’s plan for the apartment complex at South Fulton Parkway and Hwy. 92 was beautiful. It also leads me to wonder if the South Fulton cities currently trying so desperately to annex about 25,000 acres of unincorporated South Fulton realize what they are in for if people are annexed and cities don’t deliver. Articulate, educated and motivated, these precious residents are refusing to put up with business as usual from cities or the county. They are intent to control their own destiny, which is why they will likely form their own cities in June 2007.
Cheap scare tactics by elected or appointed officials and city attorneys may fool some of the people initially, but they will not dissuade or discourage the commitment or long insult the intelligence of the Diamond of metro Atlanta, the new South Fulton.

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Submitted by wayne2b on Tue, 11/14/2006 - 7:57am.

As a new resident from New York City I have been considering
moving to South Fulton. However as I study the area and the
school district, I realize, like so many others that the areas has
great potential! However if county officials continue to go in the the direction of not preserving the area for progressive people, they will not attract the people needed to make a change or sustain change in south Fulton.

Submitted by Flydecajon on Sun, 07/23/2006 - 7:37pm.

We do not need the cheap houseing or the huge apartment building. Home Depot and Publix will get there help they always do, either retired or the young. Why does the tax payer have to pay for there transportation costs give us a break. Take that stuff inside 285. If they are so articulate they would not be in low cost housing!!

Go Bill Edwards

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Submitted by bad_ptc on Wed, 07/26/2006 - 11:03am.

It the residents of South Fulton don’t want this kind of development how can the abortion around the 74/I85 interchange be justified?

If I understood you correctly, you don’t want an apartment complex but it’s okay to build 300+ townhouses, 5 hotels, every type of fast food place known to GOD and then some, at the only interchange you have.

The development in the South Fulton area is out of control.

I wonder why the residents are just now catching on?

Submitted by America1st on Wed, 07/26/2006 - 9:57am.

He wasn't calling the unlikely future residents of these "projects" articulate, but the current citizens of South Fulton/Tyrone that don't want this project developed! As a resident of South Fulton, it's the last thing we need in our community!

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