Visitor ‘appalled’ by Tyrone cemetery

Tue, 06/13/2006 - 4:47pm
By: The Citizen

During the last month I was visiting the area and stopped by to browse through the old cemetery in Tyrone where many Confederate soldiers are buried.
I was appalled that it is in such disrepair, especially on Memorial Day weekend. It hadn’t even been mowed.
Regardless of which side those men were fighting for, they still served and sacrificed for their country and deserve a more fitting memorial, especially since that sacred ground is on the main street of the town.
It’s a disgrace and I wonder why the downtown area including the local park on the same street is so haphazardly planned and maintained, obviously with minimal funding.
I suppose the bulk of the tax revenues are being directed away from the old town and toward newly developed areas. What a shame, and shame on the powers-that-be who apparently do not care about preserving or enhancing their most visible and historical main area.
If the infrastructure of any community is not maintained, it will become a blighted area and subject to the sellout of zoning rights to developers who then will be able to erect all sorts of structures at their disposal. This may be happening already.
If the town is presently being run by volunteers who get their perks from the deep pockets of developers, perhaps it’s time to establish a different form of government with people who will work for the best interests of the community.
At the present growth rate in residential areas in Tyrone, the residents should beware of all sorts of impacts such as overcrowded schools, higher crime rates, sewage and traffic problems.
And the developers will be nowhere in sight, leaving the town to deal with the aftermath.
Marianna Raasch
San Diego, Calif.

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kohesion's picture
Submitted by kohesion on Wed, 06/14/2006 - 5:25pm.

How about putting some wood chips or lava rocks down. Then you don't have to mow so much.

Anyway, I like grass. Why not let the grass grow. Does everything have to look like a golf course down here?

When did we start mowing cemetaries? 1950? How about before that? Did we mow cemetaries in 1750? Seriously, someone fill me in here.

Here's an idea, why don't you buy us a goat? We can just leave it fenced in the cemetary to eat the grass / kudzu constantly. Then we can milk it a couple times a week and donate the milk to some worthy charity.

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