Tue, 04/25/2006 - 4:09pm
By: The Citizen

Well, well, well, another 14 percent pay cut recommended for the Delta pilots by their OWN union. Let’s see what those 5,930 pilots do now. Meekly stay quiet and be thankful they have a job is what I predict. What else are they going to do? Those pilots can PRACTICE a strike but do they have what it takes to really do it?


The absolute gall of the Logsdon bunch is astounding. He’s negotiating to use our tax dollars to pay back loans that don’t belong to us. I used to think the Bobby Lenox regime was the low point for us. Logsdon’s ability to handle the sordid details behind the closed door has set a new standard, much to our detriment. This kind of blatant disregard for the public could only happen in Peachtree City.


If our town leaders here in PTC agree to pay one penny of our money (even the motel tax) to the lawyers involved, much less the $1.5 million claimed by the Peachtree National Bank, then we should begin impeachment meetings. This was a loan by the bank to an independent organization, signed by that organization, and if they don’t hold title to the property, then they don’t have anything coming now. They made a bad loan which was squandered on salaries and a leaky building.


I subbed at Whitewater High School one time last year. I also was treated rudely by the front office. I just won’t substitute there again.


To the sub that didn’t like Whitewater H.S., come sub at FMS. The front office and administration are very helpful and supportive. I’ve subbed at all of the middle schools and high schools in the county. Fayette Middle’s office staff, teachers and administrators are the best.


A Free Speech writer last week asked, “Is the CRCT the main purpose of Fayette County education?” Well, yes, it is. And we can all thank those wonderful people in Washington. You know, the ones who went into the nation’s capital saying they would get the federal government out of state and local politics. So one way they did it was to force No Child Left Behind on local school districts. Now that teachers and schools are held accountable by the feds for any and all failures, including those of lazy students or those of students whose parents don’t care, yes, testing is the main purpose of education, not just here but anywhere a public school has to keep the federal government happy. [Last] week, in high schools across the county, students [were] taking end of course tests that will reflect whether the schools have succeeded in being perfect or not. And the schools are running so scared of the federal government that teachers have been instructed to not give any other tests or challenging assignments so that the students can “concentrate” on doing well in the EOCTs. All this despite the fact that at least 90 per cent of them could pass the EOCTs blindfolded or in a coma. So, yes, thanks to Washington, testing is now the main purpose of Fayette County education and elsewhere. Our future leaders will be able to bubble in answers, but don’t count on them to have any strong thinking skills. But at least, ideally, no child will be left behind. Or else.


I just took Fayetteville’s Comprehensive Plan Public Opinion Survey. It was a very misleading and vague survey. I tried to go back to reference the specifics of what needs to be better addressed, but the program won’t allow me to look at it again. There was no “comments” section, which would have remedied the vagueness of the questions. When it asks if something is considered important to the council or not, that does not read well. If something is not considered important, that doesn’t mean it should be. Very very poorly written and presented survey. I hope they don’t interpret it however they want, but will add comments and allow a second look input so they can get the public voter feedback they appeared to be seeking.


Piedmont Hospital in Fayette is a major disappointment. Your article on Piedmont’s practice of turning people away from their emergency room was very distressing. I had known for quite some time that their wait times were extraordinary but your article in The Citizen was an eye-opener. I am impressed that you found that story. I remember 10 years ago the full court press that Piedmont put on to get this hospital approved, competing against other neighboring hospitals. And now they refuse to provide the resources to service our community in the most basic way. Why are they doing this? Probably because many emergency room patients have no money or insurance. And since the Governor has given emergency rooms freedom from malpractice suit you would think that the doctors and the hospitals would increase this basic service. I guess not. But I will bet that the Piedmont doctors have no waiting line at all if you have insurance and want something like plastic surgery. Cha-ching.


Can someone please explain “The Gate That Leads Nowhere,” located by the Pendleton subdivision community pool in Tyrone? I have lived here over seven years and it has never been completed and is an eyesore with its peeling paint and just plain weirdo look. Isn’t there something in the bylaws that requires completing projects that are started? I want to sell my house soon and this detracts from the neighborhood. Please either finish it or tear it down.


It’s time for the officials and general public in Fayette County to take a look at the Fayette County Baseball Association. Last Saturday was opening day, every field was full of players (13 fields with at least 24 players), along with parents and friends that came to watch. So we have at least 700 people at the baseball fields and [the association] has closed the bathrooms. This wasn’t voted on by the board (I called a board member and asked). I was told that it was [the president]’s decision just because he wanted to. So what does he do? He puts porta-potties on the sides of some of the fields. Can you imagine what these are going to smell like when it hits 90 degrees plus there’s no place to wash your hands? Of course, all of the members of the board have their own keys to the bathrooms. We have watched them go in. This is supposed to be a non-profit organization and not the [president’s] association. I’d like to see where the money is going. I know the board gets new shirts, jackets, stickers for their vehicles and there’s no telling what else they are profiting from our money while the people who pay to play have to use porta-potties. I’d love to see an audit done for this “non-profit” to see just how bad they are abusing their positions. It’s time for this president to leave. You don’t own this field; the taxpayers do and that’s us. This president could care less about our kids, the parents and visitors and more concerned about his control over the baseball fields. Get over it, [president], and do what’s best for the association and resign.


Everyone take notice. As the elections draw nearer, there will be more illegal immigrant “raids.” It’s just posturing. The problem didn’t start with the Bush administration either. For years we have allowed the federal government to wink at the situation. When it was just those coming in to harvest the crops, we didn’t care. When a few more came in to work in the poultry plants and carpet mills, we still didn’t care. No one else wanted those jobs. When still more came in to work in the building trades and highway construction, we didn’t care, because no one else wanted those jobs either. We are like the dog in the manger about the Mexicans. They come in to the country and thrive, working jobs no one in this country will take. Now we are in a situation where we have a building boom that is staffed by illegal immigrants. Thirty years ago, the problem could have been solved easily. The people are now here, working and contributing. Let’s figure a way to allow them to pay their fair share of taxes, and keep them here. It’s the people who won’t work we should be sending elsewhere.


So we arrested 1,200 illegal workers last week to start the campaign for this fall’s elections. Don’t hold your breath here in Fayette County until the next 1,200 are arrested, maybe in September. We have that many illegal roofers and gardeners alone here. Does the sheriff or the police chiefs want any of them? Does Sonny? No.


Shock and awe, mission accomplished, we got him, 150 thousand Iraq troops ready to fight terrorists alone, Afghanistan free and operating, and on and on. What will now distract us: $5 gasoline or gas lines? Maybe bombing Iran? Fire more staff, maybe? Put more like Abramoff in jail? How about doubling the national debt again? Maybe replace FEMA and the wonderful foreign intelligence we have, and maybe the Homeland Security Department? How about the wonderful health plan produced in the last six years? Ten million more now without insurance. Social Security has been save —no, wait, it hasn’t. Was all this the plan of the conservatives?

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Submitted by lifelongfayette... on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 6:55pm.

Good Job "C", we knew you would strike back somehow when you didn't get your way! For anyone that truly knows the board members and the president specifically will know what a crock of %#!%$ that posting was. And, anyone who truly wants to admit they know what is going on knows the board members are not paid a penny for their hundreds of hours they spend at the ballfield, away from their homes, to assure YOUR children have a safe and well maintained ballfield to play on. I believe the board will have plenty to say before this is over. Before you write a posting like you did, you might want to supply all of the facts. You failed to mention the OTHER public bathroom that is supplied by the county where the maintenance and upkeep is paid for by the tax dollars. Nothing the board members do are funded by "tax payers' dollars". It is funded by people who choose to let their children play baseball in the best kept, most prestigious ball field around (just ask others who are visitors-that is where that statement came from). THEY DO NOT GET PAID TO CLEAN UP FECES AND URINE FROM YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN! The porta-potties were placed there as a courtesy and convenience and were not necessary. Anyone who chooses not to use them can simply WALK A FEW EXTRA STEPS and use the public facilities provided. My suggestion is to get over yourself and to place the focus where it needs to be and that is on the kids and not try to slander someone just because you didn't get your way! And, by the way, there are only 11 fields, not 13. And, I believe the board members wear those shirts so that people like you will know who to find when you have a complaint about something somebody isn't doing to your satisfaction!

Submitted by TheBigEasy on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 7:33pm.

It seems like some one took it personal. The baseball board is a thankless job so let me say Thank You. Your time and dedication are surely not taken for granted. But Mr. President be very cautious a lot of the board members says one thing to you and another to each other. Take the advise and make it for the kids not about YOU.

Submitted by lifelongfayette... on Thu, 04/27/2006 - 5:45pm.

You are right, I did take it personal. I have been around fayette county baseball for about 10 years now and took it personal when someone personally attacked the people who give of their time to make it run as smoothly as it does. I know some of the board members, not all, and I'm sure they wished I had not responded to the first posting. I have my ideas as to who wrote it because of being around the ball fields and hearing different people talk. I'm sure "the president" knows that people say one thing to him and say another to someone else. If you are involved with any group of people and have the ability to talk, that is going to happen. I have talked to alot of people who took it very personal that the board member(s) were accused of doing what they do for some sort of personal gain. From what I have noticed, those guys don't get anything but a bunch of gripes and complaints from people who aren't willing to do the work themselves. For someone to have the audacity to accuse anyone on that board of mishandling funds was slanderous and I hope the person who made that allegation is held accountable for their statement. My child would not be able to enjoy playing baseball like he does were it not for all of the board members doing what they do and I just hope they don't get disheartened by a few lazy people who want all the work done by someone else. I have seen the bathrooms when they have been totally disgusting and was happy when they were closed. For the person to have written the bathrooms were closed just because "the president" wanted them closed was simply childish. I saw the signs posted on the doors and the explanation could not have been more clear. I was appalled at the pictures and was glad to see them shut down. I don't know all of the board members, but I know I can speak on behalf of the ones that I do know when I say: those guys only have the best interest of those kids at heart and their only reason for being involved in the board is for the kids. I personally havn't told them thank you enough but I will certainly make that change. Lastly, to both thebigeasy and the original free speech poster, to accuse "the president" of making any issues about him and not the kids was simply shameful because if either of you know him, YOU KNOW BETTER!

Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 4:22am.

Item #3 in Free Speech is right out of the Brown playbook. Criticize without offering a solution. And Steve, calling for impeachment is a bit silly since that requires a great number of people in Peachtree City to care and to then get involved. You will recall that you tried to make the bank loan a campaign issue and 70% of the 8% who actually came out and voted disagreed with you.

Submitted by Annie-Caroline Fritz on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 7:30am.

Bobby's right, Steve. You need to let it go. All of these wonderful people who gave so selflessly to the community ought to be repaid the few millions that they are owed from the community. Granted, it wasn't done right but you should stop getting all caught up in what's "legal". It is very distressing and upsetting to the tennis crowd. We gave you little people a world class facility and whatever the law is, it is the "moral" thing for these people to get their money.

Submitted by skyspy on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 8:17pm.

Sorry hon, but if that um what was it?..."world class"???? facility was so good it would have paid for itself. If the funding for this "world class" facility had been put to a LEGAL BOND REFERENDUM maybe you would have a case.
Here is an idea for you to chew on...we all have our special interests...right? I like to ride horses...so since Peachtree City is in the business of providing facilities for a few citizens hobbies...how about we tear down Copper Lighting, and build a couple of horses farms. Like the horse park in Conyers,it has been a successful venture for them. Why not the one or two of us here that like to ride. We could board our horses there and ride on the trails...it would be great, and it would benefit, at least a half a dozen people. What do you think everybody? We could even put a dog resort on that property too. It would benefit everyone...except for the 2-3 tennis players uuuhhhhh...lets say it again.... together this time uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

H. Hamster's picture
Submitted by H. Hamster on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 7:20pm.

Now he's using Annie-Caroline Fritz as a screen name - sarcastically, of course, showing his disrespect for women who have been in power. Since he's no longer in power, look for the next Brown screen name to be some version of Cindi and Judy.

What a D((((edited)))d this guy is.

Go away Steve.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 7:28pm.

Can we have Red, Blue or Green sighting? Or any other color?

Brown is getting a bit old and worn out. Shocked

Keeping it real and to the core of the issue, not the peripherals.

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