Tue, 04/11/2006 - 4:32pm
By: The Citizen

The Fayette County Democrats will hold their monthly breakfast meeting on Saturday with breakfast starting at 10 a.m., at Chaps Restaurant in Tyrone. Meeting topics will include review of special election results and qualifying for candidates for November 2006 general election.

The Fayette County Democrats invites everyone interested in Democratic politics in Fayette County to participate. The Fayette County Democrats meet on the third Saturday of every month for breakfast.

Chaps is located at 1158 Senoia Road (Georgia Highway 74) in Tyrone. The restaurant is located across from Publix shopping center. For directions, call 770-892-2000. For more information about the Fayette County Democratic Committee, please contact Kevin Madden, Chairman, at 404-918-9804 or via e-mail at fayettedemocrat@yahoo.com. More information can be found on the internet at www.fayettedemocrat.org.

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Submitted by Sly Fox on Tue, 04/11/2006 - 9:01pm.

I hope this will be the the meeting in which Dunn and his two puppets actually come out of the closet and admit to being Democrats. Only a Democrat could have a property tax increase every year, but say the they held the rate down.

Submitted by thenatural on Wed, 04/12/2006 - 7:05am.


These kinds of statements are really ridiculous and you know it.

The county commission has rolled back the millage rate every year for 5 years. How is that increasing your taxes? The millage rate is all what they can control and they have done that...repeatedly. If your taxes went up it was because of the property assesments. The value of your property, like everything else, went up. If you want to complain call George Wingo. He is the one raising the value of your home. How dare he!!

If I understand your logic (such as it is) you would have everything else that you purchase cost more (gas? natural gas? water?)and have the county operations cost less. How do you do that? What services would you reduce and or eliminate? Let me pre-empt the legal fees thing before you start. The fees that the county has paid for the legal fees for the sheriff suits etc. is approximately $100k of the $500k expenditures for last year. You want to cut the legal fees by 20%? Have Randall stop all this nonsense and get back to the business of law enforcement not litigation.

By the way..still waiting for your response on the "name one thing the county commission has done" question.

Submitted by robert m on Wed, 04/12/2006 - 8:32am.

not the Tax Commissioner. The tax assessors work for a board of Assessors who are appointed by the board of commissioners.

The Natural has shown his/her ignorance once again, no surprise there.

Anyone with half a brain knows how county government works, but not TN. It's true that the board has increased spending every year for the last 15 years, get a copy of the county budgets, adopted each year, and see they will bear this out. The Three Amigos pretending they have lowered taxes is simply smoke and mirrors, they have done no such thing. Using "decreased taxes" as a campaign gimmick won't cut it with the citizens of Fayette County.

Look for some real candidates to sign up the last week of April. We will soon be down to one amigo.

Submitted by thenatural on Wed, 04/12/2006 - 9:35am.

Your right Robert M, and DW , I am wrong on that point. George is not the guy and I should have known that. We all live and learn.

The budget has increased every year for 15 years. Dunn, Wells, Pfiefer and the late A.G. Vanlandingham were only have only been on the board for half that time. What is your point? The budget has increased for the county every year? And yours has not? Your costs have remained the same for the last 15 years? Wow, you must be great at budgeting. You and others would prefer that people think that this board does nothing but sit around and figure out ways to waste your money. What they have done, consistently for the past 8 years is make every effort to hold down costs. Read my response to your buddy Joe Jamokes (assuming you are not one in the same) for the reasons why the budget HAD to increase.

And by the way, the only one who has been on the board continuously, for those 15 years is Herb Frady, who would love nothing more than to have Eric Maxwell replace Dunn. What does that tell you?

Joey Jamokes's picture
Submitted by Joey Jamokes on Wed, 04/12/2006 - 7:36am.

Are you Janet Dunn ?

I don't give a [[[[ DELETED ]]]] what the commission says about cutting the mill rate. They haven't cut it enough.

The reality is that taxes have gone up and the county budget has increased every single year Dunn and Wells have been in office .

As for legal fees, how about Greg suing Tyrone three times and losing all three times ? That's Randall's fault, too ?

Quit being deceitful. Less spin and more reality.

Submitted by thenatural on Wed, 04/12/2006 - 9:13am.

When I was growing up my Dad told me that using profanity was a weakness. If you could not make your point without using four letter words, your command of the English language is not what it should be.

First of all, I am not Janet Dunn. I have no idea of what names she may use to post here, so drop that line of thinking.

The county has not dropped the millage rate enough? How much is enough for you Joe? I ask you the same question I asked Sly Fox, what services are you willing to sacrifice to reduce the millage rate?
The sheriff and public safety (EMS and Fire) consume over 60% of the budget. What would you cut? It is very easy to make blanket statements, "cut taxes" but no so easy to come up with a solution is it?

The county budget has increased. That is undeniable, but ask yourself why? How about unfunded state and federal mandates, post 9/11 safety concerns, salary increases for employees, the aforementioned public safety costs. I ask you, has your personal budget not increased or have you had to make accommodations to cover increased costs in areas like fuel, water, natural gas for heat? These are not frivolous, "nice to have" things, but necessities some of which have skyrocketed in cost. You would have the commission reduce taxes without reducing services. How would you do that?
The commission works very hard to keep the budget as low as possible. Read the minutes of the budget meetings if you do not believe it. Linda Wells has been commended, in print, for her analysis of the budget and her efforts to keep costs down year after year.

The suits in Tyrone is another example of anwering a question with a question. First of all, ask yourself why did the county sue Tyrone. It was an effort to keep them from screwing up the land use plan. How is that wrong. The fact that those suits were lost is really too bad, but would have them not try to preserve the land use plan?
Secondly, Dunn did not sue Tyrone by himself. That was a 5-0 vote, check the record. Dunn does not do anything himself as far as these suits are concerned. It is almost always a 5-0 vote. Randall is a the primary culprit with the current increases in costs of legal. The issues with Tyrone are not unique to the current commission. Again, go back over the record, you will find that legal expenses are no greater than prior years and prior commissions. Talking about spin! I do not see how you can say that I am being deceitful. I am not misleading anyone.
You pose a question, I answer it and you respond with another question instead of a solution. You call it spin, I call it a response. Try a solution based response once in awhile. It would be refreshing.

Submitted by DWP33 on Wed, 04/12/2006 - 7:13am.

First of all it's not Mr Wingo thats raising your taxes. Like said before the millage rates have decreased the past several years. The only reason property tax has increased, is thru assessments. I wonder who makes thoses? Try the county assessors, who Mr Wingo has no control over. So before you go saying the Tax commissioner is rasing taxes, do a little research. The tax commissioner collects tax's.

H. Hamster's picture
Submitted by H. Hamster on Tue, 04/11/2006 - 7:10pm.

No this is not another post about Brokeback Mountain - but somewhat connected - specifically to the Democrats.

You won't be needing a place as large as Chaps for your gathering of
"everyone interested in Democratic politics in Fayette County" Trust me. Maybe a phone booth.

You people are aborting yourselves out of existence - not really a bad thing, but you should think about where and when you live and test that against your wealth distribution, abortion, aethiesm, sodomy platform. Acrominized that would be WAAS, which rhymes with WUSS.

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