Tue, 03/28/2006 - 4:58pm
By: The Citizen

Parents, take a look MySpace.com and see what is there. Search on your ZIP code and look for your children and read what they are up to. You can even read their blogs. It is easy to do, and you will be surprised at what is there (hopefully not disappointed).


Welcome to Fayette County, land of the racists and home of the bigots.


It really is unfair every time there is a contest of some kind to blame the outcome on race. The recent election is case in point. I heard from one of the candidates at least twice and because of that was prepared to listen to them all, but especially her. In the end that candidate did not say what I wanted to hear. It doesn’t come down to race for most of us. I know I choose on, (in this election), are they for the land use plan or not; do they want this county to become like North Fulton or still small southern Americana; how long has the candidate lived here; are they vested in the community and last but not least, what party do they most closely associate their values with? I never even think about their race. Isn’t it time both races do that?


Here in Fayette County, we don’t let a little thing like lack of qualifications stand in the way of our electing the white guy. It is sad that Emory Wilkerson believes that “...race trumps experience” in Fayette County. Exactly what experience was he referring to? That he is an attorney? That he has been actively involved in the county GOP? Or that he twice previously ran for state office and was defeated? The only race-related issue in the contest was that four black candidates ran against one white candidate. Accept the premise that if you split the vote four ways you will probably lose. That premise applies to every primary that is ever run and it doesn’t only apply to race. One would think an “experienced” GOP attorney would understand that. Let’s put race aside and look at the realities of the election. Robert Horgan did a better job articulating his vision for the future of Fayette County than the other candidates. It seemed as if the other candidates were afraid to state their position on the issues and instead stated that they would first need to study the issues. They should have studied the issues before declaring themselves as candidates! Most people are more inclined to vote for a candidate when they know and agree with the candidate’s position on issues. Another problem that Emory Wilkerson had was that he hitched his wagon to the Greg Dunn team. Again, one would think that an “experienced” GOP attorney could see that Greg Dunn has his own problems and is not universally popular among all the citizens of Fayette County, be they black or white. Robert Horgan is a business owner who has lived in Fayette County for over 25 years, and he articulated his vision for the future of the County. I like that.


I could never understand why military people would support any modern-day Democrat. Democrats have voted to send our troops to both Vietnam and Iraq but got wobbly in the knees and were quick to cut and run when the going got tough. I bet there weren’t any Democrats at Valley Forge and I’m sure glad Lincoln was a Republican.


Hey, Emory, it is easy to blame race for the election, but the list of folks you had “endorse” you has historically proven to be the kiss of death for an office seeker in Fayette County. The county is ready and willing to elect a black candidate (Dylan Glenn carried Peachtree City). You did not get your message out and the wrong folks were publicly supporting you.


I was truly at a loss to see where Emory Wilkerson blamed his loss on race. He said that he only lost because he was black: “Race trumped experience,” he said. I am furious. It is now obvious that he puts himself and his race ahead of his community. First of all, Mr. Wilkerson, how do you explain the first two times running for office you got spanked in black districts? Can’t use the ol’ race card there. I would say that after losing in black and white districts alike you might want to consider putting a little blame on the poor quality of your offering. Second, since you haven’t been in office at all, where is your experience? Being a black Republican appointed to committees? None. Initially, my voting decision was close. Both Wilkerson and Horgan are well-liked and respected. Wilkerson is a corporate lawyer. Horgan is a self-made business man. Beverly’s endorsement was persuasive. What clinched it for me was two things: (1) the parade of disreputable politicos and lawyers pushing for Wilkerson and (2) Wilkerson’s empty mail piece. If your experience was so good, I would have expected more. At least you could have spelled the Governor’s name correctly; it is Perdue and not Purdue. It’s obvious that Mr. Wilkerson was phony, and that he was someone who had race on his mind right below that fake exterior. Fayette made the right choice.


I attended the Special Olympics at Whitewater High and was shocked at the behavior that went on under the water tent run by the baseball team. It was like lover’s lane. There were girls sitting on boys’ laps, kissing, etc. There were plenty of administrators there, so I guess they approved. Next time you may need to pull down the flap over the front of the tent; there were young kids there.


Something needs to be done about the intersection of County Line Road and McDonough Road. If you are going north on County Line and turning left (west) on McDonough Road often you cannot see oncoming cars going south because of the poor alignment of the lanes. Because of the way people drive through intersections, this is a really bad wreck waiting to happen. Folks, if you go this way, be very careful. Ironically, this problem is within sight of the [Fayette County] Road Department.


To the writer who voiced an opinion about no “Woman’s History Month” recognized in our Fayette County schools, I simply say, “Not true.” In February we heard about women like Coretta Scott King, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Starr Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Williams, Venus Williams, Hallie Berry, Maya Angelou and Mary McLeod Bethune all of February and on into March. See, FCBOE is fair to women after all. Did I miss some point?


To the Delta Credit Union: Thank you so much for cutting down what must have been a 200-year-old oak tree to put in your new branch on Ga. Highway 74 North at Wisdom Road. That tree really had become a pesky eyesore, and we’ve got so many of those old trees around that we need to get rid of as many as we can. What we need in Peachtree City are more buildings, more asphalt, and more traffic. Green space and controlled growth are such outdated ideas. Thank goodness you’ve seen the light and are doing all you can to turn 74 into another Tara Boulevard. Thanks, too, to Peachtree City government for approving such a forward thinking plan. I have to get a permit to remove a tree that’s 6 feet tall, but getting rid of a huge tree is fine, as long as you’re contributing to the city coffers. Yessiree, Peachtree City is the model for a planned community. I’m so pleased that I’m going to the Credit Union to close my accounts, and I’ll also be stopping to pick up a for sale sign for my house. Thanks for the memories.


PTC thought they were trading up in the area of mayors. First, Mayor Logsdon removed prayer from PTC Council meetings. Then the AJC reported March 20 of his response of “Minor, hell” to the new large yellow DOT road signs. Looks like PTC citizens are in for some rude awakenings (Regarding among other things, houses, and sewers). Perhaps the mayor is in need of a personal public relations consultant to begin as soon as election votes have been counted. Do voters think this recent reply is fostering a genteel impression for their city? Frequently people who use profanity have a small vocabulary. There are a lot of words in the dictionary. Perhaps someone might do our PTC neighbors a favor, and donate a copy to the office of the PTC mayor.


As a 19-year taxpaying citizen of Fayette County, I am concerned about the books that are being bought and shelved at the Fayette County Library. Most of the books housed in this public library are geared toward the African-American population. Biographies and non-fiction books are most prevalent. May I remind the library director, county commissioners and any others involved that there are still Caucasian taxpayers left in Fayette County who deserve fair representation.


To the person who wrote, “How many idiots at City Hall did it take to authorize those bike riders to cause chaos,” I suppose that the folks in Boston should say the same thing about that whole marathon thing, or how about those kooks in France about their bicycle race also. I mean really, who cares about people who endure greatly to show what mankind is capable of? Well, that is to say, just as long as it doesn’t delay me from my pork rinds and reruns of “HeeHaw.” In reality, events of this kind generate a good deal of revenue for the city and are actually very entertaining. It is precisely these kinds of things that make PTC a great place to live.


The people who have a passion to stay healthy by biking and running truly apologize we held you up to get to the doughnut shop. Maybe if you would develop a passion for something healthy, you could then have a better understanding of what it’s all about. I just want to say thanks to all who were involved with organizing and participating in last weekend’s bike races. It’s a pleasure to live in a community that supports a healthy lifestyle. It’s a shame we have citizens who are too ignorant to appreciate that aspect of our community. By the way, have you ever thought about moving?


The immigration thing, or closing the border situation, affects Fayette County about as much as any county in Georgia. What I don’t understand is where our elected officials stand on the matter. Senator Chambliss says our farmers can’t get along without them and that the crops will rot if we send them back; but, at the same time he says we must close the border tight. Where will they come from next year if we close the border tight? Sounds like taking both sides to me. Senator Isackson says send them back and register them back in. How does one round up 35 million people and return them? The Governor says he is for most anything the citizens want. Where do we get such heroes?


Hey, pizza lady, why not drop YOUR prices to match the pay cuts? Oh, yeah, you can’t because you’re trying to survive as well. As a “non-pilot” customer, I will no longer contribute to your cause, but then again, apparently you never knew I did anyway.


To the “poor” small businessperson, were the pilots the only people eating at your establishment? Maybe if you wished that everyone’s pay cuts were reinstated, you wouldn’t be in such dire straits. That’s a real big slap in face to your other patrons, don’t you think?


I’m tired of the Delta pilot bashing. Wake up and look around you. This whole community suffers when any group/employer suffers. Lets hope all goes well, and this community prospers as a result of it. As for me, I know several pilots that volunteer their time and resources at schools, etc., around here. Let’s stop complaining and appreciate what we have.

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Submitted by scaryliberal on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 1:30am.

Pilot bashing is for small minds.
So is Democrat bashing.

If you're so supportive of military endeavors, sign up or SHUT UP.

By the way, Lincoln was considered a LIBERAL in his time. He may have been labeled as a Republican, but that was LONG BEFORE the realignment of the parties.

H. Hamster's picture
Submitted by H. Hamster on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 4:32am.

Any kind of bashing is for small minds. Besides, all pilots are Republicans, except for birdman - wonder what happened to him.

Lincoln a Liberal? Just because of those gay rumors? That's a real stretch.

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 04/03/2006 - 9:00pm.

does any one have any creative solutions to handling the increasing number of felony property damage(500.dollars or more)in the neighborhoods by Starrs Mill? What is up with these satanic kids and their horrible parents??? so far all I have come up with is a semi-automatic pistol grip shotgun with double aut buckshot, according to the new law we have the right to use deadly force if threatened(of course when the first cop gets to the scene you tell him you feared for your life).let's have some creative ideas on correcting the problem, beacause talking to the incompetent parents or the police is not working!!!

Submitted by spideymann on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 12:39pm.

I have no problem with Myspace.com and the reason is my children know I read what is written by them and their friends. So, if you're worried about My Space and your kids, let them know you're reading what they and their friends write. Don't be afraid you're invading their "Space", you are the parent, not their best friend. If all parents kept up with what their kids were doing on Myspace.com there wouldn't be such an outcry against it.

Submitted by scaryliberal on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 1:22am.


None of those have ANYTHING to do with misbehavior.

Preachers' kids are the worst behaved children. Everyone knows that.

WakeUp's picture
Submitted by WakeUp on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 1:23pm.

ScaryLiberal; you are scary. Wake Up and get a clue.

By the way, what was your user name before you created this new one about 16 hours ago? You sound just like some other nuts that no longer post.

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 04/04/2006 - 8:29pm.

I agree with you about myspace.com. The kids in this city brag about all of the crime they perpetrate,and all of the sex they are having. Including rating how their friends perform! Almost all of them are high school age(you can tell by the imature conversations) or look at any of your kids year books. You are wrong about the church thing though, the worst kid in our neighborhood goes to church almost every week(his mom makes a big show of it) Sometimes it seems like church is part of the problem they tell them "they will be forgiven" so they have a license to do what ever they want. Here is a new idea, how about if we start to teach people that they have to live it.

Submitted by edwards on Tue, 04/04/2006 - 12:46pm.

I personally have read many of the MYSPACE comments made by a few Starrs Mill High School students about getting drunk every weekend. I have read that the mother of one of these particular kids actually buys these kids alcohol and has parties for these kids. The sad part is that the mother is a Fayette County School Teacher. The school board allows this, and so does the police because both has been contacted about this matter. Someone alot higher is currently recieving all this information about the matter. Maybe then something will be done. The problem is definately the parents.

Submitted by grendlemom on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 7:35am.

you really need to get over it and past the vendetta you have about this teacher. Clean up your own doorstep before you worry about this person's. I'm sure PTC police are reading MySpace, and certainly can figure out who and if this teacher is actually doing what you say, if that is the case it will be handled. What goes around comes around, if this person is guilty it will come around - just as your day in court came around. Good grief, get over it! I'm sure I am not the only one weary of your vendetta.

Submitted by edwards on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 1:08pm.

You do not know anything about me nor how a person this day and age is falsely accused. Until you know me keep your damn nose out of my buisiness. It is people like you that deserve to be in the position I have been put in not the innocent. You are right when you say what goes around comes around. The people that put me in this position will have there come sround soon enough. As for you stay out of my buisiness you busy body hipocrite

Submitted by edwards on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 2:25pm.

Just for the record, this teacher has already recieved disipline from the school board so it is obviously not just a vendetta it is the truth.

Submitted by grendlemom on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 2:11pm.

thank you very much!

Submitted by scaryliberal on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 1:06am.

Is it okay for the company executives to bleed the company dry while rank-and-file members get pay cut after pay cut?

Submitted by PTCMomma on Tue, 04/04/2006 - 2:26pm.

The smart Delta folks (not just the pilots) have been downsizing, looking for new jobs and taking cost cutting measures for some time now. The plus for many of the non-pilots is that they'll be able to get new jobs, and keep their houses. The pilots, on the other hand, are trained to do nothing else, at least not making what they do now(even after the last paycut). I wish them luck making half what they make now outside of Delta.

Mom to 3, plus a few strays

Submitted by bowser on Tue, 04/04/2006 - 1:47pm.

They didn't exactly "vote to strike." They authorized their union leaders to set a strike date in the future, which they haven't yet done. This is a common negotiating tactic designed to raise the heat and bleed the company a bit as nervous fliers move their business. It's all very entertaining but it's just labor theater. They will get a deal, probably in the next week or two. It will be ratified narrowly by early summer. You heard it here first.

H. Hamster's picture
Submitted by H. Hamster on Tue, 04/04/2006 - 5:54am.

Good idea, but .00 buckshot kills people and that's not the best solution since you are committing a felony by discharging a firearm in Peachtree City and that leads to problems for you - like the death penalty. Better idea is some light birdshot in a small pattern aimed where the "teeneager" won't be having any of his own and can limp through the rest of his miserable life remebering what he did and why and what were the consequenses.

Submitted by edwards on Mon, 04/03/2006 - 10:36pm.

It is all teenagers these days. I personally have had dealings with Starrs Mill students and their Parents. They should obviously be punished for the crimes they have committed, but the Police see them as the victims. Teenagers everywhere are out of control. My step-daughter is now dead because of these teenagers.

Submitted by fcteacher on Fri, 03/31/2006 - 3:54pm.

So what's wrong with you? Why didn't you say something to the students? Or to bring it to the immediate attention of the administrators? It's not your business? It's not your place? What's the story?

Submitted by southernboy on Wed, 04/05/2006 - 5:50pm.

Typical reaction of a parent of a spoiled brat. Get mad at everyone but the kids who were doing wrong.

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