Tue, 03/21/2006 - 6:16pm
By: The Citizen

Peachtree City’s pendulum has definitely swung in the other direction. The land grabs and sewer deals are going to drastically change the appearance of Fayette County. There’s poor Greg Dunn just standing around with his hands in his pockets as the county growth explosion begins; so much for good planning.

I guess it was unavoidable: goodbye, Fayette County. Peachtree City is going to extend sewer into Coweta and unincorporated Fayette. Houses will spring from the ground like crazy. Peachtree City’s new, huge, gaudy, yellow street signs on Ga. Highway 54 look like Gwinnett County, too. We need to wake up because Fayetteville is not spending a fortune on doubling their sewer capacity for no reason at all. It’s actually surprising that Fayette County remained as traffic-free as it did for so many years.

Hey, Mayor Logsdon, why don’t you change the name of Peachtree City to “Whiners Corners”? Now it’s the signs on the roads that are too big. Have you ever tried to find a business in “Whiners Corner” by the street number on their establishment? The numbers are either nonexistent or so small as to make them almost invisible.

Our mayor and council were asleep at the wheel and we ended up with gigantic yellow signs along Hwy. 54. No one will fall asleep in the future with those eyesores to keep us awake in Peachtree City. The Department of Transportation erected work signs for days saying that men were working on the highway and several of their crews spent days on the project. The mayor said they were ignorant on the matter. You have to wonder if anyone at City Hall ever talks to the DOT; embarrassing. We’re turning into an unplanned and unchecked ruin, a damaged scenic environment.

Town of PTC just announced that we can have three, or unlimited, trash trucks pounding on our streets every day now. Is it all that hard for our city employees to negotiate a rate every few years? I know these Republicans don’t want anything to do with getting blamed if the rates have to go up, but believe me, now they will and they won’t get blamed. Sordidness!

Please tell me someone other than the incumbents will be running for the Fayette County School Board this year. The qualifying period for candidates is the last week of April. Any new leaders out there?

March is Women’s History Month, but you wouldn’t know it at my son’s middle school. In February, they hung a large “Black History Month” banner near the entrance, all the administrators and many of the teachers wore “Black History Month” T-shirts all month (wonder who paid for those?), and they held a special student assembly. Why is there no likewise recognition of Women’s History Month or any other “special cause” month? Just wondering.

May I suggest starting an “Adopt a Post Office” group. The Fayetteville P.O. grounds are covered with litter and old leaves.

To the arrogant politicos who disturb good, decent Peachtree City neighbors with their unwanted, recorded phone messages touting a particular candidate, now hear this: I will not vote for your candidate. Not this election, not next election, not ever. Got it? If you call me with a spam recorded message I will NOT vote for your candidate.

In regards to the intersection at Jeff Davis Drive/Jimmie Mayfield and South Jeff Davis Drive, as well as any similar intersection, I really must insist that the rules of the road are followed. Turning left off a major road with no traffic signals has the right-of-way. There are valid reasons for this. It seems like a kindness to offer to let a left turner from South Jeff Davis Drive to go ahead onto Jimmie Mayfield. In reality, this is very dangerous. The traffic coming from Jeff Davis Drive does continue straight and visibility is not always clear with a line of traffic turning left onto South Jeff Davis Drive. I consistently fear a terrible collision due to a misguided kindness. I am often offered a “wave-on” left turn and always insist, NO, thank you. The response I get for protecting myself and my family, as well as the other traffic on the road, is generally rude. Anyone behind me gets angry, the offerer turning left seems offended. This just isn’t necessary. I have the right, nay, the obligation, to wait at a crappy intersection until it is safe and legal for me to turn. Thanks anyway.

Just want to warn everyone that it must be revenue week for the PTC patrols again. Either that or someone didn’t reach their quotas for the month. Get a real job, boys. Quit hassling the community with your speed traps.

How many idiots at City Hall did it take to authorize those bike riders to cause chaos on the southside and turn Peachtree Parkway south into one gigantic parking lot on Saturday? The time has come for the bikers as well as the runners to find another way to indulge their passion.

To the driver of the car heading westbound on Hwy. 54 in front of the old Courthouse Friday morning: you sure got off to a bad day. First, you were in the far left lane which, if I’m not mistaken, is a left turn-only lane. You continued westbound in that lane. Second, you ran the stop light at least two seconds after the light had changed. You must have been speeding between 45 and 50 miles an hour when you tried to beat that traffic light. You put not only yourself in danger but you put in danger the lives of the people traveling north on Hwy. 85, who had the green light. However, in one of those truly rare instances of cosmic karma, one of those two cars heading north on 85 was a sheriff’s vehicle. My suggestion to you is get a really good attorney and hope that you have enough money to pay for all the fines that you are going to receive and all the fees the attorney is going to charge you.

The Tale of Two Peachtree Cities: not what I had in mind when I bought a home and brought my family to live in this Money Magazine one of Top Ten Cities. Since we really liked the idea of the cart paths and the proximity of recreation and shopping, not to mention the top rated schools, we chose to pay more for slightly less house and land for the privilege of having a PTC zip code. But the more that I read this publication, the more I have to ask: Is this paper owned by the Starr’s Mill PTA? Read these pages every week and you either are constantly re-affirmed that you are one of the Starr’s, or reminded that you should want to be one. For every photo of a Mac athlete, there are five of Starr children. Last week, the Names and Faces section featured a full page, color spread telling the story of a pretty girl who had recently graduated from the School of the Starr’s who was awarded - can you believe it - $500 whole dollars to go spend a month in Spain. Of course Daddy had to foot the other $4,000 to allow for this “scholarship” supported “study” to take place. I don’t begrudge this young lady her experience or her family’s ability to send her to Europe; I do take offense to it being hailed as a scholarship worthy of a full color section lead with a tickler on page one. Look to page two of this same section and you will see a simple paragraph describing a young recent graduate of the Apple school, who received a scholarship of five times the amount that our princess received, not to mention that this Apple kid had been accepted to and attending an academy that required a congressional nomination. Give us a break, Citizen. It is obvious who is supplying the butter for your bread. Please stop spreading it so thick; after a few warm PTC days it really does begin to stink.

I hear a lot of people complaining about the overpaid Delta pilots. But I’m here to tell you as a small businesswoman with a pizza parlor in Peachtree City that now that the pilots have taken a pay cut my business has also taken quite a big hit. I think the pilots’ pay should be reinstated to whatever it was before all of the pay cuts started. I for one definitely do not think pilots are overpaid. They are very generous people that give back to the community when times are well.

Forty-two percent of single moms in America live at or below the poverty line. Abortion is often just a way to avoid poverty for future children by putting childbirth off until you are prepared for this responsibility. Every child born deserves to be safe and wanted.

One thing that has not been mentioned is when the termination of a pregnancy is “a heartbreaking choice.” There are lethal anomalies of a fetus where we know the baby will die, no matter what happens. In the meantime, the baby is suffering in the womb. My baby, very much a wanted pregnancy, had one such diagnosis. The fluid accumulating in the abdominal cavity was so great that it compressed the lung cavity completely, leaving room for no lung development. The tumor growing on her was drawing the blood supply from her little heart. If this were a person outside the womb, she would have been struggling to breathe, no doubt suffering. I chose what I believe was a humane decision and let her go so she would not suffer. My suffering didn’t stop, but I was able to move on. If those who think terminating is only for unwanted pregnancies, they are being ignorant. Outlawing abortion for just unwanted pregnancies would be nice, but, the reality is that is not what the whole issue is about. There are other sides to it. Mine was not a “partial birth abortion.” That is not how second- and third-trimester terminations are routinely done.

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Submitted by ajoj72000 on Tue, 03/28/2006 - 4:40pm.


Submitted by conehead on Thu, 03/23/2006 - 12:40am.

Let's see...was it the 5,000 pilots that took a paycut last year or the 50,000 that have been taking steady cuts every year since 2001. Hummm???? Math is so hard. Good thing math is not a required skill in the pizza business.

della's picture
Submitted by della on Wed, 03/22/2006 - 7:36pm.

While I don’t condone everything the PTC police department does, there are plenty “church-going, law-abiding” citizens who break the law every day by speeding, parking in “no parking” zones, making improper lane changes, etc. If you get caught breaking the law, why shouldn’t you be punished? Are you angry because you got caught and others got away? All one has to do is follow the rules of the road and the police will leave you alone. Just remember, if you need extra time to get to wherever you’re going, leave earlier; don’t speed. Need to change lanes – use the blinker. (I’m beginning to wonder if the majority of the speedometers and blinkers are broken on most vehicles.) And, most of all, don’t use the phone while driving. The day is coming when cell phones will be illegal while driving. (Some municipalities in the U.S. have already done so.) What is so important that you need to talk on your phone (and smoke and drink and eat) and drive? Geeze….

Submitted by shut up stupid on Wed, 03/22/2006 - 8:30am.

Have you ever tried any ADHD medicine? It seems as though you lose focus easily.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Wed, 03/22/2006 - 9:32am.

They are different paragraphs, different submissions to "Free Speech". Now who has an attention problem? Smiling

Submitted by Hey on Wed, 03/22/2006 - 3:51am.

Excuse me pizza parlor lady, but I doubt if your business has dropped because of the pilots. The rest of us at Delta took the paycuts that have altered our lifestyles, so it's probably all of the mechanics, machinists, airport workers, office workers, flight attendants...the list goes on, who are having to watch their spending more so than the pilots do. There are many non-pilot Delta employees living here in Fayette county, and we all took painful paycuts that affect your business and many others also.

Submitted by Stroke on Wed, 03/22/2006 - 8:24am.

Surely the pizza parlor post about the pilots was just a very lame attempt at humor, just some poor sole trying to get some responses.

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