Tue, 10/25/2005 - 4:06pm
By: The Citizen

Those who watched Steve Brown's reaction to Bob Lenox's presentation at last week's city council meeting would have to wonder if Steve's truly not able to recognize how inconsistent his comments are or if he's run out of his medication. PTC Citizens, do us all a favor and vote ANYONE else in office next month.

I am hearing that Dunn is done. Finished. Over. Kaput. Works for me.

What is worse, the ignorance or arrogance of the writer who states we would all be riding around in a horse and buggy if not for Delta? I hate to burst your bubble, but golf carts were plentiful when Eastern was king.

Some of us end up sending comments to Free Speech because The Citizen doesn't publish their last two letters to the editor. Tell us what your agenda is so that we won't waste time writing contrary opinions that won't be published.

I've been keeping up with all the things in the Citizen and my only response is if the chair of the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce can't even stand up to political bullies, then how do you all expect to be a leader in south Fulton's business community? I thought Mr. Boothby's stance on a general situation was wonderful. But I don't think it's beneficial to the local business owners who put their faith in the South Fulton Chamber to know that their board is easily bullied and is led by a cowardly chairman.

I, as a citizen of Tyrone, not Peachtree City, may be able to offer an outsider's perspective concerning Mayor Steve Brown. While not directly involved in the political and economic pushing and shoving in PTC, I have been able to observe the pros and cons as an interested outsider. Reading the fractious commentaries and innuendoes, the responses and the responses to the responses, I, the independent observer, have concluded that Mayor Steve Brown is doing an excellent job in guiding PTC. Mayor Brown has welcomed citizen input and homeowner's associations to assure that their viewpoints are considered. (Not the Tyrone council, except for Lynn Redwood.) Mayor Brown is a consistent advocate for environmental issues and created an ordinance to mandate pervious (look the word up, Barry) parking surfaces. (Reference Tyrone that clear-cut 14 acres to create more runoff and fill a lake with silt). Mayor Brown supported more strict smoking bans and is against pesticides on recreation fields. (Tyrone?) Mayor Brown has fought hard for a fair share of SPLOST funds and has used these funds to prudently improve both the roads and cart paths. (Tyrone, can you even maintain your current cart paths?) Mayor Brown has used the tax base wisely and as a result has held the millage rate, improved the city's bond rating and increased businesses within the city. Mayor Brown recognized the value of green space and has replaced playground equipment, built restrooms, added picnic tables and benches in the parks and encouraged additional corporate sponsorships (not tried to reduce the green space, as has taken place in Tyrone). Additionally, Mayor Brown is a staunch supporter of the city's senior populace as demonstrated by adding additional tax exemptions, greater freedom to utilize their golf carts and endorsing community actions that assist widows maintain their residences. And last, but not least, Mayor Brown has done such an outstanding job that the Tyrone Council tries to emulate PTC at every turn even though most of Tyrone's citizens are happy with their semi-rural life. He must be doing something right!

Tyrone elections this fall are as easy as ABC: Anybody But Caldwell.

Couple seeks church fellowship that combines a high view of Biblical authority with an aim to promote mature Christian thinking, and values sacrificial Christian discipleship over Christian entertainment. Some knowledge of who Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley or Frances Havergal were is a plus. Reply this space. (Saddleback or Willow Creek wannabes need not apply.)

As a former police officer who is now with the federal government, I applaud Mr. and Mrs. Swales for writing their letter about the Peachtree City police officer leaving his gun belt in the golf cart. That officer should be fired, and the major who threatened the Swales should be suspended for six months. As a former police officer I know departments try to back up their officers, but if there is such a serious charge as leaving an unsecured weapon, that needs to be investigated. To the Swales, contact the Sheriff's Office and file a report. The officer in the golf cart should be charged with reckless conduct for placing the public in an unreasonable risk of injury due to an unsecured firearm. The major should be charged with official oppression while acting under the color of law (on duty he threatened someone so that they would not file an official report; got to be at least a felony). A crime was committed and worse than that is that the police can not investigate themselves. I made mistakes as a cop, but I NEVER left my weapon unsecured.

Seems there was a multitude of majors, captains and commanders involved at the Peachtree City airport fiasco about open guns in golf carts left by the police. Do we have that big of a force here? How many officers above corporal are there? Do they all have a desk? This place is as big a mystery as it is to determine the exact makeup of the fire department.

In reply to "To all you folks bashing Delta": Air Tran is making money, but that was the only correct statement that was made about Air Tran. Air Tran is and has been paying for their aircraft and have been since they took delivery of them. The Atlanta hangar was not subsidized by the city. The bills have always been due and have been paid. The only revolving door at the employment office is all of the great people they are hiring through the expansion. I think you give Delta too much credit for the quality of life in this county. They are all great people, all 3,500 of them. But please give a little credit to the huge majority of the people in the county and Peachtree City that don't work for Delta. The county was fine after Eastern had troubles; it will be fine during Delta's problems. I don't think they will have to close the airport down if Delta wasn't around.

In regard to the individual who referenced capitalism and free enterprise to the airlines: I would suggest you do some research. AirTran, a low-cost carrier in direct competition with Delta, had an on-time performance of 64.1 percent and Delta's was 70.1 percent during the same period of August 2005 per the U.S. Department of Transportation Air Travel Consumer Report. There was only one airline with a lower on-time percentage rate. When a new airline starts up, they fly under start-up regulations which are less restrictive than what the legacy carriers are required to use. These start-up regulations are suppose to be used for a limited amount of time but the government continues to extend these weaker regulations. You might what to think about that the next time you fly.

In reference to the Delta employee who believes Delta is solely responsible for everything good in Atlanta: get real. This is just an example of the mentality that had brought the airline down. Delta employees have always thought they walk on water. They believe they can do no wrong. They work for Delta and everybody should bow to them. Delta is a company, nothing more and nothing less. If they cannot manage their company, they go bankrupt just like any other company. And, yes, the employees have some responsibility. I know people who will not fly Delta because of their employees. I also know that I will not fly a carrier and pay twice as much for a ticket just to say I flew Delta. The majority of my friends work for Delta, and I, for one, and tired of hearing all their whining.

I had no respect for DirectPAC and their guy Harold Logsdon to begin with, but their tactless ethics charge against the mayor, knowing that the state will not be able to hear it until after the election, is pathetic. It's the good old boys doing whatever it takes to give the developers back the power. We don't need another Bob Lenox.

To all the Board of Commissioners of Fayette County, get your moving boxes ready; we're about to get some people in there that can do the job. Especially ones that aren't afraid to make strong decisions as far as discipline/removing people from office who don't have a clue, are liars or, better yet, don't care about the people that work for them. Hint, hint, Tax Commissioner.

I do hope the Fayette County Health Department hasn't messed up the flu shot thing again. Apparently they didn't buy enough again, or they gave what they had to the usual bunches and ran out. At noon, or maybe before, Friday just as several of us old folks entered the door to get a flu shot, a voice boomed out from the rear (I never did see anyone) that they didn't have any shots, maybe Monday. First the clinics don't order any; now the government agencies again. What use are they?

Everybody went running to the Oct. 19 Citizen for the candidate forum coverage and none of the challengers had anything to say. There were the expected gripes against the incumbents but the challengers gave nothing but fluffy statements. Al Hovey-King and Steve Brown discussed their local government's successes and how they've applied action beyond words to get things done. Challenger Grace Caldwell was the only non-incumbent that really got some specific points across on how she would improve Tyrone. The "I will do a better job but can't tell you how" rhetoric is not what wins someone an election. In fact, it proves that you can't do a better job. Better luck next essay.

How disgustingly naive that someone in this town actually feels Fayetteville is bent on preserving its history. If they paid any attention, they would see the old rotting buildings by the road sides and even in the heart of town. Take notice of the beautiful old houses across the street from Dunkin' Donuts; they're absolute messes. The Dorsey-Fife house is in great need of repainting and repairs, but I guess since it is no longer a shiny new attraction, no one cares. The city cemetery is a disgrace; I personally went to the City Council to discuss the problem and got nowhere. The graves of Fayetteville's finest are cracking and turning to dust, and the traditionally segregated section looks as if no one has cared for it in decades. Those gaudy new gates only highlight the generally shabby appearance. There are local cemeteries located in pastures that are at this very moment being trampled by cows. This town was once beautiful and filled with the past, but for some reason the city revels in tearing down the majestic old to make way for the ugly new. It seems some old house is given the death penalty every six months. Southerners are always cooing and reminiscing about their glorious past, based more on “Gone With the Wind” than history, but judging by Fayetteville's general appearance I would say most citizens would gladly tear down an old building as long as a Chick-fil-A or gas station went up. Never have I seen such a blatant disregard for history and historical architecture.

It is good that there are still a few people who want us to look at shooting stars, look at old houses in Fayetteville, worship the dead, glorify the old South slave-holders, write folksy boring opinion articles about grandkids, and hold church on the newspaper. However, let the rest of us alone. We aren't interested in the past much, except to avoid the mistakes. If we were, we would go nuts trying to change something that has already happened. Kinda like the Delta people wanting credit for past deeds after total failure, or used to be local banks wanting paid for bad loans.

Kudos to all of the staff at Booth Middle School, all of the officers at the Peachtree City Police Department and the Fayette County Sheriff's Department helicopter pilots and drug dog unit. The presentations, displays and demonstrations were excellent and the kids really got a lot out of the Safety Day. I've never been more impressed by the PTC Police and the Sheriff's Department. It's been the topic of conversation in my house for a few days now and just wanted to tell everyone thank you.

Judi-ann Rutherford, go, girl. Beat those peasant workers (city employees) and your fellow council members into submission. Can you say "abuse of authority"? City employees are not your personal servants, so ease up with the intimidation and bullying tactics. Have you any background in city administration or budgeting? How about a basic math course? Do you have any people skills? Do you have to be that obnoxious? Peachtree City does not have to pattern its politics or anything else after the towns of New England. In fact, we like lower taxes and a government that is not corrupt. In case you have not realized it, all of us have rights and can voice our opinion in this free society.

One of the best kept secrets (or escapes) in Fayette County is the Line Creek Nature Area, hidden behind the Days Inn, in Peachtree City on Highway 54. It has hiking trails for exploring nature, that will inspire your imagination at any age, and even the remnants of a (pre-golf cart era) Civil War bridge. It has rushing waters (that will remind you of a beer commercial) perfect for climbing rocks, wading or dangling your feet, picnicking, sunning yourself, reading a book or just letting the sound of water drown out your worries. A fishing hole and some pretty good spots for that annual family Christmas card photo shoot (if that's your cup of tea). So with all that natural beauty I was disappointed in whoever left their trash for the rest of us. On a recent visit I found fast-food garbage tossed over a bench down into the ravine (10 yards from a receptacle) a water bottle and soda can along the trail and even a used diaper down at the creek bed. Please don't disrespect this special place. Don't carry it in if you can't carry it out.

It is amazing how they just keep trying to make Steve Brown look bad instead of running a political campaign. They scream, shout and call him names but they never seem to get to the issues. Things are changing for the better in Peachtree City and the enemies of the mayor are doing everything but light their hair on fire to distract the minds of the public. The ethics charge weeks before the election is so underhanded and so phony. He has been a beacon of light in our community and a true gentleman to withstand the curses of the ugly few that seem to be totally illiterate on the issues.

While you may or may not like Mayor Brown, what John Dufresne of DirectPAC wore Oct. 16 to the candidate forum sponsored by the Peachtree City Senior Council was totally inappropriate. While it is not illegal, it is immoral and I challenge any candidate that claims the support of DirectPAC to condemn the wearing of slanderous T-shirts in a public forum. So Harold Logsdon, if DirectPAC is supporting you, let's hear your stance on the wearing of inappropriate clothing to defame any other candidate in public.

Steve Brown's new campaign slogan: Vote for Steve Brown -- the man who made you embarrassed to call Peachtree City home.

I think that the letter from Mr. and Mrs. Swales published on 10-19-05 highlights the prevailing arrogant and discourteous attitude of a few of PTC's policemen. I am shocked that a high-ranking official would call a complainant and not try to explain what occurred, as he saw it, but try to intimidate the caller into not making a further issue of the incident. Maybe some movement is needed at the top. While this type of attitude could be expected by a first-year officer, coming from someone in command is shocking. How are the younger men to learn from someone like this? IfI were the Seales I would be at the next council meeting.

After last Thursday night's City Council meeting, I am entirely convinced that our current city administration is a joke. Our illustrious city council and the mayor need to stop shoving their personal agendas down our throats and quit with the bureaucratic garbage. They need to start handling obvious city problems that sit right in front of their noses (e.g., the condition of our roadways, traffic cutting through our subdivisions, drugs, needed improvements in our path system, trash throughout the city and other basic quality of life issues in Peachtree City). Surely there's enough work to keep them busy until a few of them are voted out of office. If nothing else, they need to try representing our interest once in a while, rather than their own one- or two-member special interest groups.

Peachtree City seems to now be slowly dying, and at the same time Henry County is proposing to build a 300-foot-tall skyscraper. Why? Are we too far off the interstate? Are our taxes too high and our services too poor? Is our water scarce and our sewer system antiquated? Give it some thought, if you care.

In reference to last week's Free Speech about the Peachtree City female firefighter "hotties," some of them (female firefighters) already have over-inflated egos; any more comments and they'll burst. Also, at what point do you elevate them to "hotties" status? Many of us that work with them concur it would be at least six to eight mixed drinks; how many did the writer have?

Since it is obvious that the former Peachtree City mayor is intent on staying in the public eye, I think we should honor him by naming the stretch of Highway 54 between Willow Bend and Fisher Road the "Bob Lenox Memorial Parking Lot."

On behalf of those in attendance at the City Council meeting, I am ashamed that Bob Lenox was ever our mayor. He was totally arrogant and failed to really explain why he purchased a PCDC landfill with our tax dollars. He screamed, "You're a moron," from the gallery after being allowed to speak at the podium for while and everyone shook just their heads.

I don't hear any of our mayoral candidates talking about cleaning up our fair city. Why? Anyone driven down the P'Tree Pkwy recently? Litter has become a major problem in our city as most of us know. I have seen numerous individuals as well as organized groups such as The Knights of Columbus doing the city's job cleaning up this town on weekends. No signs which say "$500 fine for littering on our roads"? The city must understand that the demographics of this town have changed dramatically over the past 10 years and thus our headlines now read like never before. Rapes, kidnappings, murders, etc. We are no longer insulated from the dregs of society as most of us are now coming to realize. We are, in fact, the final frontier at this stage. I would suggest that we concentrate on cleaning up this town on a few different fronts. A sort of litter and scum eradication program. Let's concentrate less on middle-aged folks driving 15 miles per hour on their golf carts after a few glasses of wine and more on real issues and real crimes which concern all educated citizens of this community.

For those of you interested, there is a published list of political contributions for Peachtree City at city-data.com and with the current "old boys" problems in Peachtree City, it might help for you to see who contributes to like people. Checking the officers and board members of local corporations also provides some light. It has always been normal for people of like interests and welfare to combine resources for gain; however, to deny such things is another matter.

Did I read somewhere that Pathway owned the sewer dump on which the town built the police station? I wondered why the station was built in such a strange place at the time but gave them the benefit of the doubt. I think maybe it is time for a grand jury investigation of numerous land dealings in Peachtree City over the years. Although I'm not sure the prosecuting attorney would actually follow up on any indictments.

I totally disagree with Bob Lenox about his purchasing a landfill site from PCDC back in 1999 being a good idea. The poor guy in Senoia was forced by the federal government to pay $625,000 to clean up his warehouse that had drums of paint in it. If Mayor Brown is right and the buried landfill debris is mixed in with the ground water, we could pay big bucks to clean it all up. The whole thing looks like we did PCDC a gigantic favor.

Peter Pfeifer is out of touch with reality regarding transportation priorities. Reasonable access to and from Atlanta is the economic lifeblood of PTC. It always has been and always will be. This is verified by the thousands of PTC residents whose morning commute over the past few years has gone from 20 minutes to 35+ minutes just to get to the freeway, while anxiously watching the booming development on the Fairburn corridor. Steve Brown should be commended, not insulted, for his leadership in gathering a coalition of regional leaders to focus attention on the Highway 74/I-85 intersection.

What a strange irony: Steve Boone's owner-approved sign at the B&B Bottle Shop mysteriously disappears and a Rapson sign somehow takes its place. Guess the dirty politics which have hallmarked the Brown-Rapson-Weed triumvirate won't go away. Unless, of course, the people of PTC grow tired of it and vote them out.

As Peachtree City continues to grow into a major influence on south metro Atlanta's socioeconomic arena, one has to ask how well our citizens can be represented by people who are employed by neighboring municipalities. Steve Rapson, similar to his fellow crony, Murray Weed of East Point's government, is employed by the Fulton County government and yet represents Peachtree City. The potential for a conflict of interest is too great, especially now as the traffic interests of Peachtree City's residents are going to directly compete with the development interests of Fulton County's city of Fairburn. It's time for our councilmen to represent us.

Steve Rapson was guilty of ethics violations by the city ethics board. He voted on matters involving an entity that his wife was suing in federal court. While her lawsuit was dismissed since it lacked merit, Steve Rapson's improper behavior was not only unethical, it cost PTC an undisclosed amount of money. We can only surmise it was several thousands of dollars since one of the two attorneys on the case charged $150 an hour. This is on top of all the money DAPC had to spend to fight his wife's groundless lawsuit. So the councilman who violates ethics and costs the city money to defend him in spite of his guilt is running for re-election. This is one of the bigger no-brainer votes in the election.

Mr. Tennant, let's break him down. First, I remember when the council wanted Wal-Mart/Home Depot to be built, one of the only people who voted no until 54 was made four lanes was Mr. Tennant (too bad we didn't listen to him). Second, I remember when Steve Brown and friends wanted to increase our taxes double digits. The only person to present a counter-offer for a single-digit increase was Mr. Tennant (too bad we didn't listen to him). Finally, I remember one of the most important things Dan did for our city was leading the efforts against the annexation of the West Village. Citizens of Peachtree City, we know Mr. Tennant's history; he stands behind his decisions. If you want a change, he'll get it done, and he has the history that shows it. I challenge any citizen to show me where Dan Tennant has voted without PTC in mind.

Slippery Dan Tennant is back at it again. He has derived a brilliant theory that the current mayor is putting in an excessive effort as mayor and that, according to Tennant, is a bad thing. That type of inspired thinking is a testament to why Tennant got clobbered in his last election by a two-to-one margin at the hands of a no-name, last-minute candidate. If elected mayor, Tennant promises to work as few hours as possible in order to promote the best interests of the citizens. Hurray for Dan.

The good doctor who said that the former town leaders who volunteered, and were selected by Town Council, did it solely for the sake of making it better for all of us has had his head in a bag if he has been around here very long. I've always heard that doctors are the very worst businessmen in the country and now I believe it. They have all joined as a mob, hired managers who tell them how to treat and whom to treat, and now say that a tennis center one and one-half million in debt was a success. Want to bet the doctor plays tennis?

Sometimes adults can be the catalyst in teenage attitudes. My 18-year-old son witnessed firsthand the injustice of one of the Peachtree City police officers. My son was given a citation for running a stop sign at a 4-way stop. When the police officer approached him, she was rude and unprofessional in her comments to him. Fortunately, one of our neighbors was at the four-way stop at the same time and witnessed my son making the complete stop. In fact, he waved him on to proceed. Our neighbor wrote a letter and had it notarized explaining what he witnessed, and my son brought it to court with him. Our neighbor offered to come to court with my son, but I felt a notarized letter was a legal document and he should not have to spend his work day in court. When my son presented his case in court and gave the letter to the judge, the judge asked the police officer if she objected to the notarized letter. She stated, "Yes," so the judge did not read the witness' statement. The judge then told my son the witness had to be present and he could hire a lawyer and have a trial by jury or pay the fine. As we all know, it's not just the fine, but the points that accrue which can change your insurance rates. Fortunately, my son had never received a ticket or been in an accident before. It's sad that the first ticket he received, he was wrongly accused.

It seems that some folks just can't stay off the taxpayers' dime. We just returned to Fayette after almost 10 years and find that Grace Caldwell is back on the public teat. She was booted off the County Commission back then for being one of the crazies, yet here she is again.

"I don't know about you, Tyrone, but I want to elect an official because of their character and how their life experiences can help make Tyrone a better place for all of us to live. Apparently Grace Caldwell and Gloria Furr want you to elect them so they can fire somebody. Sounds petty and spiteful to me. Is this really who we want representing our town?" I don't know what tree you fell out of or what you are referring to. Character? Both these women's lives are an open book. Both strong, and good-hearted, as well as intelligent. If your idea of "life's experiences" is on the seamy side, you're right in that respect: they have no experience, and would not see eye to eye with you. I think you should vote for someone with your same "character and life experiences" but those that share your character and experience are the ones we are getting rid of.

In these days of easy Internet access, I wonder if the spending of taxpayer money for building new libraries, as Tyrone is intent on doing, is not a wasteful dinosaur-age idea. Tyrone might get a much bigger bang for the buck by making the town a wi-fi hot spot.

The exchange between Tyrone Town Councilwoman Lyn Redwood, Councilman Michael Smola and Town Manager Amos at last Thursday's Tyrone Town Council meeting was an exhibition lack of respect on the part of Councilman Smola and arrogance on the part of Town Manager Amos. When Ms. Redwood asked the status of the rezoning checklist that was asked for several times in the past, Councilman Smola asked, "Just what are you looking for, Lyn?" After explaining that previous requests for a checklist were heard and agreed to, a checklist has yet to be developed or submitted, Town Manager Amos stated that it was the developers' and land owners' responsibility to submit the proper documentation. Then we heard stories of small parcel owners not knowing how to submit all required documentation. Perhaps I don't understand. The town manager serves at the will of mayor and council. The town manager is paid with taxpayer dollars to serve the public. Is it asking too much to expect that tasks assigned be completed? Is it too much to expect that the town manager or his staff assist those Tyrone citizens lacking procedural finesse to complete the proper paperwork? Councilwoman Redwood was very gracious about not mentioning these aspects of the job in public forum. I certainly hope it was mentioned in private. Regardless, the citizens attending this meeting did hear and did see. Shame.

If Gloria Furr gets elected and Tyrone has an inaugural celebration, will the town have to cough up for a "Furr Ball"? Will Grace "Waltzing Matilda" Caldwell attend even if she loses?

The three best ventriloquist acts of all time: Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy; Greg Dunn and Peter Pfeifer; Grace Caldwell and Gloria Furr.

Two classic books: "To Kill A Mockingbird, and "The Grapes of Wrath," have titles with hidden meanings that are very significant. That is to say that taking advantage of or killing anyone inferior or harmless, or, to struggle mightily ("Battle Hymn of the Republic," where title comes from) to survive on this earth (vineyard), seems to be part of human nature when humans are under stressful conditions, or where lots of money is involved. The constant wars in our history, the murder and torture of our adversaries, the greedy scheming that sometimes makes a few wealthy beyond their contributions, can all be brought to bear by nature, as is happening now throughout the world. Maybe we are teaching our children incorrectly, maybe they have lost faith in the church, our judgment, in the government, and simply don't give a darn any more. The more people forced into abject poverty and pain, the more SUVs, homes, and large churches we build. We simply don't want to be involved with those inferior to us.

Glenloch versus PTC Tennis Center. Glenloch: cracked courts, graffiti, no bathrooms, no water, no scorecards, ragged nets. Tennis Center: immaculate courts, water on courts, bathrooms, pro shop, racket stringing, scorecards, restaurant, tennis pros, hard courts, clay courts,indoor courts. There is no comparison. There is an old saying you get what you pay for. Check out the prices to play tennis at similar facilities; the PTCTC is the bargain of the century. As for economic hardship, if you can't afford the fees, maybe you should be working and not playing tennis.

What's the deal with the garage sale signs being restricted from Peachtree Parkway? How are we supposed to know where the sale is without a sign to direct us? Certainly these little signs are no more offensive than all of those campaign signs in everyone's yard. What's up?

If I don't go to Melear's at least a couple of times a week, I lose all touch with what is going on in the county. One of your esteemed elected officials was complaining to one of their friends that the County Commission would not let them give a long time employee a well-deserved raise. Seems there was an employee who has been in the job so long that they have reached the top of the county pay scale. The friend asked when was the last time they had a raise. The response was, "Well, they get a cost of living raise every year, but they have been there so long they can't get any other raises under the present arrangements." I guess the friend looked confused because the next thing was, "It's my budget and if I want to give a raise I can," or something like that. So what is the problem? Well, it seems to me that if an employee in public service reaches the top of the pay scale, then that should be it, just like the private sector. Do they get paid for more than the job is worth, for no other reason than they have been there for a long time? I know that when I was working for our friendly hometown airline, if you reached the top of the scale for the job, then that was it. You either got a promotion, changed the job duties or you took what you could get. Lots of my friends wish they had the option to take a job and stay there. If it works this way in private industry, why not in the public sector, especially when it is my tax dollars they are spending? Am I wrong here? What am I missing? Do public sector employees get special breaks just because they are paid with tax dollars instead of profits?

In regards to the statement made by Mr. Bill Bennett: I certainly hope that you received "tons" of mail/communications from concerned and caring people who have a true respectful regard for all human beings. The noted remarks by Mr. Bennett is an indication that racism is very much alive and prospering in our "Free" Nation (and Fayette County is not exempted). Remarks such as these reflect the hate and the lack of care for the lives and well being of people of color, specifically African Americans.

Mr. Brown (Brownie), formerly head of FEMA, has been quoted by his press secretary as saying that Mr. Brown needed far more than 20-30 minutes to eat dinner, probably more than an hour needed considering the traffic and the waiting time. This was in reply to Brown's assistant at the Superdome who informed the office that chaos reigned at the Superdome, no oxygen for the sick, no toilet paper, no food, no water, no medicine. FEMA continued to send thousands more to the dome, however. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Billions have been spent over the past 15 years holding FEMA planning meetings. Then FEMA was stocked with management who were campaign workers or contributors to the campaign, and who for the most part knew little about large catastrophes. I hope Fayette County has better plans for any catastrophe we could have. I doubt it, though.

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Submitted by rodair01 on Mon, 11/21/2005 - 2:00am.

Would any voter elect a commissioner who would fight for children,seniors, and working family taxpayers with over $11,000.000.00 found in the county budget?...With NO tax increase?..

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