In Denial (A River in Egypt)

It is going to take a much bigger sledge hammer for some!
They simply will not accept, out loud anyway, the fact that this "recession" is far from over!

Noticed that the new Mayor of PTC said that there would be no layoffs of personnel next year. In fact he said they needed people everywhere.
He also wished that the former officials had raised taxes or done something instead of using emergency money in reserve!

Yes, there are some living here who can afford to have their taxes raised, have a false value on a home they can't even sell and want more employees hired onto the tax roles.
But soon there will be more here that simply can not pay for their home, much less more taxes, than there will be who can.

I know how hard it would be for the new Mayor to say what I just said--he may never get to take office!
But I assure you that he will be trying to find information, of which he was of course unaware at the time, to advise us that there will be additional layoffs next year.

This is also how we fight wars these days, isn't it? For instance: Iraqi and Afghan soldiers will be able to protect their own government soon! Generals and Admirals say yes, yes, that is true providing.......

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Submitted by Bonkers on Wed, 12/30/2009 - 5:52pm.

providing...........that the "soldiers" of Iraq and Afghanistan stop coming in for muster late or not at all; stop going home for lunch; find enough of them sufficiently intelligent and willing to be Non-coms---the backbone of a fighting army--- among them!

One doesn't just pickup an army off the street, half of who can't read, and form a fighting machine! They currently aren't leading anything fighting against the (I'm not sure).

Didn't we (Petra-us) hire Saddam's old party, the Sunnis) to be mercenaries against whom ever we are fighting in Iraq? Are they Shiite Taliban or Al Quieda Islamic terrorists? Doesn't seem to be very many of them anywhere except where we are not! (Like Yemen now).

It is all a sham to get out except for a base like we have in Korea.
I assure you there will be no democracy there when we quit.

It might divert attention if we bomb Yemeni bunkers and kill a bunch more of # 2s.

What was Lord General McChrystal's plan again? 30,000 more to hurry out? Obama will "can" them all and leave when he has time. 30,000!!!should have been 500,000 as one fired General asked for. Been over.

We need the draft! Either that or quit this warring foolishness.

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